Sprint Nexus S 4G Receives Ice Cream Sandwich


If you’re the owner of Sprint’s Nexus S 4G and you’ve been sick of Gingerbread while waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich, you’ll want to drop everything you’re doing an poll Sprint’s servers for an update in the settings menu. They’ve finally released Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. While they’re employing the usual staggered process for rollouts, those who don’t wait can pull it down by checking for an update. The rest of you should be seeing a notification for it sometime between now and a few weeks from now. Head here for instructions by Sprint. [via Sprint, thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Why would I want to buy a Nexus phone when it takes this long for updates.  Wasn’t that suppose to be one of the main advantages of owning a Nexus?

    1. Yes……….. for GSM carriers.  CDMA is a closed-source, proprietary cell standard.  There’s more to it than that, but that’s a big part.

    2. Because it’s ready to be rooted and rom’d out of the box. Why buy an Android if you are going to wait around for a update from the carrier? Want it right away and only their way? Buy a iPhone. I’ve had ICS on my S4G less then a week after ICS source was released and the first stable ROM’s started coming out.

  2. They’re seriously just NOW releasing this update for the Nexus S?  That’s just sad.  Wonder what the holdup was…

  3. This is build IMM76D (4.0.4). Does this mean that the 4.0.4 OTA for the Verizon GNex is coming soon?

    1. Ha!

  4. Can’t get the update, says there is no update on my wife’s nexus s. Guess you have to wait for them to push it

  5. Dude chill with the updates. Be glad you are able to afford a smart phone. Be glad you have a job to pay for your phone bill. The people here would be glad for all the complainers to switch smartphone into messaging. Lol.

  6. Back to subject at hand… has any got the update on their phone & if so any problems. Just curious if its worth it since mine is rooted running an ics modded from already.

  7. Anyone know if there is the typical update.zip method for updating this phone? This is the first Sprint phone I have had and I don’t seem to see any posts talking about simply downloading the update.zip to your sd card and doing the install that way…

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