Samsung Has “No Immediate Plan” to Put 3D in Phones


Samsung took a moment to clear the air on all the “3D on Galaxy S III” rumors that have been flying around. According to a representative speaking to Engadget, Samsung has “no immediate plans” to include 3D on any of their smartphones. They acknowledge that they continue to explore new technology, which would lead us to believe that they are at least still working on autosteroscopic 3D for AMOLED displays.

Although Samsung Electronics is constantly exploring new technologies for our mobile devices, we have no immediate plan to include displays featuring 3D technology in our upcoming smartphones.

And this quote doesn’t necessarily rule out the possibility of future phones using the technology. With the quote, you could say it’s safe to assume not to expect the functionality on the Galaxy SIII, which would in turn rule out the possibility of seeing dual cameras on the back of the device. That being said, we’ll just let the rumor rest in peace for the time being.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Thank Jesus! I can only imagine the battery life for a charge trying to watch a movie or play a game in 3D. I still haven’t quite been amazed by 3D though, so if anyone wanted to disprove how lacking it is by showing me some awesome things that could be done with 3D, I say go ahead.

  2. good… we shouldn’t have to pay extra for migraines 

    1. no kidding!!! my evo 3d camera is JUNK, tried replacing it and it still doesn’t work ( purple hue over everything, like it cant adjust to light) tried the push hard on the lens method, worked like 1 time now its hosed up. 

      I think HTC rushed it along with LG….and to be honest I used 3d maybe 3-4 times when I first got it and then never again…

  3. GOOD!!!

  4. good. 3d is such a stupid gimmick. 

  5. 3d is annoying and unnecessary.  

  6. I hate freakin 3D…..I hope them never do and that that shit dies an early death.

  7. Wow I’m just glad that a company is willing to communicate with it’s user base, outside of asus that’s a rare event. And I’m glad they realize how f’ing ridiculous 3d is on a phone.

  8. Fuuuuck 3D anyway.  Gimmicky shit.

  9. I think so. If iPhone does it Samsung will.

    1. but if iPhone does it we all know Nintendo had it before them and LG before Nintendo….

      1. If apple does add 3D to their next phone it wouldn’t be a gimmick. All 3D is, is just a bonus on a phone. If u don’t like it then don’t use it.

        1. The only non-Gimmick 3D is virtual reality. I doubt Apple will ever bring that kind of 3D on a phone. So ANY of their non-VR 3D will be a gimmick, just like Siri is a gimmick.

  10. GREAT! 3D is a gimmick and has become boring. I wish it would just go away as it spoils the story of a movie, it is only “fun” when 3D IS the POINT of the movie and not the story.

  11. Again the stupid SGS3 rumor mill keeps on churning, the SG2’s success is largely thanks to HTC and LG’s blunders with 3D flagship phones, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the poor sales performance of 3D phones and realize that there’s no way Samsung would choose to make the same mistake as its competitors that catapulted that SGS2 to prominence in the first place. 

    1. Not SGS2’s success is due to its CPU Exynos processor made by Samsung themselves and their screen technology called Superamoled if you don’t already know.
      Just take out the 3D of the other manufactures phones just imagine, any better thn SGSII?

      I thought not. Hater

      1. Ofcourse the SGS2 has excellent hardware and is a logical purchase regardless of the competition, but considering the competition designed its flagship devices on 3D, the people who didn’t want flagship devices on 3D didn’t have many other choices to choose from at that time and it increased SGS2 sales until alternative devices entered the market. Every carrier who had a flagship device on 3D lost significant market share, and Samsung and the SGS2 took it from them. If HTC hadn’t spent its resources on developing a flagship device on 3D, I’m sure they could’ve better spent those resourses on designing a superior phone overall and kept some of their lost market share. My point is 3D was bad for sales last year, there’s no reason for Samsung to make the same mistake with the SGS3.

      2.  There’s nothing special about the Exynos processor, screen has nice colors but other drawbacks.

        Bought on a lot of hype from benchmarks which are helped by the low resolution and i/o tricks.

        The average person does not even know what Exynos is…..Samsung stuck an old tegra 2 in one of its sg2’s versions and it beat Exynos in most benchmarks.

        1. ?? The exynos runs circles around Tegra 2.  where are you getting this info from otherwise?  I doesn’t matter in the end because both processors run very well and I’ve never noticed any slow downs for the most part on either my sgs2 or my father’s Transformer.

        2. Wow! Lmao go troll somewhere else both of you
          Nothing special about exynos? Even the current exynos can output 1080!!! Lagfree
          seriously some of you guys are misinformed…go do the maths I’m not gunna explain something already repeated and compared last year again. Didn’t get award for the best phone of 2011 and still tops the list this year soley because some oems decided to put 3D in is it?
          trolls lol

          Jeez fan boys will always be fan boys no matter what fruit they are..

  12. I’ve never been a fan of 3D purely because of the head aches they tend to cause with prolonged use. I will never buy a mobile that has 3D so I’m very glad the SGS3 won’t have it as I am really looking to get this as soon as it comes out.

  13. why is this even news? who the hell cares about 3D. its not the future, its a gimmick. a horrible one too. Honestly you guys write about the stupidest things that no one cares about. BREAKING NEWS, SAMSUNG MIGHT DO SOMETHING ONE DAY MAYBE EVENTUALLY POTENTIALLY HOPEFULLY! 


    no one cares about all this crap eff man this website is balls. 

  14. i think 3D on phones won’t be similar to 3D on theaters… that i don’t like.. LOL


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