1 day to 1 million: Instagram for Android breaks the million mark shortly after launch


Instagram for Android was an instant hit. Android users have been patiently waiting for the application as their iPhone toting friends have uploaded thousands of hipster-tinged photos to social networking sites as if to almost mock them. The release of the app has started a little flame war between the two factions, but the Android army is growing stronger by the minute. In less than one day since it was made available Instagram has already broken the one million download mark, according to Google Play.

By the end of the week, Instagram is sure to rack up millions more, causing folks to further wonder what took them so long to release the app. It doesn’t matter. It’s here now. Let’s see your best shots so far!

[via The Verge]

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  1. Kinda neat but I didn’t know it was yet another social network which I do not care to make time for. Its already uninstalled.

  2. womp womp. Ducklips for all. please have respect yourselves. stop this social hipster garbage thats sweeping the country.

  3. I dont understand how everyone wants the best camera on there phone, then goes and takes pictures with this app just to make it look old???????

    1. Since our phone can’t take dslr like picture, lo-mo are the way to go.

      1. sure it can.   

        1. My d90 got a 4.5 burst per second with 35mm 1.8f. How can my gn keep up with that? Also 11 spots af points. The picture came out sharp, little noise, and 6400 iso. My gn photo quality is nothing if compared with my d90.

          1. My D80 takes better pictures but you have missed the point.  It is a social networking tool for the teens. Plus the instagram app uses the phone app on your phone not it’s own.  I don’t think anyone is using their phones to replace a DSLR.

        2. Also, my d90 is very old too.

    2. Because they are hipster’s they think it ironic, seems silly to me.
      I’m saddened by flame posts, I’m not going to flame them back, I know it’s only a tiny percentage of iphone users that are that pathetic, and treat the iDevice crowd as if they are somehow better than Android users. Just like I know the morons on XDA and Rootzwiki are only a tiny percentage. different platforms are better for different users and if I’m using a social service, I want it to be available on all platforms, the more types of phones your social app supports the better the community, seems like common sense.

  4. loaded it checked it out and deleted it. has nothing i don’t have already that i use.

  5. Yeh, if I ever need to edit my pictures, I’ll use photoshop.

  6. I have no interest in using an app that is closely associated with the iClowns

  7. I didn’t put it on my phone

  8. I wonder how many of those downloads were uninstalled within the first hour? I downloaded it, played with it for 15 minutes, and uninstalled.

  9. If you, like I, have set some of your newsreaders up for the keyword “Android”, then the announcement about Instagram has spammed your channels for weeks now. Every second news covers Instagram.
    I wonder how many of that users just downloaded it because of the obvious hype.

    There are much better Effects on other photo apps (Camera 360 PRO comes to mind), Sharing photos on G+ Photographer Circles elicits a much more fruitful discussion than this Hipstagram.

    1. Micha, it is really not for the effects but for the social aspect.  You are right there are alot better effects packages but Instagram has a hug following for social networking (10-17yr old crowd) and they are starting to use it more than facebook.  Everything has its place.

      1.  Anything that gives the finger to Facebook is ok in my books :)  *shakes fist at Facebook*

  10. installed and uninstalled after about a looks like a hacked up ios app thrown on android..

  11. Google Play doesn’t register how many uninstalls.

    1. I was wondering the same thing lol

  12. I cant bring myself to install it. I lived with out it before and Im pretty sure I can still live without it :P

    Also I saw some wierdo on Twitter post about android users and I was just like sack that off I want no association with that moron lol or any of the iClones, iSheep and iDiots
    If I was to edit pics I’ll use photoshop as mentioned by one our the posters below

  13. Yeah, im going to stick with photoshop I think… Maybe if it was free… maybe

  14. Doesnt work on the avail

  15. I installed it. I will spam some photos of Androids, then leave. :D

  16. Does anyone know if they’re bringing Tweegram to android as well?

  17. Installed it.  Don’t understand the hype.  Nor did my iPhone carrying wife.  And we both take pictures of the little one all the time.

  18. Call me old, but I don’t understand Instagram. Every Android phone I’ve ever owned had photo filters (even my old Moment) and could instantly upload to Facebook/Twitter/etc, what am I missing here that makes this app so awesome?

    1. instagram is not only for filters or facebook/twitter/etc uploads. It just like Facebook and Twitter, another social network yet only available only on idevices (and android) Its more likely a mixture of Tumblr and Twitter (if you know what i mean.) It just that you only post pictures. 

  19. installed it, its interesting, but i dont get the hype. Some android camera apps have double the filters, and at least do interesting things to the photos, this is just color distortion. But leave it to iClowns to find this amazing. Every former ICrap user that picked up an Android phone was upset they didnt switch sooner, thats fact.

  20. I’ve just uploaded my review check it out to see what all the hype is about. I was only semi impressed, time will tell if the social side of it will take off with Android users. Personally I’d prefer to use Eye’em. 

  21. How long till there are more Android than iOS users on this platform?

    On the other hand hipsters like to show everything off, Android users are more geeks who play with their technology but don’t really care about showing off, so instagram is more made for the iOS community. I am not saying every Android user is a geek, I am also not stating that every iOS user is a Hipster.

  22. The app is truly terrible. Every picture “too small” and id really like to be able to set a profile pic soon. I wish they’d put it back in the oven or just leave the iphone drones to the app.

  23. I made this for you guys, pass it around ;)

  24. I don’t feel too good to download an app that snobbed android for so long. Like a snotty girl that finally gave you her “number”. 

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