Samsung Galaxy S III said to have entered carrier testing in Korea, might feature a 4.65-inch 720p Super AMOLED Plus display


The Samsung Galaxy S III rumors continue to pile on as we wait for the phone’s official unveiling. According to AsiaE, Samsung has begun the carrier testing of the upcoming flagship in their home base of Korea. The manufacturer is hoping that carriers can wrap up testing in an expedited manner, but the presence of a 4G LTE radio and quad-core processing are making it difficult.

Speaking of hardware components, rumors originating at DDaily claim Samsung is producing the first version of their Super AMOLED Plus display to carry a 720p HD resolution without relying on pentile matrix technology, and it will be found on the Galaxy S III. The screen is said to measure 4.65-inches, much like the Galaxy Nexus, but will sport a Retina display-challeneging pixel density of 316ppi.

Rumors and the word of at least one Samsung exec have suggested an April launch could be possible for the Galaxy S III, but it is looking more likely that May will be the month to watch.

[via The Verge]

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  1. isnt this the same as the notes screen? 

    1. nah, the note is 5.3″ 

    2. And its pentile on the note/sgn

    3. The Note is 5.3″ and pentile.

    4. And note isn’t real HD either.

      1. It’s 720p HD if you like it or not :)

        Subpixels aren’t relevant for the HD/Full HD tag/name!

        1. actually its 800p ;)

  2. Yea baby come to papa.

    1.  I know.  “Shut up and take my money already!”, right?

  3. that phone looks very square tho… or is it missing the bezel? i can’t tell.

    1. It is just the screen? or?


      I’m not kidding here…are you from America?

      1. Ofcourse he is, the place to be for dumb people :)

      2.  Lol, just tell them the connector coming out the side of the “device” is the LTE antenna!

        I can’t wait for this phone, though I’ll still be holding off until I’m eligible for an upgrade.  The earlier it comes out, the longer I’ll be able to evaluate the choice before buying.

  4. Please Please just announce the phone, we can wait a month for a release after announcement, we need to no the phone details & spec or some people will buy the HTC One X with its inferior video recording sound. 

    1. ummm ignorant would be a complement for you. You make no sense. What if the SGS3 has inferior sound recording lol

      1. SGS3 might have inferior video sound quality but is highly unlikely as almost every HTC have always had inferior sound quality compared to Samsung, Sony & Motorola.

    2. wow, android fanboys are even worse than iSheep now.

      1. I chose android because it does more than any other issues, but to get excited about one more pixel or some other gimmick definitely wreaks of apple. The only exciting tech to come out this year is the 41mp nokia shooter.

      2. Just ones like this.

    3. Agreed, they need to just announce confirmed specs, so those of us in the market for a new phone can know to wait for it or just buy the One series.

      I’m hoping Samsung at least will include a microSD, if they do, that single feature is enough to keep me waiting for the Galaxy S III release!

      Just release the specs already!

    4. I agree with you. At least an announcement so people can be patient and not buy something else.

    5. Hahahaha… well said bro.. HTC One Series Android smartphones are aimed to be successful line like Nexus etc. Well, hope we could see the IIIrd one soon.

  5. Looks small in the picture or is it just me?

    1.  That’s NOT the phone. That photo is just a placeholder.

    2. Just read the onmouseover tag of the img…

      It’s a screen! Not the phone!

  6. Well so much for the bogus rumor of the 1080p HD screen. Strike one, now like see the rest of the rumors get confirmed or denied.

    1. I always knew that was never going to happen xD

  7. First rumor I heard about the S3 was the screen would be new and they were working out the bugs before releasing it.  That was fall last year, which would line up with the Galaxy Nexus not having this technology, wasn’t ready yet.  It was also reported to be the best screen to hit the market, but who knows what has changed since then.

  8. It better have better battery life then the Nexus or I’m out.

    1. The screen sounds like it’s literally the same thing except for the edition of Super AMOLED+. The resolution and screen size is the same thing, and despite the author’s making it sound like it has a higher ppi, it is exactly the same.

      1. Same PPI but 33% more subpixels and because of that about 33% scharper :)

        SubPPI is nog the same, PPi is!

        1. but will sport a Retina display-challeneging pixel density of 316ppi”
          Makes it sound like he is talking about ‘normal’ pixels.

  9. Why are some of you people looking at the picture and questioning it, it’s a RUMOUR ffs !!! The picture shown in this post is obviously not going to be the actual handset. Surely people can’t be that dumb.

  10. dang it!!! i want it i want it i want it i want it!!!!!! i’m sick & tired of crappy HTC, LG & Motorola phones!!! i want my Samsung back!!!! i personally think 4.65″ is the perfect screen size. super AMOLED plus with 720 p resolution, quad core (exynos processor of course), 4G LTE, hopefully 2GB ram, 16 or 32 GB storage, hopefully an SD Card slot, and camera i don’t really mind b/c samsung phones takes amazing pictures regardless of how many mega pixel it has… but this phone is going to be SICK!!! i want it!!!

    1.  I don’t know what all the excitement is about, and I can tell you one thing.
      It will definitely not have 2 gb of ram, why?
       Because ram consumes a huge amount of power when it comes to mobile devices, and they couldn’t possibly get a battery that can drive all those specs more than 1 hour max.

      Also I doubt Samsung can fit all those subpixels on a 4.7″ display yet.

  11. I hope to God it has hardware buttons.  

    I think we need a vote on that!!  HW or SW buttons!!

    1. If by hardware you mean “physical clickable buttons” then I think you may be disappointed. The international versions of the S/S2 had a clickable “home” button and two capactive buttons. I think Samsung will dump that and go fully on-screen ICS style like the Nexus – partially to put to bed complaints from Apple fans of “copying”, and partially because it’s cheaper and easier to make.
      Personally I’d love physical buttons – but then I’d also love a qwerty keyboard, but ain’t no way in hell that’s happenin!

      1. I’m referring to the capacative buttons vs. Software buttons on-screen. If it is the same screen size as the Nexus then yeah Samsung is probably going to use SW buttons.

  12. please make it comes out with:
    – removable battery and better life
    – slim and no big gap on bezel
    – and please don’t make ugly square home button
    then i’ll definitely want to buy.

  13. So far, I’m very happy with my SGSII.  


  14. Please release it in the US on time and not 8 months after the global release.

  15. Dammit, they better have the A15 architecture in this, whether 5250 or 5450, or I’m jumping for the One X. I’m not gonna be walking around for 2 yrs with a phone that’ll be obsolete in 3 months

  16. This would have a pretty big impact on battery life.  I have very good eyesight and have been involved with Pentile for some time and I can’t tell it exists on my galaxy nexus.  33% more subpixels, means 33% smaller subpixels, which means lower aperture ratio, so for the same brightness you need to drive the subpixel harder.  And you need 33% more drive circuits which creates wasted heat as well.  I know its a specs thing to be Super AMOLED+ I just think the tradeoff here would be very bad.  Look at the new iPad, 75% bigger battery with no increased battery life, and that is primarily because of the lower aperture ratio of the high res screen.

  17. These SG3 rumors are ridiculous, you’re going to see Android 4.0/Touchwiz, Exynos 4412, 4G LTE,  4.65″ Super AMOLED HD+ with software keys, 8/2mp 1080/720p  cameras with dedicated silicon, 1gb RAM, 16gb of memory + uSD, 1650ohm removable battery, aluminum ceramite casing, Gorrilla Glass, slightly reduced bezel, ~8mm thickness for a pretty solid offering, not some ridiculous God phone all of you fanboys are wetting yourselves over. Honestly the only big “surprise” is whether or not they upgraded the GPU to Mali T-604 or not, and it’s probably not.

  18. Eh, I agree this won’t be the God phone everyone is making it out to be and I think battery life is going to be miserable.  All these cell phone companies need to put a halt on hardware upgrading and put ALL their efforts into finding better battery technology.  My galaxy note has a huge battery and bitch goes dead if I touch it more than twice a day….

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