Sprint’s LTE Galaxy Nexus launching April 22?


Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been in a holding pattern ever since it was revealed that the carrier would introduce the handset along with their new LTE network. That 4G network prepped to go live sometime during the middle of the year. A new leak caught by The Verge suggests that both the release of the Galaxy Nexus and launch of Sprint’s LTE network could be right around the corner.

In a document purported to have been circulated to employee’s at Sam’s Club, the Galaxy Nexus is tagged with an April 22nd release date.The Sprint version of the LTE Nexus will be identical to the version hosted by Verizon, though Google Wallet should be openly supported. There is also talk of a slight bump in processor speed to 1.5GHz.

Also mentioned in the leak is a April 15th release date for the LG Viper, the second LTE smartphone announced earlier this year by Sprint. For a bit of a refresher on that one, see our hands-on from CES.

[via The Verge]

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  1. And then an even more powerful beast is dropping less than a month and a half later……Had the GNex not taken so long to get released it would have been an option for me, but now that the One X has been outed, im going with the more current technology.

    1. Is it still definitive what SoC the One X will use on Sprint?  Granted the phone looks awesome, the Nexus is no slouch (and will def. get JB before the One X does).

      1. The Krait S4 dual core I think is the rumored SoC, and should be verified in 2 days at Sprints announcement of this phone.

    2. more current technology? how so?

  2. Ditto!

  3. i seem to remember the gnex being months late when it arrived at verizon several months ago.  this phone is already outdated.

    1. Doesn’t matter if it’s outdated. It will always get updates from Google. Not everyone needs bleeding edge tech.

      1. Yes it will eventually….like the Nexus S users who have been waiting for their upgrade while HTC has started upgrading its phones…..The draw of a nexus phone was to always get updates first right?? I guess not this time.

        1. Eventually, but not now. We are power users, but we are also the minority. You think your average joe schmo really cares when/if he’s going to get ICS? He/she likely has no idea what ICS even is, much less when it is coming to their device. These days, you find more people buying phones due to aesthetics over usability.

        2. I’ll be serious, if you’re not going to unlock, root and ROM your Nexus, don’t buy one.  Period.

          1. Or not.  I have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus and I have no intention of rooting or installing a custom ROM on it.  I got it cause I hate all unnecessary custom UI overlay bull$#!+ and I want my updates from Google.

            There is no one and only reason to get any given device.

  4. Like I care at this point with the HTC Evo One as close as it is.

  5. Google f themselves by making the gnex exclusive to verizon for that long, now people will go to the more advance device there is, evo one or Samsung galaxy s3.

    1. I would have bought it on day one, but now I’m definitely waiting for the One X.  Major misstep on Google’s behalf.

  6. LTE is old. LTE + or 5g is next year.

    1. Whatever. I’m waiting for 6g.

      1. galaxy s7 9g is what im holding out for on cingular when the de-merge from at&t

        1. im waiting for airtouch

  7. I am still waiting for this phone my nexus s 4g smokes dual core phones still and i bet you it will smoke a htc evo one don’t hate 

    1. I’m a previous Nexus S user and you have no idea how wrong you are. My old Nexus S can’t even compare to my Galaxy Note in terms of speed and responsiveness.

      1. i dunno i use a nexus s with a custom rom and all that stuff and it is way snappier than even a stock galaxy nexus or galaxy s2. 

        1. Maybe compare to modified versions of those phones to be fair. ;)

  8. I’d actually take this over the One x, the non-removable battery in something such as a phone is a complete deal breaker for me.  

  9. Sprint is probably waiting for Android 4.0.4 or 4.0.5 to be finalized for LTE phones.

  10. GNex what? Sorry… Don’t think anyone cares for this anymore, One X ftw

  11. Not real. Sprint said the Galaxy Nexus was their first LTE phone. Unless it’s being released later at Sam’s Club.

  12. I guess Craigslist is gonna be my go to place for getting a Galaxy Nexus on Sprint after its released. The phone is to old to justify using an upgrade and being stuck with it for 2 years. I still want it and will sell/trade my Epic Touch to get it, but I won’t sign a contract for it!!

    1. it was just released 4mos ago, and what other phone out right now tops it?

  13. I’ll still take it if I can win it.

  14. Soooo, in Q4 when android jelly bean comes out, will you guys be crying over why HTC say they won update the HTC EVO One and wait for the HTC EVO One 2? lol. im good. save myself the heartache and grab the so called “outdated”  4mo old phone now and solidfify my GUARANTEED software upgrade later. have fun with sense.

  15. Discover the latest apps and games. FREE and enjoy instantly on your Android phone or tablet.

  16. Nexus is best, don’t be stupid.

  17. For me a nexus phone does not mean updates right away from google, it means a huge community behind a phone and one that is easily and changed to how I want it.  

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