MOTOACTV companion app now available for all Android devices with added features


When Motorola first announced the MOTOACTV fitness tracker it was suggested that the device’s companion app would be available on all Android smartphones. Whether it was intentional or not, the app instead remained limited to a handful of Motorola devices. Not only is Motorola finally making the app available to all Android phones, but they are adding features that should make MOTOACTV owners actually want to download it.

Though the app was once relegated to little more than forwarding notifications from a smartphone to the wrist-worn gadget, the new version will allow users to track and manage workouts as well as pair the MOTOACTV with a WiFi network. The update should be available sometime today, though it hasn’t been refreshed in the Google Play store as of the time of this writing.

Also coming soon to all MOTOACTV users is a beta update that will bring the golf-tracking features of the special edition unit released last month. Motorola had posted the changelog late last week only to remove it. The beta software will be available as a free download through April 16th, at which point users will have to pay to add the ability to track their golf score.

Google Play Link: MOTOACTV

[Motorola via DroidLife]

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  1. Still not showing compatible for my GNex or Asus Transformer Prime…

  2. Late April Fools joke? Only compatible phone on my account out of 5 devices is the Motorola phone.

  3. is this the best Android watch?  what about Sony LiveView?  ImWatch?  MetaWatch?  Other?

  4. looks to only be compatible with motorola phones still.

  5. you can always use these links though i’ve been using it since i got my nexus

  6. People who viewed this app also viewed the menstrual calendar and mormon calendar. :P 

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