Apr 1st, 2012

Alright, if you haven’t heard, it’s April Fool’s day. I’m sure by now, there’s already a fair share of “hilarious” April fools pranks being posted around the internet. That’s the main reason I always unplug from the internet on all-hallows-fools-day and of course — trust no one. But just because I wont compromise my journalistic integrity and prank our trusting Phandroid readers doesn’t mean my family, outside of the internet, is safe. Growing up as the middle child, I’ve always been known in my family as the mischievous one and April 1st is my time to shine.

So, what kind of hijinks did I get myself into? Well, a few weeks back I found a couple of spoof apps in the Google Play Store and no, I’m not talking about those “screen crack” apps. Shake to Charge and Solar Charger (also found WiFi Hacker which has since been removed) were some of the most intriguing. Upon checking their comments, I noticed there was a good amount of users who were actually surprised the apps didn’t work as advertised (the apps actually give full disclosure in their descriptions that they are fake —  but really, who reads those anyway?). To the tech savvy like you and I, sure, we know that something like shaking to charge your phone or solar charging would be impossible without implemented hardware, but to the uninitiated, a simple app that enables these functions seems perfectly plausible.

After a good laugh from the Market comments, I decided to pull one over on my friends and family and see if they would fall for these spoof apps. Sure enough, they bought it. Hook, line, and sinker. Here’s a video I uploaded of them attempting to charge their devices using these new fangled, unconventional methods. Ha! I even went the extra mile and pranked my little cousin into thinking that my phone had actually “come alive” using AndroidLost to speak to her. That’s a great full featured app that I will cover more thoroughly in a future video. For now, enjoy my Android April Fools 2012 video below.

April Fool’s Day can be a whole lotta fun for people like me. Although, I believe a good April Fools prank should involve actually fooling someone and not just your everyday prank like thumbtacks on a toilet seat or a random sucker punch shouting, “APRIL FOOLS!” Either way, I hope you pranksters will find some fun today using these apps. Oh — and if you can think of any others, feel free to drop some good suggestions in the comments. I’m on my way to church where the congregation can be a little too trusting when it comes to my expertise with Android phones. (Maniacal laugh).

[Google Play Links: Shake To Charge | Solar Charger | AndroidLost]