Samsung Epic 4G FC09 Update Released to Address Force Close Issues


Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G Touch seems to be getting a software update starting today. The update isn’t Ice Cream Sandwich (again, don’t get your hopes up on that ever happening) but it does fix a very important bug. The force close people would suffer when receiving a call has been fixed, and they’ve also optimized network connections for improved battery life. All users won’t see the update right away but rest assured it’ll be pushed to everyone by six months’ time. Head to Sprint’s support forums for more information. [via Samsung Hub]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. You post a photo of the OG Epic, but mention the Epic 4G Touch and that the phone probably won’t ever get ICS???

  2. Wrong phone

  3. I think they ment the OG Epic. 

  4. Why is it going to take six month for everyone to get the update or did you mean six weeks?

  5. Samsung always updating their phones, nice.  Others need to learn

    1. Do you know how long we had to wait for gingerbread? It was ridiculous. Also ask Moment owners how gingerbread tastes. No reason why that phone was not updated. Owned them both, and I will never own another samsung.

  6. If you are talking about the OG Epic 4G…this type of news is water under the bridge.

    Anyone who is not running CM9 is missing out on a severely superior ROM.  ICS FTW

  7. I have the OG Epic and I never get a force close when receiving a phone call. That issue was taken care of when they got the gingerbread update. It had to do with the reject messages. The issue I have everyday is the phone rebooting itself. It stopped for a while, but started up again a couple weeks ago. It would either freeze or reboot every day. Why don’t they fix that problem because I know a few people with this phone and they have the same problem

  8. I think this was intended for the OG Epic. They need to correct this asap so people that don’t necessarily browse around freak out.

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