Rumor: Google Drive Coming This April


We all know Google Drive exists. It’s in the works, at the very least. But Giga OM has allegedly learned, from a close source, that it’s close to being finished. And, more than that, it’s close – close enough to launch in the first week of April. We’re not sure what to make of the claim, but crazier things have happened.

The cloud storage service is said to be bringing users 1GB of free storage, with an option of expanding storage if you pay., DropBox – sort of like that. The difference with Google Drive, however, are the APIs Google’s planning on providing. They will allow other apps to store files in a user’s Google Drive account. Their report also states it will be available for Google Apps customers. No word on how the Android app might work could be given.

While the API support is interesting, it’s not clear if it would be enough to draw people away from their favorite services to which they’re already attached, especially if Google is offering no more than 1GB of storage for free. Of course, this figure could be wrong or it could always increase in the future.

Remember that Gmail’s storage per user has been increasing ever since its beta launch, but that is fundamentally different. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Google bump the free storage to at least 2GB like their competitor DropBox (before free incentives). We won’t know until it happens, though, so we’ll just have to wait a couple more weeks to see if this source isn’t bluffing.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. My prediction is that it will be half baked and buggy.

    1. Then don’t use it

    2. trolls will be trolls

      1. and losers will be losers. how does it feel to be a loser?

        1. Wow.. Relax lil timmy. No need to spazz out over a comment

        2. As soon as you answer your own question, we will know.

  2. Sweet.. I hope so. I’ve been anxiously awaiting for this service to debut.

    1. lol the only problem i find with it is that Gmail gives me 7gb.

    2. loser

      1. better to look a fool than open ones mouth and remove all doubt.  You have completely removed all doubt that you are a complete fool. Quite imature by the sounds of it too but probably think youre very adult so im guessing your anywhere from 15 – 30 with a mental age of 11

      2. time to get you banned, lil gimpy.

  3. Up until the start of the second paragraph, I thought this was related to Google’s auto-pilot car program :(

    1. Me too, but this is exciting information as well.
      When you think of it, the car program is not a service they would “launch” and definitely not as soon as next week.

  4. I have about 5GB with Dropbox right now.  If Google can’t match or exceed that, I’m not interested.

    1. I love GDocs and especially with it 20GB of storage for $5 a year…you can’t beat that.

      if they can convert GDocs to Drive in a manner akin to dropbox….oh yes :)

      1. I agree, I feel like the “Google Drive” already exists.  Anyone can
        upload any kind of file to Google Docs, today, right now, this very

        Like you, I paid $5 and my storage quota went up to 20 GB.

        I guess Google wants to rebrand this service (Google Play anyone?) and perhaps make it a bit more user-friendly.

        1.  I’m on the same boat as you.  I paid $5 for the 20 GB of storage. I’m hoping that Drive will simply link to that. 

          1. I’m pretty sure it will because I, too, paid $5 for 20GB of storage. The difference is that I paid for my Picasa albums but the space is available to be used by Picasa, GDocs, and Gmail.

          2. I have 80GB for about 1 euro per month (20 dollars a year). It’s about 10 times cheaper than Dropbox. There’s just no contest.

            Frankly, the only thing missing for Google Docs to sweep the competition is a sleeker interface, with a mobile app and perhaps a desktop app too. People use Dropbox because it’s automatic and they don’t have to open the browser. But there’s just no contest in either pricing or features. The reason people don’t use Google Docs as a Drive is that the simply don’t know it exists and/or are too lazy to adapt their workflow.People don’t get that you can really upload anything you want – and the videos play in the browser with no need to download! That’s probably the biggest perk.

          3. I paid for the $5/year 20GB plan, if this happens, I might upgrade to the 80GB plan.

  5. It would be great if developers took advantage of it and they incorporated some kind of a “backup” to their apps.
    Example: I am playing a game, I am in level 35. I get a new phone and if I don’t want to lose the game progress, I need to root my phone and backup the app’s data (unless the game provides some convenient way of backing up the data, but in most cases it doesn’t)

    1. I agree with you 100%.  That is the most frustrating thing about gaming on my phone.

    2. There are already API’s for developers to back up things to your account.  Most developers don’t use them.

  6. I hope this brings along support for Google music so if I update the metadata locally, it is updated online.

  7. the key will be the interface.  Dropbox is seamless, easy, effortless, automatic, and flawless.

  8. If Skydrive Gives out APIs , 
    Every one is flat Dead !
    Its 25Gb , 

  9. helllooooo, can somebody tell me how long i have to wait untill market for android works again??

    1. been renamed to play store

  10. Google docs is amazing already. 5 freaking bux a year for 21 gigabytes. Also, unlike stupid dropbox, the file limit size isnt a stupid 200 mb or w/e, Docs has a 10 gb file limit, which means i could upload huge movies. Thank you google!

    1. Google docs is a shit editor. Only reall Google fanboy idiots would ever claim it as “amazing”

      1. manholdup……..your such a funny little muppet! that is all. 
        p.s. i wont be coming back to see your reply so don’t wear out your stubby troll fingers, save em for Burping ya Worm, which im betting you do allot of 

      2. compared to what?  If you’re going to have a lame argument, at least have an alternative.

  11. Not sure I want to give Google 20gb of my data for them to sift through, tag, catalog, index and sell. I’ve been a Google fan for a long time but I’m starting to get a bit cautious with their amassing of information.

  12. Google must compete with apple’s 5GB!

    1. they gave us 20k song storage on Google music for free >.> knowing Google they will prob meet or exceed that limit >.>

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