Virgin Mobile USA’s Data and Text Messaging Service Down Nationwide


If you’re currently rockin’ a device on Virgin Mobile here in the states, you may have noticed that your phone isn’t able to send/receive text messages or access the internet. The MVNO announced today via their social networks that they are currently experiencing an outage and are “working to resolve it.” While not everyone seems to be affected, we just wanted to let you guys know before your misplaced anger causes you to throw your phone against the wall. Hang in there, folks.

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Chris Chavez
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  1. Are there any updates on the estimated time this little problem will be resolved? I paid my bill this morning before this all happened, and I hope it wasn’t a waste of my money.

    1. I wouldn’t call paying the bill for your phones previous months usage a waste of money. It kindda needs to be paid. ;)

      They should offer some sort of compensation however for your upcoming bill since that is the bill this outage effects.

      1. Virgin is PREpaid

        1.  ahhh. gotcha

      2. prepaid dude. we pay before the month of service.  we don’t have “upcoming” bills.

      3. Their rates are so low as it is.. whatta you gonna do, ask for 75 cents?  Not worth my time.

  2. Lol I would say that’s what you get for using such a cheap carrier but I have Verizon an this shit goes down all the time well at least we can still send text when are data goes down that kinda sucks

  3. I thought Virgin Mobile uses Sprints network? Shouldnt this be effecting Sprint customers as well?

    1. Good question… Thats what I thought, but I use Sprint and everything has been working great. In fact I originally read this on my cell phone. 

  4. I can only make calls and go on the internet. I also cannot log in my Virgin Mobile account online nor on my phone

  5. My wife’s lg had problems but my triumph had no problem.

  6. What a joke, I’m really glad I stopped by my work this afternoon otherwise I wouldn’t have ever received the news that I was working tonight. I never got any messages or anything from the company letting me know this was going to happen, I’m really pissed off.

    1. “I never got any messages or anything from the company letting me know this was going to happen.”

      Maybe they tried to contact you but…. the service was down?  ;) 

  7. Sprint unable to make calls… sucks

  8. Update: So I just got off the phone with a Sprint “supervisor” and he confirmed that they are experiencing a voice outage in my area (92570). He stated that they are working to have it resolved within 72hrs. Wtf??? Really 72hrs???? I asked if I would receive a sort of credit and he said yes but couldn’t determine an amount till issue is resolved.

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