Android 4.0.5 in testing for Verizon’s LTE Galaxy Nexus, could hit handsets in early April [RUMOR]


Verizon is reportedly in the beta testing stages for an update to their LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, according to Android insider black_man_X. If things check out it could reach handsets in early April. The update, which brings the phone’s Android version to 4.0.5, is said to provide a plethora of bug fixes that will address audio reboot and data stability issues among others.

It will be the first time the Galaxy Nexus has received an update since close to its launch and will finally push its Ice Cream Sandwich build past 4.0.2, meaning the update will cover the improvements found in the 4.0.3 upgrade, as well. Google dubbed that release as the “base version of Ice Cream Sandwich.” It’s about time Verizon’s Nexus variant caught up.

The Android 4.0.5 update was outed as heading to the Nexus S this month on a roadmap released by French carrier SFR, but this is the first we are hearing of its potential arrival on the Galaxy Nexus. Around the same time reports surfaced of an Android 4.04 build for the Galaxy Nexus while a build of the software leaked for the Nexus S. It is unclear if the Nexus S is still on track to receive the Android 4.0.5 build, but Verizon users (and presumably Galaxy Nexus owners everywhere) will want to stay tuned for further developments.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Cool beans. I’ll wait for a CM9 build with it though. 

    1. should occur about a week before the release b/c you know someone is gonna leak it

      1. perhaps you don’t know what CM9 is? CM is built from source code. Has nothing to do with someone leaking it

        1. Has to have drivers from the OTA in order to function. Pure AOSP will not work on CDMA devices.

          1. You can pull the binaries from the device.

          2. You could, but there is no guarantees they would work, or that they aren’t replaced by newer versions.

        2. i have 3 devices on CM. my “leak” comment referred not to the source code, but to the updates / enhancements / features that differ in .5 versus .2 or .3. 4.0.4 isn’t out by my nexus already has things from it.

  2. No mention of the GSM version? I’m still stuck on 4.0.2 :(

    1. Same here……GSM is a world wide standard, why not focus on GSM first?
      The ideas behind the Nexus one seem to have been forgotten.
      I hope Google still rolls out the update to all at once……else the idea behind a Nexus might be lost on GSM versions :S

      1. Because GSM can run ASOP just fine and there are plenty of ROM’s for that. Us lowly VZW people need their proprietary bin files. :(

        1.  Most CDMA binaries are owned by Qualcomm.

    2.  I’m stuck on 4.0.1

      What the hell is going on here?

      1. What ROM do you have? Mine originally came with the one that gets updated by Samsung, but I flashed the official Google 4.0.2 ROM

  3. audio just stops working 60 sec into a call in 1 in every 63.4 calls.

    please fix.

    also please add a BJ button.


    1. wow I would love a BJ button!

    2. perv. get a girl! lol

  4. I’ve been on 4.0.4 since that was made available and have been THRILLED with the huge fixes. Had big time audio issues, problems with the 4g/3g handoff (serious problems) and some other general sluggishness and trouble that’s basically been totally resolved. Much happier and very glad I didn’t keep holding out hope for it to go OTA since that never happened!

    1.  LTE Galaxy Nex?  I’m on Verizon and still 4.0.2 : / 

      1. Yes the Verizon Nexus, 4.0.4 is not an official update it was leaked and i agree with Chris, i love the fixes in it.

        1.  Im still on 0.2 too….just out of curiosity did the 0.4 update fix the typing in landscape issues??  many thanks in advance

  5. I’ve been wondering when an update was going to get pushed out finally.  I’ve been manually checking my phone ever since news broke that ICS 4.04 leaked online.

  6. Oh dear god, this NEEDS to be true. My phone doesn’t have as many issues as other pople, but the 3G/4G switching is horrendous, and it has rebooted a few times. Also, just today, my software buttons DISAPPEARED! wtf mate.

  7. “The Android 4.0.5 update was outed as heading to the Nexus S this month on a roadmap released by French carrier SFR, but this is the first we are hearing of its potential arrival on the Galaxy Nexus.”

    Uh, 4.0.5 for the Galaxy Nexus is on the exact same roadmap showing it coming out for the Nexus S that you just linked to. o_O;

  8. I called to complain about the data dropping 2 days ago and the tech told me we were supposed to get an update fixing it before the end of the month

    1. Yeah…it has been said to be pushed by March 2012 since Jan 2012…

  9. Thinking about rooting my gnex and going cm9 this weekend. Should I hold out for the update?

  10. Tmobile GS2 owners, also expect your ICS update in summer……2013

  11. If maybe… for the sake of argument… one would want to become a beta tester for Verizon. How would I… erm… someone go about doing so? You know, if they were so inclined.

  12. I just hope it fixes my “searching for signal” issue that happens once or twice a week. It just drops signal (even though I’m on wifi) and then fails to reconnect so it drains the battery completely in 1.5 hours or so. If I catch it happening though, I can just switch it to airplane mode, then back to normal and it will connect and work normally after that.

  13. Just got this phone off eBay last Friday. It’s real nice but signal is crap compared to my rezound! Takes awhile to go from 3g to 4g. My rezound gets 4 to 5 bars most places, this get 1 or 2 unless I’m outside!? Also the battery life sucks! I even bought there extended battery! Hopefully this can be fixed or I’ll just sell utn

    1. I think this model is a lemon, I don’t think some of the problems can be fixed via software

      1. yes it will be. radios are updated in 4.0.3. Wasn’t officially released, and will be released with 4.0.5 in a couple weeks.


    1. I used to get salty about that too but Verizon is the one that will get flooded with complaints so I kind of understand why they want to make sure everything works before pushing it out.

  15. Keyboard lag
    Email client with trash that can’t be emptied or retrieved.
    SMS crashes
    Browser crashes
    Anything but normal font has display problems, spacing.
    Emails that use hyphen look like apos: garble text to the recipient and on your own handset.
    Volume levels of ringer change by themselves
    No set of ring options such as low, normal, loud, phone only……
    2 hour battery life when using.
    Poor downshift to 3G
    Phantom reboots
    Garbled audio
    Unreliable USB transfers
    Contact book unusable to add quick contacts, might as well use crayons on your forehead trying to copy someone’s info on the fly as in get a date?
    Lousy apps with ad banners everywhere that are 1/2 their apple counterparts if they exist at all.
    50 more complaints. Android is. A toy. This phone is not good.
    Bite the bullet and get the iPhone or stick with the berry, android isn’t very good.

    1. lol sounds like you need to replace that phone. i love my Nexus. works great

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