Sprint and HTC to showcase latest ‘latest collaboration’ April 4 in NYC


Sprint and HTC have just sent out invites to an event to take place in New York City on April 4th. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse and HTC president Jason Mackenzie will be on hand to show off the “latest collaboration” between the two mobile players. The invite provides little to speculate over with no clues or hints seemingly hidden within (no giveaways in the filename, either). Our minds immediately jump to rumors of Sprint launching their own version of the HTC One X, potentially under the name HTC Jet, in June. Of course, Phandroid will be on hand for whatever is unveiled at the day’s event. Stay tuned.


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  1. This is exciting news!

  2. I’d be surprised if Sprint/HTC didn’t keep the Evo name going.

    1. So true.

    2. I’m hoping for a name somewhere along the lines of EVO X HD or EVO X LTE.

  3. If it’s not the Samsung Galaxy S3, I don’t care.

    1. If it’s sprint, I dont care

      1. Speak for yourself. Sprints still one of the big 4, don’t count them out yet. Just watch, the storm is passing.

        1. No 4G network, and they just signed their company away to the tune of  $20 billion that could’ve been used to build a faster network.

          1. i’m not saying sprint has been making good decisions, but i dont understand what you mean by “no 4g network.”  They are actually about to have 2.

          2. They don’t have a 4G network, plain and simple.  Lightsquared was their hope to build one, but it fell apart.

            And anyway, Sprint may be looking at bankrupcy in a few yrs: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/03/19/us-sprint-bankruptcyrisk-idUSBRE82I0OI20120319

          3. Um I just used “4g” this morning so I don’t know what you are talking about. And they are building lte even without lightsquared. I don’t care if they go bankrupt as long as I can get my nexus unlimited

          4. @wastry You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. The deal with Lightsquared was basically a side deal in which both companies would share spectrum and technologies. Sprint is doing the LTE rollout completely in house, much like Verizon. I’m not saying Sprint won’t be affected by the fallout with Lightsquared, but the effect will be much much less than what you’re over-imaginative brain is thinking of. Google it if you don’t believe me.

          5. @ squiddy:  Bankruptcy, even “potential bankruptcy”, is never a good sign for a company: 

          6. @wastry If you notice, I said nothing about Sprint’s supposed bankruptcy. READ.

          7. Oh, gawd stop feeding this troll. Obviously this person is an idiot who believes another idiot’s prediction.

            He doesn’t even know what analyst do for a living: they are the wall street version of fortune tellers.

    2. LOL the first wannabe iCrap fantool chimes in. US Samsung users: always a bridesmaid, never the bride. You’ll get the SGSIII after Madagascar does.

      1. . . . are you high or just dumb?  I’m not even sure wtf your point is. 

        iCrap?  I’m talking about an Android device.  Samsung released the GNex in the US and has already said they want a global launch for the S3.

        I’m not sure if this is an Apple troll or just a pot head coming off his high

        1. Haha you understood precisely what I typed.  

  4. hopefully it doesnt have the already failed and done wimax 4g radios.

    1. They already stated there wouldn’t be any more Wimax devices.

  5. Finally HTC Rhyme coming to Sprint!

  6. cant wait. if this is the new one x i will get it. Provided the battery life isnt horrendous 

    1. The vast majority of smartphones have horrendous battery life. It’s no secret.

  7. Awesome. Can not wait to use my upgrade from my Evo 4G to the HTC Evo one x :D I doubt they would release anything other that this. Unless it is a quad core LTE one x they will have ready in June…

  8. Hoping this is for the next EVO. While I really like the one devices, not having removable storage or battery may turn me away if they choose to make it their next phone.

  9. EVO X TC


  10. they lost me at Sense.  i’ll take the G-Nex.

  11. No Sprint was going to use lightsquared for more spectrum and to get the LTE launched faster. The deal fell through Sprint got their money back and they are still working on the towers they were working on before they were even trying to make a deal with lightsquared. They have been building their LTE markets for a few months now and are not turning around now. Make sure you understand everything before you state that they will have no LTE network now without LS.

  12. What people fail to realize is that Sprint is behind the scenes rolling out their 4G LTE right under their noses. The big suprises is when they put it into service. I know some actual people doing some of this work. It may be a whole lot more than you think.

  13. Wastry, give it up. You didn’t quote the other analysts, and FYI: ANYTIME a company takes on more debt a company increases its chance of a bankruptcy. And really, why is it that important?

    1. Lol, it’s not. At least not to me.

  14. HTC EVO HD. 

    With LTE, NFC, and everything else. BUT there service is still terrible so it doesnt matter

    1. Two words: Network Vision. Kthxbai.

  15. My contract ends in june…. If they switch on lte in indy and release the quad core version of the htc one series in june (and slap the evo name on it) I will gladly stick with sprint. I know a fair bit about phones, I sell every manufacturer but My old evo 4g still makes me well up with tears of joy when I boot it up. I know everyone likes their nexus galaxy iphone etc but the evo changed the game and you can bet it would be different without them.

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