Rumor: Sprint HTC One X rumored details and availability


The Galaxy S III rumor train is going at full throttle right now. Sprint customers might be waiting to hear about another device, though. Especially those HTC fans who have been begging for some more details about the HTC One X. And the latest rumor affirms that HTC’s high-end device is to be released by Sprint on June 10th.

The rumor comes from S4GRU and their sources. which claim the device is now codenamed HTC “Jet,” internally. And it will be Sprint’s third LTE device, after the Galaxy Nexus and LG Viper. The sources did not specify that this was the recently announced HTC One X, but all the specs match. More specifically, the HTC One X is the only unveiled HTC device to use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 processor, with NFC capabilities. Both of which are included in the “Jet’s” details.

Here are the rumored specs for the HTC Jet:

  • 1.5 GHz dual-core processor (Krait)
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 4.7-inch Super LCD 1280×720 display
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 2
  • CDMA 1X, EV-DO Rev 0/A/B (UE category 3)
  • LTE Band class 25
  • NFC, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n and bluetooth 4.0

Sadly, like the AT&T version (HTC One XL), these rumored specs do not include that Tegra 3 quad-core chip. Something US customers have been disappointed about. But the new S4 chip should do the trick for most users. Unless you really want that Tegra 3 optimized gaming.

Another factor to wonder about is the name. We know HTC has been planning to simplify its model line-up philosophy. Simpler names and less devices are part of the plan. But HTC has a history with Sprint and the EVO line. Not to mention that the rumored June 10th release date is close to both major members of the EVO family – The HTC EVO 4G and EVO 3D.

Speculations have started taking their course, and many believe that this will be yet another EVO device. Regardless, let’s wait and see how it all turns out, and let’s not forget that salt dosage. Even if these rumors happen to be legit, June 10th is a long way from today. Details and plans could change in that time. But what do you say? Are you more excited about the Galaxy S III or the HTC One X?

[Via: S4GRU]

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  1. not having Tegra 3 isnt much of a lost. Krait FTW!

    1. Brandon V. you better check this like about the benchmark for the Krait S4 speed


      1.  The S4 Krait it is faster than the Tegra 3.

        1. It was faster with a lower res screen. not with the 720p screen of the one x

    2.  I agree.  From the preliminary benchmarks it looks like performance is about the same between the two and the fact that the MSM8960 includes a next gen LTE modem built on 28nm process means it should actually be one of the first LTE phones with reasonable battery life.

      My preference is krait unless real world performance doesn’t measure up for some reason.

      I like the earlier name recommendation of Evo X.  Nice and short.  I hope they don’t do something stupid like they did with the Epic Touch.  I’d rather not have to real off a name like Sprint HTC Evo One X LTE.

      One thing I hope Sprint adds to the One X design is either a larger battery or a user replaceable battery.

  2. HTC EVO X…Just to retain the EVO brand name as well, the HTC method selling one type of device this year

    1. Hmmm i like that. HTC EVO X.

    2. That sounds way better than HTC Evo One. Lets hope this sticks (and not some stupid name).

  3. I’m more hyped about the galaxy s3. This is a nice phone but it could’ve used the Tegra 3 to at least help with the extra resolution.

    1. but in most reviews, the dual core s4 found here outperforms the quad core tegra3. I’m glad this has the s4.

  4. Yes! I think I’m more jazzed about this phone than the SG III or Galaxy Nexus. I’ve been more than happy with my Hero and another HTC Sense device just makes…sense.

  5. Im more excited about the nexus coming to sprint. To be honest im done with lcd screens, im tired of not being able to see my phone outside

    1. Ummmm… You know that AMOLEDs aren’t much better. True, the Super AMOLED on the Galaxy Nexus can be seen outside just fine, but the truly superior tech is IPS. And the HTC One X basically has it, though they can’t call it that due to trademark issues. Better viewing angles, color reproduction, and it won’t have the stupid RGBG configuration that the Galaxy Nexus has.

  6. Having experienced AMOLED screens (whatever variant you want), nothing, absolutely nothing, will make me go back to LCD and its “charcoal gray as black” lack of contrast. Having an AMOLED screen is like having something out of a scifi show/movie.

    1. I agree, but a lot of people that saw the phone already say it’s the most beautiful screen they’ve seen yet. So this should be interesting.

  7. wasnt the point of the one X to have the quad core?

    id take the one S over this anyday. 

    1. seriously? you know nothing about these CPU’s then, the S4 beats tegra 3 hands down anyday… you would be happier with this phone with S4, trust me 

      1. One S has the S4. It also has a qhd amoled screen and a new material to compliment its extremely thin form factor. I agree One S ftw.

        1. The screen is way better on the One X though. Actual 720p and what is essentially IPS LCD. That’s a screen ftw.

          1. Super IPS LCD 2.. its newer and a whole lot better than what already was a great screen – the SLCD. I actually prefer IPS LCD to AMOLED.. the SLCD 2 on the One X just looks breathtaking and, imho, better than the HD sAMOLED on the Gnex. It also makes the iPhone4S screen look a bit discoloured.

    2. except for the lower res screen :(

  8. I really enjoyed my Hero, but it quickly became too under-powered so I rooted it.  It then became too unstable, so I bought an Evo.  The battery life was horrid, but JuiceDefender made that tolerable.  Then the charging port went out, and I bought a GS-II.  I have no complaints with it, and still have an upgrade to use.  It’s powerful enough for everything I’ve needed so far, do I really need quad-core?  I don’t know..

    I’ll take my time and wait until THE device I want is on the market and I can try it before I make an official decision.  The GNex was that device, but now there are other 4.0-built devices coming out, and either the GS-III and the OneX have caught my eye.  Which will I get?  I don’t know until I hold them.

  9. It’s a bit annoying hearing about how sad customers are about tegra 3. The S4 chip is more than capable of doing just about everything and anything one needs. It has plenty processing power with the one caveat being it may outperformed in the graphics department. With hardly any apps being multithreaded, there’s absolutely no need for all those cores that will mostly sit idle.

    1. yea i dont hear anyone complaining about the switch to tegra 3. Not even tech blogs….except this one.

    2. for most people, when you buy a phone its for 2 years.  And with so many quad core phones coming out, plenty of quad core tech will surface over the next 2 years and they would like to take advantage of that

      1. I still think knowledge as a whole is at an all-time low. The ignorant consumer hears/sees quad core and thinks OMG, but really has no idea that it’s not about the amount of cores – it is the power within the cores and of course hw/sw synergy.

        1. This is true

  10. Oops double post

  11. The S4 chip is the only one that supports LTE. We want see Tegra 3 chips with LTE support until later in the year.

    1. I think you mean “won’t”

  12. Htc One Evo or the Htc Evo One

    1. The second, the One Evo sounds really off when compared to the other Evos (Evo shift, Evo 4g, etc)

  13. I thought S4 was supposed to be better even with just two cores when compared to Tegra.

    1. I heard that as well. Maybe we are both thinking of S5….

      1. You’re right, phandroid is just complaining. Benchmarks show that the S4 can outperform the tegra 3 in a lot of tasks.

      2. No you’re right. The S4 uses a new 28nm manufacturing process and an architecture more in line with the Cortex A15 cores. The Tegra 3 is still stuck on Cortex A9. Tegra 3 has a superior graphics chip, that while not necessarily faster than the one in the S4, it has 8 cores and several special abilities that I think make it better overall than any other GPU on the market currently. But yeah, the CPU cores are a bit older, and thus not as fast as the S4. Personally, I’m looking forward to the Tegra 4.

  14. I regret getting the amsung galaxy I will try this one

  15. Better to have a dual-core that plays nice with LTE than a quad-core that’ll stick you with 3G and can’t even be used by most applications

    1. Except for the reality that most likely you won’t see 4G in your neighborhood in the entire 2 years of your contract. Plus, i think the Tegra 3 may have some power saving advantages.

      1. & that’s why Verizon is so much better than Sprint…. xD

        1. Nah, Verizon has a leg up on LTE currently, but their prices and conditions are not worth it. I’ve had an Evo 4G for the last 2 years. Never really cared that I didn’t get 4G at home, since most of the time I’m in WiFi range anyway, and its more reliable than 4G. Honestly, for the next year or two, I don’t think 4G will really excite me. Its a nice feature to have, but not really all that necessary. There are many more specs I’d rather have in a phone.

      2.  If you live in the sticks my Evo 4g had 4g from the start back in 2010

        1. I do, unfortunately, the 4G is in a city an hour away :( Currently I’m not paying for service, but a friend says there’s unnofficial WiMAX here now. Of course, its a moot point, since all of Sprint’s new work will go into LTE.

  16. HTC’s OneX non-removable 1800 mAH battery is a dealbreaker for me. I’ll wait for the Galaxy S3.

    1. and no SD card slot.

  17. Deciding between this and the GS III will be a tough one.

  18. I still have my OG Evo and will most likely wait a bit.  Until there is a new phone that has good battery life I’m staying with what I have.

    1. Same here.  My only problem with the EVO 4G is the battery life.  

      1. I use the evo 3d (upgraded from og evo) and the battery life is almost double, I go a day and a half with high usuage.

  19. Samsung galaxy S3 anyone?

  20. Give me a Sprint phone with a battery like the Droid Max and doesn’t have a giant lump in it like most extended batteries.  

  21. Hopefully Sprint can drop a bigger battery in this.

    1. +1  I’m between this and the G-Nex (maybe sgsIII)… but if this hits Sprint with an upgraded battery.. that would seal the deal on the EVO for me. 

  22. Galaxy s3 ftw!

  23. Every year I come close to getting the latest HTC device on Sprint… But Samsung always pulls through with something I can’t resist!! I love my S2 more than anything in the world! Also, I find Sense horrid now. And I can’t live without Super Amoled!! So if HTC could up the battery life, get a Super Amoled screen, do something about Sense, and make thinner sexier phones… I would get one.

  24. The EVO One or whatever it ends up as is very tempting. I like the dedicated buttons that do NOT cut into the 4.7 display, I like the screen, I love the camera but like most users I am concerned about the battery. I have 2 batteries for my EVO 4g and though they are both stock, one lasts about twice as long because the older one has so much more use. If I cannot replace the battery then I would have to scrap the phone…..

    1. The buttons on the Galaxy Nexus don’t “cut into the screen” either.

  25. I am very happy with my EVO 4g but leaning towards a galaxy Journal right now because of the battery situation.

  26. Am I the only one looking for sprints version of the galaxy note?

    1. you aren’t missing much. I sell that thing and it is a glorified skyrocket.
      (htc consistently beats samsungs on lte tests on att.)

  27. Anyone who has had a EVO or almost any HTC device should know battery life is not one of the strong points..I would struggle to make a day on the battery with my EVO but I could always just carry a extra charged battery.

    I can only assume HTC has paid off a bunch of people to talk this phone up..

    Going forward a non removable battery and no sdcard slot is a step BACKWARDS!! Yet everyone talks about the One X like its the second coming..

    We need to take pool on how long after the One X comes out before they release the One X MAXX.

    1. The non-removable battery isn’t a huge deal as I’ve never removed the battery on my EVO 4g. The fact that there’s no SD card is deal breaker for me.

    2. and boom goes the dynamite!

  28. Evo 2 4G Glad its Qualcomm inside Ill get a tablet with Tegra 3 

  29. Would like to see this on Virgin Mobile.

    1. when it comes out,… buy it an flash it.

  30. This will probably be my next phone. I have had my Samsung Moment for too long and ive just been biding my time waiting for something that impressed me to come out. 

    I am a bit dissapointed at the fact that id doesnt have an sd slot though. The only thing that I can think of is that HTC is trying to go complete cloud storage. It would be nice if they included like 10gb of free storage with the phone.

    The only thing that would prevent me from buying this is the battery life. If it is anything like my moms evo4g or my moment i wouldnt buy it. Lets hope HTC doesnt screw this one up for me because i really want this phone

    1. wait wait wait…. you have a samsung moment… and it still runs?
      Where do you buy leaded gas to run that thing!
      (alas the moment was my first smart phone…. barely ran angry birds….)
      cheers good sir!

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