Sprint Has Plans To Introduce HTC One X Variant – EVO HD LTE Coming Soon? [Rumor]


It’s time for your daily dose of Android gossip and if you’re a Sprint customer, you’re going to want to listen up. With the recent release of the insanely powered HD handsets toting LTE and top of the line specs, many Sprint customers have been feeling like they’ve been left in the dust.

Well, seems the boys at PocketNow are hearing some murmurings of a new device — codenamed HTC Jewel — headed our way. Apparently, it will be along the lines of HTC’s all new One X handsets (think: HD display) but with slightly modified specs. Whereas the Evo 4G ushered in the short-lived era of Sprint’s 4G WiMax (to that one Chick-fil-a down the street), this new device will introduce Sprint customers to their all new LTE network. Needless to say, expect this device to make a pretty huge splash.

Now, it may not be a long track record, but ever since the HTC Evo 4G was released, Sprint has released a new “Evo” device on its anniversary. Last year was the HTC Evo 3D and this year’s Evo? Yeah, HTC Jewel. The device, which is rumored to launch in time for the Evo’s 2nd birthday, will be perfectly timed to retain those original Evo users who find their contract expiring in just a few more months (like yours truly).

We could hear more at CTIA in May but with Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse making his first ever keynote at MWC on March 1st, maybe it will be sooner than later? What do you guys think? Will you bite if Sprint gives you an HTC Evo HD LTE? Or will it be too little, too late? Throw a kickstand on an HTC One X with S4 processor and I’ll be a happy camper.

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  1. Sprint hasn’t even launched LTE yet have they? Will we have to use 3G and WiFi until their LTE service is launched? How does this work? 

    1. Expect it around July. Sprint will have to have a few cities lit up with LTE before they launch this thing. It would be a HUGE fail to launch before anyone actually has LTE.. lol

      1. Also, the way I understood the press release, the first LTE markets would be lit up roughly in conjunction with the release of the Galaxy Nexus and LG Viper. So those 2 phones *should* be the first 2 to be able to make use of the new LTE service. Unless I misread?

        1. That’s as good a conjecture as any. :D

      2. Yeah, I mean Sprint would never roll out a 4G phone and heavily advertise it as being the first 4G phone and then not roll out the 4G network to the customers who bought the phone.  That would never happen…oh wait

        1. Not sure who that refers too, but the day the EVO 4G was on sale I bought it and my speeds were 12-15 mbps. Not sure what you are talking about.

          1. lucky for you WiMax was available in your area.  But a large majority of Evo users have never had WiMax coverage in their area and never will (though they paid for it).  

            Below is a link to GoodAndEvo.net (a website dedicated to Evo users) – their poll shows that less than half of their readers have access to 4G in their area.  So a lot of people (me included) were screwed by Sprint and their 4G coverage (or lack thereof).  Thats what I was referring to.


        2. Patience is a virtue.

          1. Patience doesn’t apply to something that will never happen.  WiMax is no longer being rolled out.  But thanks for the useless scripture.  Wisdom is justified of her children.

          2. It makes perfect sense, especially since I was talking about LTE, not WiMAX. Take your bullshit and go elsewhere.

        3. Bravo, Fred… Bravo… +1 lol

      3. Correct, even NYC will have LTE by Oct/Nov as fast as Sprint is putting Network Vision into place. 

  2. Nah, thats not gonna be worth an upgrade from a 3D. Probably for the OG EVO users, but Sprint is gonna have to come with something a bit bigger. I will wait for the newest S4 chip with the new GPU to drop probably after CTIA but being that I have 2 upgrades I can definately wait. Im looking for something Galaxy Note size but with the newest S4 w/LTE. I can wait for it.

    1. Same here. I’m waiting until I can get a 1080p resolution device similar to the Galaxy Note. Quad-Core, 5″ display at least, LTE, a better GPU, & with Verizon preferably.

  3. If there is no LTE then of course you will have to use 3g and wifi but you should see a few markets that have LTE by the time the phone launches 

  4. Still won’t be quad core. HTC Fail!!

    1. fail. S4 wipes floor with terga for most part. 28nm vs 40nm in the terga….not always about the # of cores bud. 

      1. >28nm vs 40nm in the terga
        >40nm in the terga
        >in the terga

      2. Dual core is so 2011!

        1.  Maybe in your world. But the S4 duocore beats the TEGRA3 in a lot of benchmarks. These are 2nd generation duo cores.They should smoke the 1gen quads in some areas I would think.

          1. Duo core?  What do you work for Intel??  It is DUAL core numb-nuts!

          2. Duo = two = dual. It’s all the same shit. You sir are a fucking tool.

    2.  We only know that the AT&T-exclusive One X will be a dual-core S4 — this could be that or the Tegra T3.

      1. Tegra 3 does not support LTE.

        1. ACTUALLY, it does or at least will. If you’re gonna spread rumors, at least spread ones that contain truth.

    3. qualcomms dual core s4 > tegra 3. do some research, and qualcomms s4 quad core is not ready yet

      1. S4 is dual core.  S5 will be quad.  Dual core is not better then quad core.  That was one benchmark that the S4 had some areas better then then Tegra.  Also the S4 is not running the new GPU and won’t until it is ready.  Stop believing everything you read on the internet.

        1. Where did you get your info? Unless you are a Qualcomm employee – your opinion is moot. GTFO troll.

      2. Actually it only outperforms a underclocked tegra 3, not at 1.6 ghz

  5. Just like the first EVO. It’ll launch with a 4G radio and no 4G towers to provide it with 4G service. Heck, I still don’t get 4G on my Evo after 2 years & I live in Phoenix. Edit: (The 6th largest City in the US.)

    1. I live in indianapolis where att and verizon have lte and still no 4g on my evo 3d….

      1. Yup. All my friends with AT&T and Verizon get 4G just fine everywhere we go, but not with my Sprint phone. What good is unlimited Data if you can’t ever use your 4G radio?

        They sold us WiMax phones last year & then shortly thereafter announced they were switching from WiMax to LTE. So if you don’t get 4G now on your WiMax device, you wont get 4G until your next LTE upgrade or until you switch carriers.

    2. damn… how many times are you going to write the same thing on this board? everyones heard you dont have 4g in phx.. ok.. everyones heard yout 12 times. grow some balls and get a new carrier, or stf up. or, at least stop crying.

  6. CTIA is in MAY!!!!

    Do you care to even do research before writing an article????wtf

    1. Easy, tiger, I knew that. Flight booked. Bags packed. Mistyped.

      1. It amazes me how worked up and bent out of shape some people get over a typo. It must suck to go through life like that. anyways.. you might be interested in http://www.s4gru.com if you haven’t seen it.

    2. stop acting like a fucking dork

  7. I think that I’m going to pass on this next EVO rendition. I rather go with the Google experience with the upcoming Sprint LTE GNex.

  8. Clearly, Clearwire doesn’t care about people who live in Arizona.

    1. Yup. This is exactly why I am leaving Sprint as soon as I can. I have never had 4G on my Evo (Edit: or any phone for the last 2 years.) It’s ridiculous…

      1. I don’t really think that has much to do with Sprint, but hey – you gotta do what you gotta do.

        1. I agree with you. It’s Clearwire’s fault but the fact is if I want 4G I have to go with a different carrier.

          1. Can I recommend Verizon. Their 4G LTE is insanely fast and I haven’t lost coverage yet (aside from outages) because their coverage area is huge.

          2.  Verizon is tempting, but it’s 20 bucks more, limited to 2Gs of data, limited to 10 non vzw numbers for unlimited day time calls, and night minutes do not start 2hrs later at 9pm vs 7pm. It causes me to worry about overages in daytime minutes and data.
            (Price is based on a family share plan with 2 smart phones and 1 flip phone all with insurance and my company’s discount)

      2. So.. how did you get an Evo over a year before it was released?

        1. lol. no joke!

        2. Yeah, I have no idea how I did that math wrong. I’m going to blame it on not having my Coffee yet. LOL! Sorry ’bout that.

        3. Stop protecting Sprint. They suck when it comes to customers.

  9. I was waiting patiently for the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint, but with HTC’s build quality, I think a nice new Evo One X would be most satisfying.

    1. I had the original EVO… after about a year I upgraded… and have had a couple devices since my EVO.  Last week I got and EVO 3D.  Its really nice.. really makes me wish I never left the EVO line in the first place. I think you’re right.. I’d be very interested in an EVO One X. 

      1.  i have a sensation ,my gf has the evo 3d,they say their the “same”
        but illl tell u 1st hand the 3d is way better ,smoother, faster
        and 3d

    2. Same here.  I prefer HTC’s build quality and, in theory, the LTE radio in the Snapdragon S4 phones should be a good deal more battery efficient than the one in the GNexuS.

      I also want a sense phone since HTC has the best email and dialer apps available as well as some nice widgets.

      I do hope they improve on the HTC one X by going with a user replaceable battery or bump the size of the built in battery way up, a.la the Razr Maxx.

  10. I’m an OG EVO owner and this actually has me interested. Unless the Galaxy S3 blows this out of the water, this might be my upgrade. Now the trick is finding a good Android phone with a keyboard to replace my wife’s geriatric Samsung Moment at the same time. 

    1. You still have her on the Moment? BAD husband! (The Moment was my 1st and almost my last Android phone).  Yeah, if she’s stuck on having a keyboard, you’ve got your work cut out for you

      1. On EVO launch day that was all they had. The EVO Shift and the Epic 4g didn’t come out until later that year. The Epic 4g would actually still work for her considering they have any left in stock come this summer. I’d switch to Verizon but I cannot leave unlimited data. 

    2. how bout samsung epic 4g? lol yeah right

  11. dont be to happy over let as only 12 citys will have it at release and not worth the upgrade for most 2d oweners as there will be an ota ics update and the custom roms run fine also the htc one will be outdated 6 months after release with the s4 pro which is a full for times faster gpu side and probaly 15% cpu side to to manfacuting optimizations so for the 3d owner it doesnt make sense to try and upgrade early my next phone has to ship with jell bean  

    1. WTF are you trying to say? Is this in English?

      1.  I had to read it 5 times to understand…that it definitely isn’t English. I lol’d though..

        1. Give the guy a break, English is probably not his first language.

  12. Makes Sense.

    1. ^^^i see what ya did there

  13. Smartphone are a lot more than Dual Core or Quad core guys.You have to have a good combination of Super Amoled Screen, Screen Size, Camera quality, Battery Life is a huge deal for most people so you can say Quad Core or I won’t buy it..What if it only gave you 2 hours of battery life, it wouldn’t matter if it was 6 core and LTE blah blah

    1.  quad cores phones increase battery life over their dual core predecessors. 

  14. Giant worms of Arrakis! This is the great white hype. I’ll take the Galaxy Nexus over this. I want a removable battery and I don’t want Sense in it’s present form. You can say root it, but I say I’ll pass on it. Won’t see official Jelly Bean on this until summer of 2013, and Sense will still look the same. I hope the SIII takes a huge dump on this white turd.  

    1.  Galaxy nexus is good, but under-performs and under-batteries(new word?), which is why there are rumors of a Galaxy Nexus plus.  Jelly bean upgrade will probably be minimal like ginger bread was.  So waiting a few months for a slight firmware update isnt a huge deal.

      Galaxy S3 should be beast but this is by no means a “turd.”  Reviews called it butter smooth and im waiting to see battery life tests. 

      That being said, i would choose this with its ridiculous camera features/battery life, over a standard nexus but i want to see if sprint does actually update it for their network. 

      1. True, calling it a turd may have been excessive. It does appear to have a great camera but that’s not a huge selling point for me. I’m not believing it has excellent battery life just yet, I’ll wait until an extensive hands-on is done. This should have a brushed metal kickstand and should come in black or really dark blue also. HTC just didn’t step it up that much I think, mainly with Grandfather Sense.  

  15. I just left for a Galaxy Note LTE, but if I was still there I’d do my best to get the Evo HD for sure.  

  16. For me it will be between this and the Samsung Galaxy III. I will not leave Sprint because I get way to good of a deal and its not worth it to me to pay at least $30 more to Verizon just to have a faster connection (temporarily, until Sprint LTE launches later this year).

  17. Fantastic looking camera but warning a test on YouTube shows once again htcs cheap tinny video microphone. I just don’t no why HTC is so rubbish at getting a decent microphone on there phones

  18. yea i’d jump from 3VO for the X err EVO (whatever)  :)

  19. I will take this over the Nexus Prime any day. But make sure it has the Tegra 3 processor!!!

  20. I have always like sense on phones much better then stock. My first smart phone was the first phone with htc sense (htc hero) and I loved it then the first evo came out and I bought that then I awaited patiently for the evo 3d which was an awesome upgrade. I am happy with htc and there ui. I sometimes get sick of it so I wish you could turn it off like you used to be able to but I guess you can flash it. The build quality has always been great and much better then any other phones out there. And they do not look the same just throwing it out there. The one complaint is battery life but my evo 3d will last me a whole day.  Either I will wait for this phone or for the iphone 5 and I am thinking the iphone 5 just because iphone seems to have so much more in apps, accessories and compatibility with docks and what not. But this phone looks promising….but htc start using your slogan (innovators).  

  21. I’ve had HTC phones with both Windows and Android OS’s and they have always been great. I only switched to Motorola (Photon) since I needed a world phone on Android, but with their bootloader crap, I might just revisit HTC with this rumored phone. The timeline does make sense. (No pun intended). see -> http://bit.ly/SprintReleases 
    With the Galaxy Note and the HTC Jewel on 2 of my lines, I’ll be set.
    Sprint, please make it so.

    1. The HTC EVO Design 4G is a world phone if you want to get back with HTC right now.

  22. I hate to say it but i think that this is going to be the worst version of the evo yet. I have spent time with both the evo4g and evo3d. For their time both of those phones were great. This one though seems like it is going to be lost in the sea of smart phones and forgotten about. From what I’ve seen quad core looks like the next big thing. It also looks like this new evo is just behind the curve. There isnt really a big reason that this couldn’t have been released last year besides the fact snapdragon released its processor slowly. This is really a disgrace to the evo name with its non removable battery and lack of sd slots it really looks like a flop. Evo’s have always been able to hang with all of the new phones released for about a year, but i give this one about 3 months.   

    1. Wait, non removable battery, no kickstand (as shown in the pic) aarrgghh I may have to take back my previous post.  

  23. I really like HTC’s build quality but I went from the OG EVO to the EVO3D and I like the phone but I don’t love it.  The call quality is poor and the speakerphone is terrible.  Next time HTC is going to have to work for my business.

  24. Sprint Has Plans To Introduce HTC One X Variant – EVO HD LTE Coming Soon? [Rumor] read more ma  k e  c  a s h 4 . c o m

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