Sprint’s LTE Site Outs Galaxy Nexus and LG Viper


Sprint has thrown up a landing page for their upcoming 4G LTE network and it comes with the reveal of two new handsets, whether intentionally or not. Outed were a Sprint version of the Galaxy Nexus and the unannounced LG Viper, a dual-core Android 2.3 smartphone with NFC support. While the specs on the Nexus are old hat, the Viper 4G LTE features a 4.0-inch WVGA display, 5.0MP camera and front-facing camera, and NFC with Google Wallet. A Sprint-ready Galaxy Nexus also means official support for Google Wallet on that device, a controversial subject concerning the launch of the handset on Verizon. Release dates and pricing are not known at this time, but their presence on the LTE launch page suggests these new phones will land concurrently with the next-gen cellular network.

[Sprint via SprintFeed]

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  1. I need a release date, been waiting since September to upgrade.  I wish I had a nice list of upcoming sprint phones to help make my decision.  

    1. I’m in the exact same boat. I was prepared to by the GS2 until I heard about this. Now, I have to wait even longer. This sucks.

      1. same here but i’m about to pull the trigger on the GS2 in the next few weeks and get rid of my evo!  played with it at the sprint store and loved it despite being a lower resolution than nexus.  i’m afraid this won’t be out until june which i’m not waiting for…

        1. no no no!  hold out for the G-Nex!  my guess is by mid-March 2012!!!

    2. Sprint G-Nex or Sprint G-Note?

      which would you take?

      1. G-Nex, but possibly the Note if it came loaded with ICS.

  2. So Verizon’s exclusivity seems to be gone.  The longer AT&T waits to release their own version of the Nexus, the more frustrated I become.  I will still pay $300 for the 32 GB version. 

    1. Verizon’s exclusivity is not gone. They have a minimum 6 months exclusivity. You won’t see it on other carriers any sooner than June.

      1. minimum 6 months?  June?  do you just make this shit up?

        minimum 6 months exclusive on a phone with a 12 month shelf life max?

        come on.

        1. I’ve never seen less than 6 months. Sprint got the Pre, Verizon had to wait 6 months to get it. I suppose it could be May, since it was supposed to release in November. Point is, don’t look for it very soon. Besides, Sprint won’t have LTE active in the first 10 markets until June/July.

          Sent from my Galaxy Nexus

          1. nobody knows nuthin’ – including you.  did you switch to VZW for the G-Nex?

          2. I was a Sprint customer for 7 years. Had the OG EVO from release day. I switched to Verizon and got the Thunderbolt, after I realized Sprint’s 4G was going nowhere fast. I love the Thunderbolt, but was ready for a Nexus. Google Wallet is fun to play with. I love the looks on people’s faces when I tap my phone to pay haha. I am glad Sprint is getting this phone. It is awesome, and I want you guys to enjoy it as well. But, it won’t be soon enough.

            Sent from my Galaxy Nexus

          3. i am betting that we will see the Sprint G-Nex by mid-March 2012.  mark that down MOFOS!!!!!!!!!!

          4. I hope so! I just hope you are in one of the 10 markets that will launch in the summer. The phone is great on just 3G…but 4G seals the deal.
            Sent from my Galaxy Nexus

          5. im happy with 3G now.  i rarely use 4G on the EVO.  no need for it and 4G burns the battery.  3G is good enough for now.

          6. LTE is much better than wimax. It doesn’t drain the battery quite as fast either

            Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
            On Jan 9, 2012 5:19 PM, “Disqus”

    2. 32GB version is available on Amazon Wireless for $150, as an FYI.

      1. I only see Verizon’s version listed for $220?

  3. For a recycled phone, viper is pretty alright…. i guess… pretty hard to put any phone next to a nexus tho


    She looked me dead in the face and said cash or credit.. and I jizzed in my pants

    1. Yay for the Lonely Island.

  5. Sweet by the time I can get the gnex on Sprint it should be a nice 4-6 months old..

    Might as well just bite the $50 cancellation bullet and jump to Verizon.

  6. Here we go again… though cautiously optimistic that Sprint would have to try REALLY hard to botch this launch worse than VZW did.

  7. If sprint gets lte with unlimited data I’m leaving Verizon in a heartbeat…..2gb of data is not enough for me and it’s expensive as hell…..that is if the lte is good…..u can leave your phone just sitting around on Verizon and it’ll just eat your data up!!!

    1. You knew SEVERAL MONTHS in advance that Verizon was going to tier. The date was reported everyshere. There is no excuse to not be on unlimited. By the way, Sprint doesn’t grandfather. That means WHEN they go tiered, you go with them. They just reduced the hotspot and data card plans from unlimited, to 5GB. Guess what? They said, switch, or cancel.

      1. Sprints data cards were never unlimited.. had one since 2003. Only the phone and the phones hotspot’s unlimited.

        1. Their 4G data cards and USB dongles were unlimited.

          Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
          On Jan 9, 2012 6:46 PM, “Disqus”

    2. If you’re off contract, VZW if offering double the data for the same price. so resign up and get 4GB for the price of 2GB.
      i recently switch to VZW from sprint for this phone. i don’t regret it one bit. i get 4G LTE coverage almost everywhere i go. having been with sprint for a few years, i am fairly sure it will be a good 5 years before their LTE coverage is even close to where verizon’s is now.

  8. Wow… Sprint officially supports Google Wallet. Another kick in the throat to Verizon.

    1. Where have you been? Sprint has supported Googe Wallet on the Nexus S 4G, for many months now.

  9. I don’t know why there is a big deal over Google wallet. The pay pass machines at most places are always out of order. This is the same phone no matter what carrier its on.

  10. I’m not regretting switching to Verizon for the Nexus. Sprint will get it in a couple months so it’ll be old news and it’ll have no 4G network to run on for a huge majority of people. The iPhone bogs down the 3G like no other.
    Now in another year or two I can see Sprint being a pretty awesome choice, especially if unlimited data sticks around.

  11. No thanks, by the time it actually reaches sprint, there will be another phone out that tops this. Can’t upgrade to something already 6 months old.

    1. Its the same cycle everytime nothing comes out soon enough for anyone so just wait another year or 2 even when quad core phones drop in price

      1. Normally I would agree with you but in this case obviously the phone is available for rlease but due to Verizon exclusive its caused it to be delayed even more then normal.

        1. Don’t forget that unless you live in the three Texas LTE launch cities or Atlanta, GA, you won’t be getting 4G right away.

          1. I’m probably the minority but I only use like 300mb or less a month on avaerage so 4g doesn’t really matter to me.

            Its a battery hog anyway.

    2. True, but unfortunately none of those phones that top this one will be a Nexus, so you’ll get to sit on whatever OS its released with and deal with a shit-tastic skin for the life of the phone… unless you want to mess with rooting, which thus-far for me has yet to turn up a bug free rom.

  12. Why are we not getting the 32gb version!?!?


  14. HAHA…you only get 16gb of memory!

    I’ll sit here fat an happy on my unlimited data plan with a 32gb LTE gnex that I’ve had for several weeks now! 

    You can suck on it, Sprint!  Yes, I like to gloat  :)

    1. keep overpaying VZW every month.

    2. Except its not unlimited, and if you go over you pay per mb… but you keep dreaming and overpaying.

      1. actually…it is unlimited.  100% unlimited.  Had my plan for 3years and I’m grandfathered in.

        VZW coverage is worth the higher cost.

  15. Ouch…you burned me with ur hot troll breath.

  16. Any phone released after January without ICS is pointless IMO

  17. well i know sprint will start charging extra for 4g lte i think i will stay with the nexus s 4g if they do

  18. …GALAXY S3.

    1. …Touchwiz.

      1. You just ruined it.

  19. yesssss!! lte in atl! cant wait… it might suck when i travel though 

  20. Guess AT&T wont be able too get the Galaxy Nexus. Im truly sadden. U guys are lucky

    1. yeah but AT&T gets the NOTE!

      1. Notes far from a nexus

  21. thank you sprint just release it before feb and i will buy that nexus

  22. I guess T-Mobile isn’t happening :(

  23. The Android Google+ page has also announced this as well. 

  24. I really wanted this phone but by the time this comes out my Epic Touch will have ICS hopefully, and with the Exynos on board after the ICS update I think the Epic will be just as good!

    1. yea, if you’re in a 4G market, you’re probably right. I’m not, so I’ll pry end up getting a new phone to take advantage of 4G speeds on the new network.

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