New Sony device gets benchmarked – Tegra 3, HD display and Android 4.0.3 on board


Sony seems to be getting ready for the real battle. After the Japanese manufacturer acquired Ericsson’s mobile department, it has been substantially improving and investing in its Android products. And it seems like the company is preparing a nice high-end device for all the NVIDIA fans out there – the V150.

A new benchmark has showed up in NenaMark, displaying what could be the next Sony high-end device. Said data displays that it comes with a 1.4 GHz Tegra 3 quad-core processor, Android 4.0.3 and a 1280×752 display.

The device comes up with a 59.70 NenaMark score. To give you an idea of how good that is, the ASUS Transformer Prime averages at about 50. And that tablet is quite the beast. This V150 model will surely bring some good competition to the table.

While nothing is for sure yet, we are assuming that this will be a tablet. Probably the successor to the Sony Tablet P. The Tablet P has recently seen a good price drop. Whether the company is trying to make room for a new product, or the Tablet P just didn’t sell, we will have to see. But this device sure looks promising, and could be a good stepping stone for Sony’s brighter future.

[Source: NenaMark Via: Engadget]

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  1. If only twas a phone

    1. Who knows… It very well could be. One with a 720p display…. 

  2. Sony should bump the screen up to match the iPad 3 screen.

    1. That’s actually a bad idea mate.  After playing around with the new iPad I realized that the bump in graphics processing isn’t enough to handle 2048×1536.  video games.  Next generation chips (1-2 years away) will have roughly 20x the performance of the current generation (confirmed.  google powervr chips). So a single next-gen chip will have 5x the processing power of the current quadcore chip in the iPad 3.  

      The problem is…the current GPU wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t have to deal with 2048×1536.  Going from 720p to 2048×1536 is 3.42x more pixels.  And it makes it really really hard for a current mobile gpu to keep up.  If sony sticks to 720p it’ll be a very nice quality screen, with very nice gaming capabilities.  

  3. Cool

  4. but they said that there won’t be any quad-core smartphone 

  5. I think Sony is losing positions on competition.

  6. Imagine that + PlayStation certificate

  7. Yeah…. They’ll release it next year. Sony’s style is good phone design and year old software and processors.

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