Samsung considering digital cameras with open Android ecosystem


Samsung isn’t blazing any new trails with the idea of Android running on a digital camera — Polaroid is one step ahead — but the concept is one that the company’s R&D team is considering. The move towards an “open” camera ecosystem based on the operating system that has seen great success with Samsung’s smartphone lineup doesn’t seem like much of a stretch, either. Just look to the Galaxy Camera trademark filed last month.

The idea is far from final. It’s not even certain that the Korean manufacturer has a prototype design in the early stages of development. What is clear is that the use of Android would allow for a greater range of capabilities such as quick and easy social photo sharing, the ability to seamlessly sync with an Android smartphone, and the possibility of third-party camera applications.

There is still a lot of work to be done in realizing the concept. As Polaroid’s Smart Camera demonstrates, it’s not enough to just slap Android onto a digital camera and call it a day. We suspect Samsung would do quite a bit of modification in terms of UI and functionality in order to achieve their vision of an Android-powere camera.

[via Engadget]

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  1. They’ll want to strip out a lot.  A full OS for a camera is a lot of bloat.  There’s a finite set of functions that people want from a camera and speed is among the most important.

  2. Instagram: here’s your opportunity.

  3. I’ve been saying this all along.   Android will soon become what Linux is today.   The OS that you don’t even know you’re using even though you’ll use it every single day.

  4. Hopefully, if this were to happen, they look to add RAW shooting capability to Android to make it something special. And then add it to their phones, too.

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