Samsung Galaxy Camera trademark filing suggests Android-powered digital camera


Samsung could soon be joining the likes of Polaroid with the introduction of an Android-based digital camera. The Korean company has filed for a trademark with the USPTO for a “Samsung Galaxy Camera.” The name is described as being associated with — you guessed it — “cameras and camcorders.”

Samsung’s Galaxy line has expanded to cover smartphones, tablets, and media players so it would make sense that an Android-powered camera from the company could also get the tag. Is it a bit too soon to wonder if we might see the new gadget on display at Mobile World Congress?

[via SammyHub]

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  1. Never mind a Android powered Digital camera, produce a Android phone that produces very good low light, & night time photos.

    1. Sony does excellent low light for more than a year with the Exemor sensor

  2. I’d be quite interested if it was a phone with an incredible camera on it (for a phone).  If it’s a camera with android, I’m less interested.  I bet they could make a phone in the 4.5-5.5″ range with a camera with a larger (telescoping?) lens and sensor.

  3. That’s chuck Norris phone!

  4. Make a phone close to 3/4″ thick, stick a 3x optical zoom camera on one end, and a 3-4000mah+ battery in the other, and take my money. 

  5. compact camera is out dated. people use 4/3 camera now. 

  6. They need to create a Galaxy dildo with GPS

  7. Stop faffing around and bring the Galaxy TV already! They’re pushing their own system with their own apps instead of having everything integrated

  8. All I can say is – Just about time, dammit. I want a good optics camera with ability to run custom camera apps, like HDR, Zoom FX, and even be able to write my own cool camera app.

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