Verizon to reach 200th 4G LTE market this week, 8 new cities on March 15


Verizon 4G is about to reach over 200 markets in the United States as Verizon plans for the rollout of LTE coverage in eight new regions on March 15th. Coverage will also expand in 17 regions currently enjoying access to Big Red’s next-gen network.

New coverage will being in Dothan and Enterprise, Alabama; Naples, Florida; Greenville, North Carolina; Altus and Durant, Oklahoma; and Longview/Marshall, Texas. Expanded regions include Washington, D.C.; Elkhart, Indiana; Baltimore, Maryland; Columbus Mississippi; Northern New Jersey; Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas; and more.

Verizon has also stated that it plans to double 4G coverage by year’s end, reaching over 400 markets in the process. To read more about future plans and a full list of 4G coverage expansions, head to the press release linked below.

[via Verizon]

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  1. Meanwhile Sprint and tmobile are just trying to keep customers.  Congrats to VZDUB!!

    1. Yay monopolies!

      1. Monopoly is a fun game.

  2. It has been on in Dothan for over a week now!!!

    1. That’s how it usually works.

  3. VZW had the vision to grow a network organically from the ground up while everyone else stood there.  They were first, they are the best, and they win.  I love my VZW LTE and can’t wait to see what the next couple of years bring.  

    1.  And this is why I left Sprint.

      1. And this is why Im leaving sprint in June. I cant wait

        1. My contract was up this June, but I was able to get out of my ETF because of the new way they apply discounts to our monthly bills. Jumped on Verizon as soon as I could to get the 4GB/month instead of 2GB.

          1. Ya, I just dont wanna get stuck on a contract with any phone, when I know the OneX is right around the corner, and the GSIII not far behind that.

    2. No kidding. It is actually fascinating how far ahead they are of the other carriers! Already I took a 4 hour trip and was covered by 4G LTE about three out of four of those hours. If Verizon keeps this up, they will easily be the first network able to switch to 4G LTE only, and thus convert their 1x and 3G spectrum into making LTE even faster… they will leave everyone else in the dust.

  4. Heavy Sprint sigh…

  5. Well, they state they are expanding LTE in “Allentown/Bethlehem, Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Scranton/Wilkes Barre, Pa”. Hopefully that means they’ll finally reach Reading and Lancaster which are more or less in the middle between those cities. …I wouldn’t want to bet on it though.

    1. I am hoping the same as I spend most of my time in areas between Philly, Allentown and Harrisburg.  Just need them to expand the signal for those and I should be all set

  6. Verizon has won.  is it wrong to say that? 

    T-mobile has a vast array of phones and more flexibility on price, so those are advantages.  I can’t really see any advantage that ATT and Sprint have over Verizon, since Sprint killed the 1-year contract option.

    Verizon’s LTE network is so big that the others will never catch up.

    1.  Sprint is still the only carrier to still offer true unlimited…even at its current congested slow speed. At&t has HSPA+ in a good amount of places and it being GSM may be attractive to others. I think its premature to claim verizon the end all be all victor as in many places verizon coverage is spotty and/or weak as well.

    2. There’s never been any doubt VZW has won. Anyone who denies it is a fool.

  7. Verizon lte come to myrtle beach please!!!!

    1. I hope so. When I recently went out there, it was only after I left NC that I actually lost my 4G connectivity. (Within NC, I only lost 4G for about 20 minutes between the Raleigh and Wilmington limits)

  8. There has been LTE in Atlantic City NJ for a little over a month now.  Did a speed test at half-signal.  Got about 10mpbs down.  Not sure when they’re gonna make it official.

  9. i am still trying to figure out how to use up my unlimited 4g data…. 

    1. Tethering..

  10. is it worth 20% more cost than Sprint?  Are you all that Data Hungry and depend that heavily on their awesome network to function?  Are you all so wealthy that saving 20% a month on cell phone bill by using Sprint is out of the question? 

    I have a Galaxy Nexus that work pays for and I love it and the Verizon Service.  But if it was my money paying the cell phone bill I’de be on Sprint without a doubt.  Service on my Galaxy I Epic 4G was good.  Wimax was a little spotty but 3g was plenty fast for anything I was doing on the internet while away from my home cable modem. 

    Not arguing that Verizon is the best, they definately are.  But it comes at a cost…

    1. It depends which plans you are comparing. Especially on family plans, Verizon is often times not too much more than the others.

      I would say having reliable and fast data on a smartphone is vital and worth the extra price. This is why I am considering switching to Verizon myself.

      You should also remember, you yourself admitted you have a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon that work pays for, so unless you use an inferior network all the time as your primary you can’t really make an unbiased opinion. There is a good chance if work wasn’t paying your Verizon bill you too would be frustrated with Sprint/T-Mobile.

      1. agreed. I have a verizon family plan with five lines, four with unlimited data plans and i pay roughly 300/month, including insurance on four smartphones as well. i’d say that’s a pretty damn good deal

  11.  I left Sprint in July.  I’m paying a lot more for Verizon, but was able to get in 2 days before unlimited data expired.  I’m so much happier than I was with Sprint.  I can actually use the internet on my phone now even if they do experience the occasional outage.

  12. This is exactly why I left ATT for Verizon!!! LTE, LTE, LTE!!!

  13. This is exactly why I left ATT!!! LTE, LTE, LTE!!!

  14. I’m leaving Sprint in June as well. My EVO has aged well, but Sprint has not. They care more about NASCAR than their own network and customers. Big Red here I come! Hopeuflly the GS3 will be out by then or maybe that Jurnal.

  15. Fuck Verizon and fuck Lte. In reality 3g speeds are fast enough for emails, youtube etc. You all are a bunch of nerds walking around doing speedtests…GTFOH!!!!

  16. I was excited to see North Jersey, but no love for Sparta in Sussex county. I swear I cried.

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