Mar 7th, 2012

If you tuned into Apple’s “The New iPad” announcement earlier today, you may have noticed a huge 20 foot chart that showed their new A5X processor boasting 4x’s the performance of comparable quad-cores, namely, Nvidia’s Tegra 3 processor. But you know who really noticed? Yup. Nvidia.

In an interview with ZDNet, Nvidia rep Ken Brown said that although “flattering” that they were mentioned during the press event, Apple failed to back up these claims with neither hide nor hair of a footnote, denoting proper benchmark tests.

“We have to understand what the application was that was used. Was it one or a variety of applications? What drivers were used? There are so many issues to get into with benchmark.”

We’ll have to wait for round 2 once The New iPad officially goes on sale and benchmarking applications can finally put these claims to the test. What do you guys think the outcome will be?

[ZDNet | Via Electronista]