Apple’s New iPad Announced: Are You Defecting? [Poll]


Being the curious souls that we are, we just couldn’t resist following Apple’s iPad keynote today. They announced the third installment in the iPad line. Oh, by the way, it’s just “the new iPad” – no 3, no HD, no nothing. So what’s Apple baking into this product to entice users?

A ridiculous 2048×1536 Retina display, an A5X dual-core processor which has an upgraded GPU (they claim it’s twice as powerful as Tegra 3), the same 5 megapixel sensor found on the iPhone 4S, voice to text, 4G LTE, WiFi hotspot support and more. Battery life is still 10 hours, and running 4G LTE will only cost you an hour of that on a full charge. I can’t lie – all of that sounds amazing. And for the same pricing brackets as the iPad 1 and 2, it’s actually a bit attractive.

It’s going to be available March 16th – just over a week from now – and the moment of truth will dawn upon millions. Again, being the curious souls we’ve always been, we’re wondering if anyone is ready to defect to the pastures of the bitten fruit. It’s no secret that the Android tablet ecosystem isn’t at the same level as that of the iPad’s.

Despite there being a great selection of hardware to choose from on the Android side, apps do still matter. Let’s cut to the chase: are you buying or not? Do you currently have an Android tablet and are looking to switch? Are you new to the tablet game and are wondering whose side you should be on? Do you even care? Sound off in the comments section below and be sure to vote in the poll.

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

MotoActv update delayed until Friday, still looks to shake things up

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  1. No, never need a tablet in the first place. 

    1. I agree….android/ios/windows8 tablets have extremely limited added value over a pc and smartphone.

      p.s. What, no shitstorm about naming it  “the new iPad”? With the crap Google Play got yesterday I’d assume the confusion with the new iPad would be nuclear. Imagine what happens next year when the new new iPad is released or am I missing something?

      1. Next year, it will be called ‘the-newer-than-the-new-ipad”.

        1. or next year he’ll be like: “What better way to show how much better this next iPad is then to call it the Next iPad”
          Year after that: “To show how amazing this iPad is, we call it The Amazing iPad”
          After that: “Magical iPad”
          “Awesome iPad”
          “iPad 7” =_=

        2. A. I got the New iPad!!!
          B. Did you get it new or used?
          A. It’s a new New iPad.

      2. I’m guessing it will just be called “iPad”.  If you look at the box the iPad 2 comes in, it actually just says “iPad”.  There’s no “2” on the box.  Now THAT makes it confusing.  In fact, when I bought mine I had to ask the sales clerk, “Are you sure this is the iPad 2?”

        1. Same here whe I got home I thought they made a mistake I had to google the differences lmao -__-

      3. Year models. i.e. 2012 iPad, 2013 iPad

        I believe this is what they already do with their MacBook line.

        1. Someone with a clue, who doesn’t want to aimlessly bash Apple. Because Transformer Prime Epic 4g My Touch Slide is a better name for a device? 

          1. ummm…there’s nothing with that name

        2. Sounds legit
          Although I think it’s boring…..not that Transformer Prime Epic 4g My Touch Slide follows a better naming scheme, but some difference would be nice imo

    2.  I only want a tablet with a sensitive stylus so I can draw on it. I don’t want an expensive tablet just to do fingerpainting.

      1. Sounds like the galaxy note 10.1 is for you then :) 

        1. Galaxy tab…

          1. The tab 10.1 doesn’t come with a stylus…

    3. Agreed. Phone & laptop complete everything I need.

  2. all i know is, android tablets aint got shit on iPad.

    cellphones is a whole different story though. but yes. the iPad slaughters any android rendition tablet….for now

    1. Sadly I have to agree and I don’t own one.

    2. Agreed; Android is better for phones, but Apple – love it or hate it – still has the edge when it comes to tablets

      1. You are right on the tablets but get ready that will change this year.

    3. Stacks up the same way phones do to me. Thats talking about actually comparing device to device…not sales.

    4. The gap used to be pretty wide, but honestly I like my TouchPad with CM9 more than my iPad 2.  I can only imagine what it’s like for people with really nice ICS tablets.  I think the whole “iPad is SO much better than Android tablets” opinion is a psychological thing.  It’s like people who still think Blackberry devices are better for business people.  It was true at one time, but not so much anymore.  ICS tablets are just as smooth as the iPad.  It’s a matter of taste now…just like with smartphones.

      I’m just curious to see what Windows 8 tablets are like.

      1. Just one note aside, BlackBerry devices are better for businesses because many if not all networks have an add on to use BlackBerry Internet Service abroad. Maybe not a deal-breaker in the US, but in Europe it is. Smaller countries, your employees going all over the place in business trips, get ready for a huge data bill if they use an iPhone or Android smartphone.
        I’ve never had a BB and personally dislike them, but there are not many alternatives to their data roaming plan

      2. Touchpad with CM9 screams… personally I believe it is one of the higher end tablets with android. 

    5. Did you even keep up with the tabs at MWC?

  3. /pass….nothing to see here.

  4. I do not like iOS, I despised Apple as a buisiness, and prefer Android. When I buy a tablet, it will run Android.

  5. They really know how to make it seem so wonderful and magical… but no, I won’t be buying.

  6. never owned any of these garbage products in my life and intend to  keep it that wau

  7. Another small incremental upgrade to rip off Apple fan boys’ money.  Apple is such an asshole company.

    1. i know lol, i mean literally its a slight cpu with a nicer screen and that is it…. GOOD JOB INOVATING APPLE! YOU ASTOUND ME

      1. Beyond hardware upgrades and software updates people like you would just shoot down as pointless anyway, what would you expect to be added ?bright lasers,iridescent back panels and a super-powered flamingo that performs different screen gesture-controlled tasks that range from from making yoghurt to ending world hunger?

    2. I’m trying to understand what exactly is so killer about this new ipad?
      What tech does it have that Android can’t? Samsung can also bump the
      resolution. But it also has something unique: s-amoled+ which nobody
      else has and makes competitors look dim in comparison.  A wacom digitizer in the Note means it can be more useful than all the other tablets.

  8. I’m fine with my galaxy tab 10.1. Still haven’t figured out the point of a tablet though!

  9. I wonder how many iDevice blogs take each new announcement of an Android device…list all the specs…say it sounds amazing….and then ask its users if they will defect…

    I think most of them ignore them and the “neutral” blogs find fault in everything they can with an Android on it. I think Google had better figure out how to send their stock on a predictable climb or learn to control the media around its OS.

  10. i love my andriod phones but tablet wise ipad 3 @ $500. Still the benchmark

  11. Google needs to step the heck up on the tablets.  Andy Rubin…..  Dude…..  You need to light a fire under your group.  Give them a direction.  I got it.  Take this new Ipad and beat the crap out of it. Come on Goog.  Take care of business!

  12. For that price I can get a Core i5 laptop with more RAM and better graphics.

  13. Why is there no option for “I already own an iPad”? Some of us love our Android handsets to death, but still have an iPad as a tablet… You don’t have to be mutually exclusive to one manufacturer or operating system. Not everyone is a fanboy!

    1. Oops, didn’t see this before I posted, Sorry!

  14. I will never own another apple product, period. I’ve had a couple and I really don’t see why anyone would go with Apple over android, I really don’t.

  15. I love Android on the phone, but tablets is another story. The apps for kids are much better on the iPad. So I’m going to get that.

    1. My issue with the kids apps are that they do not make the iPad kids proof, my 9 month old likes the iPad but I cannot the app to stay, I am constantly starting the app cause she turns it off not the case with Android that can lock down to prevent kids from accidentally deleting apps etc..

  16. Nope.  I had a transformer for a week and returned it….not only because it was buggy but also because I had no use for a tablet right now.

  17. it would be a lot more attractive if the data plans that came with it werent terrible. “Awesom, 4g and an HD screen, I can watch……not a whole lot with my 2gb”

    1. with that high Res data plans will always be throttled or people will go over.

  18. Watched the live blog of the keynote and was very interested, however, it’s a dud. While specs like the resolution and iphoto app look great, 1.5 pounds is just TOO HEAVY for a tablet. Also, quad core gpu and not cpu? Are you kidding me? And as for everything else, they as always, are just playing catch up with Android: voice actions with a mic button on the keyboard, 4G LTE, 1080p, camera, etc…Have to say, for now I’ll pass, but who knows, depending on what Google has in store in 2012, maybe I’ll buy the REAL version of this ipad that they’ll release this time, next year.

    1. I think Google and Android OEMs can take some note from Apple and its obsession with GPUs. We always wonder why Android “lags”, when OEMs cram old gen GPUs on our devices.

      We need to step it up in the GPU department.

    2. I can hardly say i agree with you. Why?
      1)Apple can’t ‘catch up with Android’ because Google Android  (as at present- the recent buying over of Motorola Mobility doesnt change things ) makes no hardware. Motorola,Samsung,HTC,RIM,Huawei,LG,etc do
      2)If you want to compare, pit Apple against one company at a time(likthe other article) not bundle the rest of the market into one,take each ones absolute best features  and complain about how the ipad isnt good enough
      3)when company x makes a product, companies A,B,C and D try to make products that at least match or are better than company X’s product.That is how things work. Should we expect company X to make a single product that will forever be better than every single product that will be released by ,B,C&D? of course not .So the whole ‘catching up ‘theory is ridiculous because SOME form of catching up is naturally expected and inevitable.
      4)One tablet running quad-core does NOT  make the Android-running tablet community  as a whole a contender with that spec. How many other tablets actually sport such a processor?not many
      5)as for camera,dude, 5mp is NOT catching up, of course SOME (i really only know two at the moment) tablets have better cameras but the vast majority don’t
      6) as for 1080p display, the hell do you mean ? about all android tablets sporting such were only announced a couple weeks ago.Is it catching up just by virtue of Apple simply announcing its own display a few weeks after the competition?
      7)By what ‘Google has in store for 2012’i assume you mean software
      *updates, cuz i think we’ve already  been through the hardware thing.
      8) as for hardware in general, what would have impressed you? you already mentioned the fantastic display.A camera of 10mp is ridiculous on a tablet and anything less would be ‘catching up’.quad-core would be good indeed(sorry i mean better) but i think a benchmark test is in order to see how  the A5X really stacks up as we dont even know how many cores it has(be it dual-core or quad-core)-and then there’s   the power consumption of a quad-core processor which is a debated topic.RAM (if it realy is 1gb)could be better but virtually no other  competitors have higher.

      Also,the ‘new ipad(lol.what a name)’ weighs 1.44 or 1.46 pounds not 1.5;) but either way it doesnt get much lighter than this with a tablet of its size( other tablets weigh from 1.3 to nearly 2 pounds)…unless you are super-human enough to detect weight differences of .1 of a pound. I cant speak for your preference, however and if you say its too heavy for you then, fine, its too heavy.
      *Just as a side note- plastic weighs less than whatever the ipad is made of .
      Where i do agree with you  is the LTE issue,Apple is  a tad late in introducing it but  come on, though very useful and rapidly developing in many parts of the USA ,4G LTE is still really quite new technology everywhere else (i live in the uk and it means absolutely nothing to us seeing as it wont be available for years).
      Also agreed- the voice actions thing Apple  has also been a bit late in making  available native on the ipad.And i guess that just about wraps up this  essay of a comment ;)

  19.  Google needs to start working with app developers because i have both platforms I think android is far better OS but its all comes down to applications and if you can provide the content it doesnt matter the hardware or how open your OS is !!!

  20. Stupid poll, i have an ipad2 and no i wont get the new one it doesnt offers anything really new

  21. The biggest news by far is that they’re still going to have the iPad 2 and dropped the price to $400. Holy crap. Apple’s gonna take over the tablet space with just iPad 2’s alone.. 

    Android OEM’s have a lot to be worried about.

    1. I agree.   Google really has to up their game and make Android a compelling tablet platform while tablet makers need to make compelling hardware at attractive price points while MARKETING.   Apple is wiping the floor with everyone when it comes to marketing.  Devices need to be shown as personal and not just for media consumption.  No shit, that’s all they really are, but the point is to show how personal media consumption can get.  Show kids, show learning, show “facetime” between a wife and husband while he’s deployed.   Show a baby’s first steps taken with a stupid tablet.  Show how to edit the clips of those first steps in a compelling iMovie knockoff.   General consumers lap that shit up.

  22. Could care less bout the new iPad. these people should be using their money paying bills instead of buying the same iPad except updated features

  23. One note: the iPhone 4S has an 8 megapixel sensor, not a 5 megapixel sensor.  It’s not a huge difference in the end (nobody is looking at your photos zoomed in anyway), but it does make this post factually incorrect.

    1. I was about to say the same thing.

  24. Looks like another solid product. However, if I ever buy a tablet, it will be one not locked down to Apple… or any carrier.

    But this type of competition only helps us all as the next round of Android OEMs and eventual Windows8 tablets will be equal or better tech wise.

  25. I will NEVER give in to the Dark Side!!!!

    1. never say never

      1. Never give in till the bones are rotten.

  26. I don’t actually know anyone that has or uses a tablet. The ipad is STILL a glorified iPod to me. Not worth the overpriced pricetag

    1. sorry but it’s around the same price as some of the other tablets out there in their class.   While I think their mac crap is over-priced, their tablets and the appletv are priced to sell and sell well.

  27. $630 for the low-end 4G model; holy fuck, isheep are lemmings, but damn are they ever rich.  Maybe it’s time to raise taxes on anyone who can afford this – those evil 1% need to pay their “fair share”

    1.  What could you possibly mean ?That’s about  the average price of all the other high-end tablets isn’t it?

  28. now lets see if an andriod tablet oem can match those specs and make it bevel-less/super amoled gorilla glass/ quad/ics/nfc/

    1. The only spec I see as being possibly superior is the screen, but its still a crappy resolution. Sure, its hi-res, but I hate the ratio. I’d much rather have 1920 x 1200. Its a common, real world ratio and resolution, and it looks awesome on tablets. Your eye won’t be able to tell the difference, and Movies will look better, since its a true widescreen format.

      The processor may actually be better than the Tegra 3 in benchmarks, but remember, the Tegra 3 has 16 graphics cores (while Apple brags about 4) and 4+1 regular cpu cores. Once Nvidia switches to 28nm ARM Cortex A15’s for their processors (probably the Tegra 4 later this year), Apple’s A5X will look absolutely like a joke.

      Also, Apple hasn’t said how much ram, which means it probably hasn’t significantly changed, while Android tablets are hitting 1GB consistently.

      1. I am curious to see benchmarks in the real world not in Apple labs

  29. For those prices I will pass. You can get a high end laptop that does way more.

  30. I think Google will change the tablet market this year. Personally I own A Xoom, Archos 101 tablet, previously owned the transformer prime and an iPad2. Honestly speaking I hardly use the iPad 2
     ( I can count with my fingers how many times I have use it) , it gets boring after a while and I miss the so many choices I get with Android. I believe we are going to see some interesting competition from Google this year. 

    My only suggestion to Google is when you are trying to compete with someone like Apple try to be a step or two ahead with something Apple will eventually have to put in their idevices, notifications was a good one but we need more to get ahead. 

    Also when Google is show casing we need someone like Andy to present and show how useful it is – This new iPad apart from its Hi-Res screen really does not have much to show to us Android folks but Apples excels because it shows what the average Joe can do with the tablet and Google needs to do that when it presents its new products.

    I am certainly not upgrading to the new iPad, I dislike companies that try to stifle other competitors, Period. 

    1. Yeah, but next time they should claim patent

  31. Not interested. Ifail for apple.
    A Transformer Prime is perfect.

    1. I guarantee this blows tegra out the water custom exynos> tegra no fanboy as I own a evo3d but facts are facts

    2. Ifail? Yea it must be a fail to release ground breaking specs all the time.

      1. Ground breaking specs? that’s the funniest joke i’ve heard in a while. Ground breaking screen tech? sure. Specs? absolutely not. Or do you think its dual core CPU is more groundbreaking than the Transformer infinity’s quadcore CPU. Or maybe you think its quad core GPU is more groundbreaking than the infinitys 12 core GPU. Please tell me what is so groundbreaking about the ipad’s specs.

        1. The screen resolution that shits on yours, the battery life that was able to be maintained that shits on yours, the camera (that is way old by now) that shits on yours, there are plenty, so please, realize when you see a good thing. 

          ..I’m an og transformer owner, just not a hater. The iPad has been and is still one of the best products on the market.

      2. ahh cute a iSheep… groundbreaking specs and apple does not compute… more like a year late and will be passed or is still behind.. now get back in line, ipad is launching in 8 days!

  32. Meh, even though the pricing is attractive, still the working conditions for those workers in Asia who manufacture Apple products, and all those ridiculous patent lawsuits leave a bad taste in my mouth.

    Android is on a steady rise in terms of tablets, and its just a matter of time before one of the manufactures makes something to blow Apple out of the water. Big pass.

    1.  You can’t possibly be serious. Where the heck do you think those Android tablets are being made? Oh, that’s right, they’re all being made at Foxconn too.

      Here is a list of PC/smartphone/tablet makers that use Foxconn to build their products:


      The rest (HTC, etc) are made in similar conditions at other plants / companies. It’s all the same, and you’re absolutely kidding yourself if you think otherwise.

      Worse than that, the raw materials they’re all made from comes from conflict minerals in Africa and the middle east.

      If you’re going to whine about “unfair conditions” in technology as a reason not to buy something, then have fun not owning any piece of technology ever again.

      Also lol @ this logged me in on an account called BriansiPad

      1. That’s an excellent point. And I knew someone was going to respond to that as I was posting that comment. Ha. But yes, you’re right in that Foxconn does produce components for just about every mobile manufacturer in the world. But the volume and demand by which Apple requires their products to be made without them hardly lifting a finger to improve or properly address those conditions is shameful for a multi-billion company as Apple. Before workers at Foxconn started protesting Apple. And mind you, those workers are specifically addressing Apple and not the whole mobile world. Its clear that Apple accounts for more than half of Foxconn’s main production. So ultimately its difficult to say who’s to blame here, Apple or Foxconn? But one thing’s clear, in all of those workers protests and outcries for better working conditions, they have been directed at Apple, not the mobile world as a whole. As in demonstrated here: http://mobile.bloomberg.com/news/2012-02-08/apple-supplier-working-conditions-to-be-targeted-by-protesters.html But your point is well taken. Who’s to say an Android manufacturer wouldn’t be doing the same thing had they created something with such high demand and popularity? Cheers.

        1. “without them hardly lifting a finger to improve or properly address those conditions”

          Done responding. You clearly have zero grasp of reality. Might want to look up which companies have repeatedly and publicly made efforts to better working conditions? What’s that you say? Apple are the only ones out of that entire list?

          That’s weird.

          1. All I know is what I’ve read from a multitude of sources. I dont claim to be a specialist in this other than what’s been reported. But if you feel so strongly about it, why don’t you provide some factual links and educate me in what you know instead of writing me off as “out of touch with reality.” I’m willing to stand corrected. But if your ability to respond constructively escapes you, and you tend to resort to insults, then yes, its probably best that you stop responding.

  33. yea decent hardware is all i see here its still got the apple boarder patrol on it so ill pass

  34. They left off the most obvious answer – I already own an iPad.

  35. It runs ios, that’s not something i want… So no, i won’t defect.

  36. I have an htc flyer, galaxy tab 10.1, and a touchpad. I will end up buying an ipad for my son for learning purposes though.
    For me though, I’ll stick with my android products.

  37. ZERO interest in joining the iCult sheeple, but, the one good thing about the ipad3 is that its 2000 by something display will make full HD standard on most high-end android tablets, now.

    BTW, 1920×1080 or 1920×1200 is better than the 3.1MP apple boasts. I hate the aspect ratio on the ipad.

  38. How about an option for “Still not all that impressed with iOS on a large format device.” To me this is just an incremental upgrade for almost all specs, with the screen resolution being the biggest improvement.

  39. Two months of Asus Transformer Prime use still has me giddy.  No way I would change.

    1. I completely agree, I would never give this thing (TF Prime) up for an ios device.

  40. After seeing my brother’s iPad and owning an Xoom, I can honestly say that tablets really don’t interest me that much anymore. Sure I’d probably buy the rumored Google branded tablet but other than that I really don’t see much of a point to buying them yet cause they don’t provide anything new that I can’t do with an Android phone and a desktop. 

  41. Just got my Xoom wifi, now bluetooth tethered to my DROID X.

    A Moto a day keeps the Apple away.

  42. I’m with the “what’s the point of any tablet” crowd. Nothing a tablet does that my laptop or gnex can’t do.

  43. i have an ipad 1 worst decision ever boring, laggy, apps close, safari closes, and keyboard lags never gonna buy an ipad again. also the only thing that will be made for the new ipad is apps the screen will not utilize anything other than apps, no quad core, camera i mean cmon even though the prime has a better one it dont matter because u look dumb 

  44. No I am pretty happy with my Transformer now that it has ICS. That makes a world of difference. Honeycomb was just awful and were it not for ICS I would’ve been selling my Transformer in a heartbeat for an iPad 2. But again with ICS its awesome!

    Not only that now that I have the Galaxy Note I hardly even use my tablet. One thing I am envious of though are the better designed apps that the iPad has. For instance, the Engadget app on iPad is awesome and it sucks on Android. So I hope the quality of apps gets better on Android. But thats not enough to make switch.

  45. Meh, Im actually picking up a Galaxy 10.1 for half the price of “The new ipad” same boring locked down iOS from 2005.

  46. I’m a die hard android fan for my phones, but honestly I’m torn when it comes to tablets, I’m actually in the market for one now.
    I briefly owned an Asus Transformer and while the OS itself was great, I wasn’t at all impressed by the apps, even some so called tablet apps just looked like higher res smartphone apps, which is where android tablets are failing.I was waiting for the ipad announcement and I’m honestly torn, I don’t want to pay apple’s high prices and deal with their lockdowns, but it still have a huge edge in app selection. I’m leaning slightly towards the new ipad, but haven’t made my mind up yet.

  47. Not defecting, but dang it’s tempting. Android OEMs better step up their game. More importantly, Google needs to up it’s software game. Core Android is great, but the main thing iOS has that Android doesn’t is great apps like iPhoto, iMovie, and Garage Band.

    Also, that screen looks gorgeous.

  48. But does it have Google Play?  :-)

  49. I had an iPad 2, but once I put ICS on my TouchPad I gave the iPad to my wife.  It made it a whole new tablet.  Love it!  Honestly, for anyone who already has an iPad 2, I don’t see any huge advantage to upgrading.  The new model is pretty meh IMO.

  50. Don’t own a tablet, can’t really splurge on one.  I consider it a luxury, but if I were to get one it would be the Transformer Prime.  ICS just looks great on it.

  51.  It’s no secret that the Android tablet ecosystem isn’t at the same level as that of the iPad’s” …. really? i honestly think my tab 10.1 blows both current ipads out of the water and will probably compete fairly well with this on and its approaching a year old… i think android tablets are FAR superior then the ipad

    1. In what ways are Android-powered tablets ‘far superior to the ipad’ and not in  just about the same class,exactly? None-that’s how many

      1. UI??? i be much more productive my tab then i ever could on an ipad simply because of the UI alone. flash support is also a + for me as i stream videos on web sources. 

        the new ipad may load a web page half a second quicker then my tablet but at the end of the day i can do many things the ipad will never be able to do at all…

        1. The market pretty clearly has shown that these devices are viewed as consumption devices and not production devices. If I want to get something done, my laptop will do it much better than your tablet. If I want to consume media, the iPad does so very well, a large part of this being iTunes (It doesn;t hurt to have exclusive apps, namely games, as well as apps that launch on iOS months ahead of Android). With this newer iPad, you get HD contect as well as print quality text, assuming it is at least as good as the iPhone 4/4s display (and I assume it is).

          My opinion? Android on phones, especially ICS, is wonderful. Android on Tablets leaves a whole lot to be desired. As we see heavier ICS adoption things might change.

          1. Tell that to people with an Asus tablet and a keyboard dock… Like my mom. She’d tell you that you were full of beans. (Really! She would! Those exact words!)

            I, on the other hand, would tell you you were full of s____ :) Mom’s nicer than I am.

          2. Your mom is one person. The market obviously thinks differently. I don’t see those keyboard dock tablets being gobbled up, hence my original statement.

            “The market clearly has shown that these devices are viewed as consumption devices not production devices.”

            You and your mother may think I am full of ish, but, again, the market statistics don’t lie. You two are obviously in the minority.

        2. UI doesnt make it far superior it just means you like what you can do natively on your android-powered tablet
          1)this is just  preference and there are many people who will tell you that the UI is exactly why the ipad is better.(none is much better than the other and definitely none is  far superior to the other,obviously).*Also i use an ICS running Nexus device so im not exactlya clueless, how you say isheep when it comes to android and android-running devices
          2) i would say there is VERY little difference in terms of usability when 3rd party or whichever apps are considered . Besides widgets there isnt much android functionality you cant get from apps and vice versa for android apps.
           I dont use flash much at all and i can appreciate why it is important to you but isnt the fact that the company is closing (because of the very sme reasons Apple had mentioned )saying anyhing about why it isnt that big a deal that the os doesnt support it?

  52. I will actually probably be buying one this go around. Have been flying a lot recently (at least monthly) and it will be nice and light to take on the plane with me. Currently using the laptop to do that, which also has to be completely removed when going through security. I don;t think they have that restriction on tablets.

  53. I owned a SGT 10.1 on release day, had it for 8 months…and was so jealous of my friend’s buttery smooth iPad 1’s and 2’s. Not to mention the insane app market they had to choose from. The SGT 10.1 felt so sluggish, as did a lot of other android tablets. I bought an iPad 2 for christmas (just sold it last week in anticipation for the 3) and gotta say I “LOVED” it way more than any other android tablet, despite the fact I have an android phone.

    Just sayin…Apple knows how to optimize their stuff

    1. Put a basic launcher (one that only shows apps, no widgets, no home, etc…) on your Galaxy and watch it scream… Just sayin…. 

  54. You got to give apple credit though for their quick releases. Google and the Android manufacturers need to really get their shiz together. Announce it and make it available as soon as possible! Not this 3 to 6 month waiting game crap.

    And damn why can’t they figure out how to advertise. Show off the capabilities of the product instead of doing that stupid dancing in the street superbowl crap! Put the camera on the phone, leave it on the phone and show what it can do! It’s not that f’ing hard to figure out.

    1. I completely disagree about Apple with quick releases. Their time between releases of models is longer than what it is with Android. The difference is with Android there are 872 sites leaking information about upcoming phones without a release date, but Apple keeps any info locked down. Nothing about the devices is released until Apple is about to announce it so it seem like with Android we are waiting longer but usually we are not.

  55. pass for now …..

    … but I am tired of waiting for the whole range of ICS tablets. Where the heck are they ? And yet Google are already talking about Jelly Bean. Why don’t Google push the manufacturers to come out with ICS tablets ?

    1. Give it time, a Nexus tablet will be out this year.  That’s what I’m waiting for.  iOS is a joke, and I will not buy a non-Nexus Android tablet.

  56. “Apps matter! What will Android do without apps?” That’s what they said before. But then Android ended up with almost half a million apps and they’ll have to think of something else to complain about.

  57. I love android phones , but I have to admit android lacks quality apps for tablets and thats what makes me to go with ipad!

  58. I don’t see the excitement in the new iPad… Sure, it has better specs, but the OS is still the same old Apple. I mean, if you weren’t excited about the iPad 1 and 2, I don’t see the reason to be excited for this 1.

    1. Well said.  Let’s take a look at it and see what we get if we buy an iPad3. Ok, I load my fart app and my music onto it just like I did in the past. What? Same old boring IOS interface. Boring to the point of tears. Oh wait, it loaded my music a little bit faster? What’s the point? Nah, I’ll load a video… Yeah, that’s better, it loaded up 1/2 second faster than before… but it still looks the same. Hmm. And this set me back how much? Boring IOS. Not for me.

  59. Its obvious to me, they intend for everyone to change the name of their
    iFad 2 to iFad Classic, with a little swoosh below it! See, simple, as
    in simpleton. 

  60. Nope, I will never buy an Apple product.

  61. Maybe if someone ported Android onto it, and I bought it second hand so that Apple didn’t get any of my money directly.  Those two are highly unlikely so I’ll have to say no.

    1. yea if it could run android it would be tempting lol

  62. Buying Apple products feel like I’m supporting a terrorist group ..sabotaging companies here in the US..

    Screw U Apple 凸(¬_¬)凸

    1. You DO realize Apple is a US based company right? From your perspective, technically all other OEM’s are the enemy, since they are based overseas.

      1.  Yep. Dumbest comment of the day award.

        1. Not sure but I think what he was trying to imply was that Apple gives all their business to Overseas factories, like china for example, to build all their products therefore not giving the US the job market that they need.  But then again most companies do this anyway.  So…..  thats that..

  63. And once again the Android fanboys are in denial about why Apple is successful and Android is just the bottom-of-the-barrel provider.

    Great specs, great quality, and even better performance.  Once again, Apple will only be able to sell them as fast as they can make them.  Hundreds of millions of “iSheeps” simply proves that fandroids are just iHaters for no other reason than hating.

    Talk about low standards.  

    1. You’re right to a degree. Apple is successful for only 1 reason. MARKETING. They KNOW how to sell you the idea, that makes you want to buy an Apple product. Android is too complicated to be able to have a united selling idea. Android is options, choices, since not all consumers like the same thing. Various screen sizes, microSD, swappable batteries, various specs of device. With iPhone you don’t have choices, and this is why they are called iSheep, because they like being told what to do, and how to do it.

  64. Damn…twice that of tegra 3….Id like to c that

  65. I still can’t get over the 4:3 aspect ratio. Why would they not step it up to 16:10 like their laptops same level of productivity but with a better viewing experience. This is why I chose to get a transformer and a 15 inch MacBook, 4:3 and 16:9 are just out of the question.

    1.  4:3 is the sweet spot for both portrait and landscape mode. Although I do not mind 16:9 on 7 inch tablets.

    2. Because developers would have to redo all their apps to keep the pixel perfect aspect.  When you have the same screen for everything, developers have an easier time targeting that size.  Same reason the iPhone hasn’t changed screen sizes since it was released over five years ago.  Keep it simple and stay in your comfort zone, it’s the Apple way.

  66. It’s interesting reading the passionate debates over eco-systems. It just seems so simple to me but seems to elude these corporate titans,better product,better marketing means better bottom line….simple. If they spent half the time and money they use in litigation and instead pour those resources into innovation and vertical marketing you would always come out ahead of your competitors….always! In any event it will always benefit us….the consumer.  I personally don’t own a tablet,don’t see the need for what is really just a large phone and one I can’t put in my pocket at that. I prefer Android for my phone because of the open platform,it’s a preference,that’s all it is…a choice. When tablets can function like laptops,I’ll consider one….and I’ll buy from the one that has the best specs,price and eco-system.

  67. If Apple comes out with a 7 inch tablet I would probably buy it as I have a lot of iTunes content.  I had an Acer Iconia A500 but traded it in for an Galaxy 8.9 because of size.  My brother has a iPad2 and that is too big.  I even think that my Galaxy 8.9 is a little too big but way more comfortable than the other 2 mentioned.

    I’ve not bought one of the current 7 inch tablets because I’m waiting for better specs (Asus Memo or Nexus tablet).  I might have bought the Galaxy 7.7 but it’s only here in the US on Verizon, I don’t want to spend that much.

    I love the freedom of Android but i also love iTunes.  I wish I could buy movies to own on Android (which you can depending on the tablet but there is not as wide of a selection).

    If Android had an ecosystem like iTunes (and it’s kind of getting there), I think the playing field would switch to favor Android just because of Widgets.

  68. I could careless what Crapple ever comes out with. You will never see any of it in my hands.

  69. Never! Only if I can dual boot windows/ ICS on it. And only if the windows build was legit, without restrictions

  70. Never!! Give me a Prime or a Memo! Screw Crapple. They will never lock me down.

  71. Never!! Give me a Prime or a Memo! Screw Crapple. They will never lock me down.

  72. I base my purchases not on a label but on the moral and ethical integrity of the company.  By that dtermination, Apple will never get a dollar of my money since they would offshore the profits and deny much needed taxes to the country and people that gave them their start.  And no, I don’t buy Microsoft either.  It’s time that the consumer started taking some responsibility for their spending.

  73. The only way I would get one is if there were no transformer primes left in stock it looks like a great device but there were just a few missing elements to it

  74. Tablet is not useful until it can replace a legal pad.

  75. Got an iPad 2 to go with my Android tablet, and Playbook. Damn I love my job. :-)

    Won’t be looking at this one anytime soon. I’m sure the screen will be amazing, but that isn’t enough to make me go out and buy one. LTE? Well depends on where you live, and how quickly the carriers are going to roll it out to you.

  76. LOL my brother in law sold his ipad 2 with intentions of buying the new ipad3.I asked him what did he think and he said and I quote” man I’m just dissapointed at this same old BS apple does” he had also previously sold his iPhone 4 thinking he was going to get the iPhone 5 and that didn’t work out. Just thought I’d share that because the whole day he was just plan mad and dissapointed

  77. What I hope android takes note from is  quad core where it counts and if your going to push non expandable storage offer power users 64gb  and if I can’t switch out battery then put a razr maxx size ticker inside.

  78. Funny this iDevice say, “resolutionary” instead of “revolutionary”

  79. 4s has an 8 megapixel sensor, not 5.

  80. specs are meh

  81. Don’t care Hell with Apple. Overpriced only thing they got over Android is Apps and central control over quality control. I’m happy with my Transformer and Transformer Prime. Never ever go to that side only way I’m leaving Android is for a Ubuntu stable Unity interface Tablet. Which seems that wont happen for a long time. Unity blows on Ubuntu Desktop so I don’t see that happening for awhile. So looks like ill bleed green for a bit longer. But will bleed linux 4 life.

  82. Am I missing something here? What’s the point of a better screen if it can’t play all my videos? Have they solved the whole flash video issue yet?

  83. I know this is technically spam, but I run an Apple tech site that some of you fanboiz might like. BUT i am team android too, so no biased opinions. we need to build a community! http://www.omgosx.com

  84. No, I will not be purchasing the new ipad.  I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 that I am very happy with.  I will be getting ICS here soon so it will be like getting a whole new tablet for the low low price of $0.00.    The comments about the Android ecosystem still has not caught up with Apple’s ecosystem puzzle me.  Really?  I have no lack of apps for my tablet or phone, quality apps that do not force close on me (unlike on ios), a new fresh looking OS with new features, an OS that is much much more customizeable which does make it more exciting to use and a tablet and phone that communicate with each and transfer files between each other without having to be online. Ios cannot send files via bluetooth.  A function I have found to be quite useful.  Yes, yes, yes, I know, you can if you jailbreak it.  It’s built into Android.  In addition, it’s all backed by the largest most powerful servers in the world, Google!  Google Music, Google Docs, Google Apps, Chrome integration with the computer and getting better with Chrome for Android, I could go on and on……

    Apple’s ecosystem better?  Why? Is it different is ways?  Of course.  Better?  Not in my world.  Apple is now chasing Google in so many ways, ways that Apple fans do not want to admit or even think about.  Google voice was around way before Apple had anything remotely like it.  Notifications, NFC, wifi hotspot, syncing docs among devices and computers, 4G, larger screens, etc…  All things that IOS has been implementing and most likely will implement.  Technology for the mobile industry is moving fast and the Android model moves with that speed by releasing updates and changes to the OS that implement the new tech.  For example, 4G, dual core, quad core, larger screens, etc…

    I believe the ecosystem for Android has exceeded Apple’s in a number of ways.  One being the dev community.  Android allows for devs to change the OS and make custom roms.   This is part of the ecosystem because it is part of what Android allows and hence part of the ecosystem.

    Just my $500.00.  $500.00 that I will elect to spend on a new piece of sweet Android hardware.  :)  


  86. I’m buying it. Just sold my iPad 2. I also have the Galaxy Tab 10.1. This will be the last iPad that I buy for awhile though or until it dies. I basically use my iPad for audio mixing at church and some other things which aren’t available for Android. Otherwise, everything else is done on Android. Best of both worlds and I can bash the iOS platform as much as I want with my Apple fanboy friends if I ever feel like it. :)

  87. Will only be getting one for the 5 yr old. The games and educational programs are at the top of the game with Apple. Other wise for myself i will stick slim laptops and android phone from 4.5 to 5.3 screen size. Android tablets right now are pretty boring. Find my phone more interesting then tablets.

  88. If you think about the 16:9 aspect is better for reading books then a 4:3 aspect ratio is becuase the long side is still longer then the short side of a 4:3 take the new ipads res for instance and compare it to the res of 1920×1080 since the 1920 is longer then the short side of 1536 of the ipad and since its not as wide in landscape it looks more like a book then any 4:3 ar device would and you could push that aspect ratio to 16:10 and still feel more comfortable with it since it works a lot better with books and with movies then a 4:3 ar does since you lose a lot more screen real estate that way since most videos are 16:9 and not 4:3

  89. Already bought an ipad 2 last summer for school. These things are fast and stable but incredibly boring with the lack of customization.

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