The New iPad compared to ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, and Huawei Mediapad 10 FHD


In one announcement Apple has again turned the tablet world on its head, but have Android tablets improved enough in a year to weather the next iPad storm? The third iteration of the iPad improves on nearly every aspect of last year’s design and will no doubt sell millions in its first few weeks of release, but compare it head-to-head with a few upcoming Android slates and you will find that on hardware alone it’s hard to declare Apple’s product the clear winner.

The new iPad’s biggest selling point is its super high-res display, featuring a  2048 x 1536 resolution. This is tops when compared to 10.1-inch offerings from Samsung, ASUS, and Huawei. Though the Transformer Pad Infinity and Mediapad 10 FHD both feature 1080p HD displays, Apple still boasts the best pixel density. In terms of power, however, the iPad HD lags behind slightly.

The dual-core chip introduced in the iPad 2 has been improved with the latest A5X processor. It’s not the  quad-core power Android makers are already already building into devices, but Apple claims their new CPU offers four times the performance of Tegra 3. We’d like to see the benchmark for that. Apple is notoriously coy on detailing the amount of RAM found in their iPad devices, but signs point towards 1GB. Huawei’s latest features 2GB of RAM. At the same time, the iPad is getting thicker (up to 0.37 inches compared to the iPad 2’s 0.34 inch thickness) while other tablets are getting thinner and thinner. The Transformer Pad Infinity measures in at a mere 0.33 inches.

Where the questions remain are in the intangibles. Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich does a lot of things right to improve on the Android user experience, but iOS and its broader collection of tablet-specific apps are favored by many. Apple called attention to this during the unveiling of the new iPad. While this has a lot less to do with manufacturers and more to do with the Android ecosystem, it’s a definite point Google wants to work on. The iPad has selling power while Android tablets are still struggling to gain a larger part of the market. It’s hard to say how newer models will carve into the iPad’s share, but manufacturers have finally addressed pricing issues and all should sell for close to, if not lower than, the iPad’s $499 entry point.

The lessons learned and improvements made by Android manufacturers over the past couple of years are creating some viable iPad competitors that on paper should give Apple a run for its money. Things are going to get interesting over the next few months, but it’s hard to crown an iPad killer just yet. So which comes out on top in your opinion? Sound off in the poll below and let us know!

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Apple’s New iPad Announced: Are You Defecting? [Poll]

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  1. I’m still holding out for a Windows 8 tablet.. 

    1. me too, i have a Samsung galaxy tablet10.1 that i hardly use.

      1. Same here, I find no use on a tablet when my phone and my pc offer everything I need.

    2. I don’t know Chris, I’m playing with the Win 8 consumer preview on my laptop, and find the whole thing underwhelming right now. I’m sure it will be better on a tablet, but…I just don’t know…

    3. Wait… you write for Phandroid? :P  Where is the bias? I had to get away from Engadget for the day… every article is about the iPad. :/

    4. I’m waiting to try windows 8 on my touchpad

  2. The new iPad has an A5X processor with quad-core graphics. The iPad 2 was the leader in graphics when it came to any tablet. The new iPad will remain the leader with the improved quad-core graphics. iPad was the leader in graphics and gaming, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Android tablet makers need to focus on graphics performance if they want to outperform iPad in that department.

    1. Exactly. If holding the units next to each shows the iPad screen to look better, 90% of consumers will choose the iPad. Telling them about what they can’t see, (cores, ram etc) has little effect.

    2. Tegra 3 has 8 cores just to let you know :) 

      Cores mean nothing. 

      what we need is developers! We need the big gaming guns to make games to  make use of the already powerful android tablets.

      1. I never said cores meant anything. If you read my past comments on this site, I’ve said before cores don’t matter, architecture does.
        Dual core Arm Cortex-A15> quad-core A9
        Dual core intel > quad core AMD

        However, the iPad 2 used the performance leader PowerVR SGX 543MP2. The new iPad improves upon that beast. The new iPad will be difficult to beat.

        1. I suspect,that the main reason the new iPad has a quad core GPU, is because that’s what it needs to push so many pixels around at a reasonable speed. 

          1024×768=786432 pixels
          2048×1536=3145728 pixels

          When you change your display subsystem to quadruple the number pixels, you simply MUST upgrade the GPU just to keep the same performance that your previous product had. PowerVR architecture uses tile based rendering, where the display is broken up into small tiles that can be independently rendered by separate GPU cores, so throwing more cores at the task is an effective way to achieve similar frame rates that you got with older, lower resolution device, as long as you have the memory bandwidth to keep those cores saturated.

          1. Your suspicion is correct. If you go to and watch the new marketing videos for the new iPad, they talk about exactly that. The extra pixels, the technology they use to prevent images from being distorted by actually elevating the pixels into a new different plane from the signal, and the need for an even stronger GPU to drive all those pixels.

            The video is pretty cool. Apple’s marketing team does a good job. After watching that video, I want one!

          2. Just as long as you understand that everyone else is doing this as well, then that’s cool.  Just don’t think that Apple invented anything new here, it’s the same approach other hardware vendors are employing.  I happen to know that there are other tablets currently in development that actually exceed the iPad HD resolution and will be on the market this year.

        2. I’m interested in seeing what Samsung will have to offer with the new Exynos chips. Last year’s 4210 is almost on par with the Tegra3 GPU-wise and they’ve upgraded to a newer architecture. Quad-core Exynos should be badass… until someone else comes along with even more power. (Don’t we all like technology and how short-lived everything is)

          1. Plus TI’s OMAP5 are designed on the same PowerVR GPU as the A5X but with A15 CPU cores.

      2. Since when does quad-core equate to ‘having 8-cores’?.Please explain

        1. Tegra 3 is a quad-core CPU and an 8 core gpu. Also the quad-core CPU actually has a 5th companion core so it’s a 5 core.

      3. actually it has 12 look up the chip facts its a GeForce 12 core gpu 

    3. The MediaPad addresses all of those areas. It has  a quadcore CPU and an even larger core GPU. Their tablet hits all the marks I would want in a tablet except for the size. I want an 11.5-13.3″ tablet that docks to a keyboard so that it can be both a tablet and a laptop. Apple once again makes the normal sound extraordinary and somehow gets millions of consumers to buy it.

    4. Maybe i don’t know how to read, but de new iPad has a dual core processor…

      1. Dual-core CPU, Quad-core GPU. Same thing as Samsung’s last-year Exynos except with a more current GPU.

    5. did you forget the transformer primes 12 core GeForce gpu ? 

      1. Which still pales in comparison to the iPad 2 in every graphics bench…

  3. That Huawei-picture looks like the 7-inch mediapad doesn’t it?

  4. I will never own an Apple product, but their products are superior to Android. Hopefully the tide turns soon.

  5. Transformer Infinity is better than the latest iPad  (IMO) but I suspect Apple might sell a few more iPads, just a hunch :D lol 

    Im very pleased they finally put a decent screen on the ipad , it means samsung are sure to come along with something even more impressive , 1080p Turbo Super AMOLED Plus++  :D 

    one thing for sure if I bought an iPad2 at Christmas, I would be seriously narked off right now, Really, 3 months and your tablet just got pwned !!

    1. The absurdly high resolutions being pushed these days are a waste.  The human eye cannot physically discern that much detail on such a small screen.  There is a reason you generally don’t find 20 inch 1080p TVs.

      1. It does make a noticeable difference when the screen is a couple feet from your face.

      2. That’s because you’re not looking at your TV from a 15-inch distance. But resolution is nothing without the GPU to make it happen. Theyve soubled the GPU power from the iPad but they have 4x the resolution. It’s not gonna be any faster than the previous one, just prettier.

        1. Well said on the GPU part.

        2. Did you see the games they showed during the keynote. They make infinity blade 2 look like tetris…

    2. LOL their just going to keep adding words to their AMOLED displays name after that its going to be called 1080p Max Turbo Super AMOLED Plus

    3. and a bet people who got a TF Prime for Xmas are upset too, and they didn’t even wait 9 months to get one! but yeah, the Infinity is great, it’s everything the Prime should have been.

  6. once bevels disapear the stand out will come.

  7. I’d be more interested in the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity. But one big thing Apple has going for their new iPad: March 16. Available. In volume.

    Based on past experience, I’d expect months of delay on the new ASUS pad. Followed by extremely limited availability. Then we just have to hope there are no major manufacturing defects or design flaws this time.

    1. this this this this this a thousand times this

  8. Windows 8 for the win, until then Asus Transformer all the way, new ipad can’t compare

    1. lol yea apple acts like their quad core gpu is new and innovative but they forget the TPrime has a 12 core geforce gpu and was released 3-4 months earlier 

      1. Yea, tell me about the battery life. Is not about specs, this are not pc is all about functionality.

        1. the Tprime has 2 hours more battery life then the Ipad 3 even more if you switch over to a single core cause it gives the option to turn underlock the processor for even longer lasting battery + with the keyboard dock has another battery inside of it taking it up to 18 hours

          1. Sorry but the tprime don’t have the screen that the new ipad have. Dont fool yourself, I know what am talking about, the screen is what consume more battery on a tablet, on a pc is the hard disk. You have one point with the keyboard but that will restrain you in terms of mobility.

          2. I never said anything about the screen btw if you look up the Transformer Prime Infinity it has close to the same amount of pixels as the ipad 3 but lasts 20 hours with dock 14 withought and still thiner and weighs less, they dint need to add a bigger battery on the og TPrime because it doesn’t have a hd display lol but the tablet itself does charge faster and last longer on a single charge 

          3. you just asked about battery life and Marsg just told you that the TPrime has better battery life. you just brought up the screen because you had nothing else to say. YOU shouldnt fool yourself. in terms of how long the battery lasts, the tprime is the winner. 

      2. with Nvidia math, the GPU in A5X has ’16 cores’ and the ‘8 core’ GPU in the iPad 2 already bests Tegra 3 by 15-50%

        1. i posted pic results of the cpu/gpu benchmark results on the browser test you can see below, testing both the proccesor rendering speed / image / video rendering and everything in between, if you have ever used a Tprime you would see what i mean when i say its a powerhouse of a tablet not to mention has the best battery life of any other tablet on the market 

          1. you replied to a comment about GPU cores with a browser benchmark. think about that for a second…

          2. it also tests image / video / grpahic rendering as i stated above which relys on the gpu 

          3. plus iOS and android both have different versions of gl / basemark so how accurate can that be on two different platforms ? 

  9. Android manufacturer’s are too hung up on technical specs. It’s all about user interface and visual acuity on the screen for a tablet. 99% of people looking to buy a tablet couldn’t care less what cpu/gpu it has as long as it runs super smooth, is easy to use, and has good visual quality. I don’t see how that point can be argued either since apple has sold over 55 million of these things.

    Now is the time for android tablets to innovate (if they even can). They know what the ipad will be capable of for a entire year starting now AND possibly even next year with its rumors of electrostatic tactile feedback. If that gets introduced next year and android tablets are still getting their UI pieces to work right, they might as well give up.

    1. Typical Apple loving gibberish.  The ASUS pads are innovative.  A keyboard dock, a phone pad etc.  Samsung adds a stylus that may prove useful for students.   I do not know what you are talking about.  

      Soon Apple will take these ideas and make them theirs, something they have done all along.   

      In addition, android manufacturers choose Android as their UI so they can concentrate on tech specs.  It is up to Google to refine the UI, which they have and are.  ICS is no less harder to use then iOS. 


      1. Stylus and keyboard turn a tablet into something you can actually use. That’s not what Apple fans are interested in.

      2. lol apple is already trying to get a sneak at the android development plans cause they got a court order.

      3. Yeah, I’m going to bet that apple won’t add a stylus to anything…and that’s a safe bet.

      4. The user interface of ICS is by far superior to to the grid of icons called ios. FAR SUPERIOR. I find it hilarious that most Android tablets have had better “visual acuity ” than the ipad since way back with the original XOOM. But then you wouldn’t bother to give credit to Android tablets.

        1. Agreed. You have to have a certain level of intelligence to use Android. Obviously it is too complex for some people and that is why we have apple!

    2. And what exactly did apple innovate within this tablet that was so game changing? Sure they pumped up the pixel count by 4 over their old pixel count but they only effectively doubled the gpu’s processing power while basically leaving the same cpu in there as last gen’s. They made the device heavier and thicker to put in a bigger battery to power the screen and lte; that’s just magical.  If you don’t think that Asus hasn’t announced anything innovating, then maybe you slept through last week when they announced the padphone cause that’s pretty damn innovating. Oh and regarding the rest of the year, Samsung still has yet to announce their Exynos powered tablet..

      1. Werent the Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 and the Samsung galaxy note 10.1 Exynos powered?

        1. Sorry I was referring to the next gen A15 architecture which should be out Q2, not the A9. 

          1. Wait, the architecture will be out in Q2 or the devices will be out in Q2?

          2. From what I read iirc the devices should be. Rumor has it the dual core A15 should show up in the Galaxy S3 sometime in Q2 and the Quad-core may be in the next Tab sometime later in the year ~Q3. You can look them up if you want more info, I believe the A15s are Exynos 5250 and 5450, respectively.

          3. Oh…that would be interesting to see…

    3. You nailed it, that’s why apple leads in tablet sales by a huge margins and with this new product it only solidifies more that #1 spot, it’s all about making a great product that’s easy to use, intuitive as only apple can make it, and giving it a combination of power and resolution that’s just unbeatable, meanwhile android manufacturers will continue to pump out tablets with 10 cores that simply don’t work or are as efficient. That’s the world android, quantity over quality.

    4. I totally agree with you. All my friends bought iphone because of the look and smooth ui. They don’t care about hardware.

      1. Then you and your friends are idiots.

        1. It’s not our fault for not being a nerds and geek :'(

        2. Well of course they are idiots…wanting a smooth UI makes you an idiot.

      2. it’s about the OS, android is so unfinished, at lacks so many choices and has so many bugs, i own all of them, i was really excited about the 4.0 but google dropped the ball, how do enlarge the system fonts without blowing the mail app? how do you pull a mail out of the trash? why do timestamps vanish on sms? why does the keyboard stop working in landscape? people on these forums don’t own the products they’re discussing and they flame anyone hassling android for being a feeble toy, christ, look at maps on an ipad versus a google tablet, check out what you can see on the ipad versus the ics version… can google mess up their own product? why is is so much better on apple stuff? answer the questions please

        1. wow….. well, i just want my galaxy nexus to last long so i dont need to charge it 4 times per day and smoother UI. I dont want snappy UI, i want smooth like butter UI *iphone*.

        2. LOL yea like the ipad doesn’t suddenly freeze requiring a reboot when im working on patient’s notes. All those other problems you mentioned i never had on my Android tablet. And what the hell do you do on your tablet that requires charging 4 times a day, both my ipad and transformer can last me the entire day without any problems with heavy  wifi use.

          1. The android is an inferior product in every way and it’s moonie fan base attacks the messenger. My galaxy nexus just reboots on its own. The fonts can o ly be normal or they distort the programs, the keyboard has a huge lag, the USB file copying is unreliable. The mail app can’t undelete files or move files, these are just a few of the known ics 4.0.2 bugs. Instead of attacking the messenger , read the android forums , these are all documented bugs, and no the iPad had none of these issues. The battery thing I don’t know what your saying, I didn’t write that but the battery on the iPad is amazing and the nexu s not so bueno, also well documented. If you have any pull in the android world, fix these problemsv so your pproducts can be taken seriously. Any tablet using android is going to have the same I issues as the galaxy nexus…….not ready for prime time

  10. Any cheap 10.1″ tablet with Splashtop to remote into my hexacore desktop =o)

  11. These some worthy adversaries, BUT when it comes to tablet the iPad
    Is still light years ahead of the rest, android tablets have come so far
    But undoubtedly with these specs all wrapped up around a beautiful package that caters specifically to the 1 tablet it sells it’s a winning formula.

  12. I was expecting a lot more rhan what was shown today.When a company sets the bar so high, sadly hype kills it.I really dont see the point in the new ipad.And really don’t feel the need of it, really don’t like the apple ecosystem, until there comes an android tablet worth of my money;then will get it.Until that day I will still use my android phone and my windows i5 Intel pc .

    1. But… the ipad3 is MAGICAL, no matter what… and you’re not hip unless you pay extra for your iCult membership. Android is for poor geeks. </fake troll> (hah… you have to use &amplt; to get angle brackets to show here)

      1. Android is for geeks. Iphone is for hipster and trendy people.

        1. ipad is for people doing work, android is for kids, it’s a toy

  13. This device has just redefined the category. The A5X with quad-core graphics to push the new Retina display shows how Apple’s control of the hardware and software provides the best optimizations and why it’s not reliant on the latest hardware. The addition of the $399 iPad 2 will make it very difficult for other tabs to gain ground. This is the iPod all over again. 

    1. yes, the biggest bombshell is the iPad 2 at $399 and  not being EOL’d. as for performance, when Anandtech ran benchmarks, there was one GPU benchmark where the iPad 2 (A5) performed around 2x the Transformer Prime (Tegra 3). the GPU other benchmarks were closer and many of the CPU and browser benchmarks were won by the Prime, but this is marketing, so Apple is correct about A5 being 2x Tegra 3 as shown in 1 benchmark.

      1. lol point out a mobile benchmark that can accurately read a 12 core gpu chip ? the only reason the ipad won on the benchmarks that it did was because they were outdated and did not support the tegra 3, hell most of the benchmarks out there still don’t support quad core chip sets let alone a 12 core geforce gpu, hell the transformer prime is able to run so much more taxing graphics then the ipad2 or even the ipad 3 since there really isn’t much of a difference considering it has to use most of that gpu/cpu power to push around all those pixels, and the ipad 2 never won any of the cpu benchmarks, i also own an ipad 2 and the transformer prime scored almost twice as high as the ipad 2 on most of them  

        1. if you want to count the Tegra 3 as having a ’12 core’ GPU then the new iPad has ’16 cores’ with that logic! and as far as outdated benchmarks go, are you really calling GLBenchmark and BaseMark outdated? oh, as for the CPU benchmarks, they were pretty close, nowhere near the 2x you claim.

        2. Yeah, I just went to anandtech to check everything you just said. In every area that the prime beats the iPad 2, it does so by a maximum of 6%….literally six percent. There is also no GPU benchmark I’ve seen where the tegra outperforms the iPad 2…while I understand most android users tend to hate iOS, it would be foolish to ignore these numbers especially since these are from a tablet released almost a year ago…

          1. andatech also claims the ipad2 has 13 hour battery life on heavy video playback and they also claim that the transformer prime keyboard dock only adds 1 hour, im speaking from a personal view, my bother owns an ipad 2 and i a TPrime, the games on the prime are much smoother and lag free in comparison to the ipad 2, also heres a perfect example illustrating that the ipad 2 doesnt have a better gpu, the ipad 2 is not capable of streaming 1080p video withought any lagg or hang, while on the other hand, the Tprime is and that’s because it carries a better gpu. i don’t care what a bunch of numbers on a website say i have both devices and have tested both, hell i was even going to buy a damn ipad2 before i even heard about the transformer prime, all you people rely on a bunch of numbers a couple of people throw up in a blog with no actual proof behind them or real life comparisons, like how most of those websites claim the TPrime scored a 1860s on sunspider a bit less then the ipad but i tested my device and it got a 1580s which is a big difference and on most of those benchmarks they have posted online i ran them myself and got way higher results then what they got, now either they ran those results on honeycomb which dint support the new chip set or they had it on power saving mode because my results are completely different from theirs.

          2. What qualifies as heavy video playback…at most I’ve gotten 12 hours from my iPad? And I’m pretty sure that they’ve got a different review now for the TP because the review units that ASUS sent them were pretty bad or something(they sent like 3 or 4 units)
            Wait…let me get this straight…you are saying that the iPad 2 lags?…I can’t hold back my laughs seriously…anyways…I’ve played all the games on the TPrime…IMO, there is nothing interesting as far as gaming goes for android tablets especially when compared to the iPad…but try playing the mass effect game or infinity blade 2 and explain to me which games exactly you’re playing on the prime that play better than their iPad counterparts.
            I personally find it hilarious that an android user is saying that he doesn’t care about numbers…that fascinates me a lot…and it shows that I’ve been wrong for stereotyping android fans as ignorant of actual performance.
            Anyways, back on point, I haven’t seen the iPad 2 being able to play any 1080p content at all…in fact, I don’t think apple ever let the iPad play anything that exceeded 720p…but hey, I would expect the iPad 2 to lag at something it wasn’t optimized for. What file format are these videos you speak of?
            Anyways, that said I’m also glad you are getting good numbers with your ASUS tp, but honestly, I still see the tablet as the first android tablet that was able to best the iPad 2, and by quite a small margin.

          3. also heres something for you to think about, why does the iphone 4s have a lower GLbenchmark then the ipad 2 when they have the exact same gpu and processor and the same amount of pixel on screen ?

          4. Haha! The 4S’s GPU and CPU are lower clocked than the iPad 2’s…that’s why…also the 4S and iPad 2 have different resolutions. 1024 X 768 and 960X640 aren’t the same thing. Hope that helps

  14. I’m stoked to see what Samsung has to offer for a slick new tablet (if one even exists). That will be my first tablet purchase.

  15. F the iPad icult id rather buy two Android pads that can do everything and more than the iPad can and still cost me less than your iPad. So go waste your money. I got better things to spend my money on.

  16. wait wtf why does it say 1.5 ghz quad core processor ? shouldn’t it be 1.6ghz lol, omg guys the new ipad has a quad core gpu it makes the Tprimes 12 core gpu look so outdated <— sarcasm, but i must admit it does have a nice screen thumbs for for that 

  17. The best tablet isn’t even included on your list . It’s the samsung galaxy tab 7.7. No, not.
     the 7 plus piece of crap, the 7.7. Absolutely the finest screen of any android tablet  and a 1.4 dual core exynos processor to keep it humming along
    A little expensive for the unlocked version, but after suffering through the Xoom and being disappointed by the Transformer Prime, I’ve finally found the Android tablet I’ve been looking for.

  18. performance wise its the same as the old ipad 2 the only big changes are the screen and the 5mp camera lol 

  19. I have to say that Apple with their inclosed ecosystem and their relentless pursuit to push CPU/GPU makers like Nvidia, Qualcomm, Marvell, Intel, AMD and Samsung into a corner by increasing processing power has to be noted. Out of all the players above I have to blame Nvidia for their stupid roadmaps playing second fittle to PowerVR. I can’t believe how a comapny that has that much dominance in the gaming industry can get destroyed in benchmarks by Apple and their chip. Same for Intel. They are the biggest CPU maker and are unable and unwilling to put out a chip that can compete. The only company near Apple right now is Ti, but their CPU/GPU designs are usually a year off. I dislike Apple products with a passion and would love for Android to take a giant leap in the tablet market, but the problem is 3 fold. Too many mediocare products that offer no leaps and bounds performance over Apple offerings, an ecosystem that is unable to create enough growth fpr companies to invest resources into it and a brand that may be a household name in search and advertising, but when you speak about phones or tablets all people talk about is iMaxiPad and the iMaxiPhone. Google along with their top manufacturers has to put out more advertising and make Android Phones and Tablets mainstream household names.

  20. Anyone else getting the feeling that Apple skimped out on the ram since there’s no word anywhere of what it is. It would be horrible to drive all of those pixels with only 512MB of shared memory.

    1. it’s more than 512, they said it had more RAM than a PS3 or Xbox 360. is it 768? 1GB? 640? wait for the teardown!

  21. I doubt it will have 4x the performance with all those pixels. Not unless it’s on a benchmark that favors Apple’s CPU/GPU combo. 

  22. wtf are all of you smoking look at these results in the pics i posted, how is the A5/  powerVR  o even the Mali chips anywhere near the TPrimes tegra 3 ?

  23. Just waiting on Samsung I just have a feeling that there next super tablet is going to be a Beautiful Beast!! also waiting for them to showoff the Galaxy S3 this month!! : )

    1. Samsung wont introduce a new tablet till the end of 2012 and chances are it wont hit the market till sept-dec, their newest tablet as of right now is the galaxy note 10.1 

  24. Its obvious to me, they intend for everyone to change the name of their
    iFad 2 to iFad Classic, with a little swoosh below it! See, simple, as
    in simpleton.

  25. More 40nm tech, where is the 28nm tech?

  26. Whats the clock speeds on the a5x chips?

    1. same as before 1ghz it has a better gpu 

  27. The Ipad will run much smoother and much fast when opening and closing apps. I tested those tablets on a verizon store, can’t even beat ipad 1.

    1. thats because of the window animation doesn’t really have allot to do with the gpu, if you turn off transition animation on an android tablets it loads up quicker 

  28. iPad does not have GPS!

  29. I don’t understand how iOS is a “better tablet environment.” ICS and Honeycomb actually let you use the screen real estate and control almost everything in widgets on your launcher. How is that not useful?

  30. Apple will include a limited edition Steve Jobs “Fuck Android” sticker on every Ipad3 …

    Screw Apple

    1. dang it and all i have is a live wallpaper of an android pissing on an apple 

      1. Can’t do that on something with an Apple logo!

        1. It’s not easy and it might cause a galactic rift but yes you can when jailbroken.

  31. So ipad 2 cost $399?

  32. I love my Android products but I do own an iPod Touch and an Apple TV.  Until Google gets an ecosystem like iTunes it will not sell as well as Apple products.  Google is working towards this with Google Play but you still can’t own movies/TV shows with it.  I think a lot of people like to own content, but that is just my opinion.

    In my opinion Android is the better OS but Apple is the better content provider. 

  33. It’s the iOS5 versus the Android. I own both, the android is vastly inferior (ewwww flames coming) the hardware almost meaningless except that the apple stuff is very elegant compared. The android apps and clients sms, email, photo, video, all so lame and ill-conceived, android is like a 4th grade experiment…… proof all the 4th graders will now attack me, sorry the ICS is a turdsandwich

  34. i bought the galaxy nexus because of the ics and the big screen but the bugs in ics so numerous to list, you owners know what i’m saying…….mail app, sms app, font bug, keyboard lag, too many bugs to list

  35. find myself rooting for micsoft versus googleturdsandwich, maybe ms will do what they do best? steal and refine?

  36. what i don’t seem to get is why are their IPhans on a website called Phandroid LOL,
    its almost like they care more about what we think about their new device then what they think.  

  37. Yeah…ihave to say thay idooo find it odd how, super ifans come to this form only to boast about istuff…for the most part…talk about nutty Fanatics…awow. Oh, well you ilovers are only helping this site…so good for Phandroid…hu.

  38. Read a book!!! And not on your Ipad or transformer prime!!!

    1. LOL, it had to be said. The Screen on my Razr Maxx is big enough that between my pc and phone I really couldn’t care less for tablets. Besides iOS is simple and “intuitive”, that sells, but you know what else sells customisation and personalisation. I’ve have tons of friends who don’t know beans between android and apple, but prefer having the choices the android platform offers. That is the way I am. If I wanted to stare at a boring grid of icons all day and pay out the nose for high priced apps I would buy Apple. But I don’t, and neither do most of my non-tech savvy friends.

  39. Really and truly sick of hearing about Apple. Loving the new Android devices on the market…I have an Asus Prime which I love but if I didn’t have it I woud most certainly pick the Infinity over the iPad. The specs are amazing and the keyboard is a must.

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