MotoActv update delayed until Friday, still looks to shake things up


You may recall a major update for Motorola’s MotoActv was planned for today, March 7th. As things seem to go when it comes to upgrading Android software, there has been a slight delay. The update is now due this Friday, March 9th. The new software will offer some major changes and enhancements, including the ability to track 40 new activities including everything from tennis to yoga. Wrist detection will allow users to wake the MotoActv from sleep with just a flick of the wrist and WiFi networks can now be set up directly from the device. For those feeling extra competitive, users can now set up challenges among friends to compete for the best results.

We’ll keep an eye on the updates progress and report back if anything changes. For now do some toe touches and try to keep the muscles loose.

[via MotoActv Forums]

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  1. People still buy the motoactv?

    1. who bought this junk

      1. Lol i sure didn’t.

        1. cool story, bro….

  2. I’d still prefer a more simple Garmin or Suunto watch over this. But it is a start, I just hope Motorola (or Google) makes changes in the Android SDK to better support apps on such small and low-resolution touchscreens.

    And try to win over some developers to actually do something with it. What good is an Android-based wristwatch if you can’t run apps on it? Might aswell use a simple realtime OS.

    What Motorola needs is a chip manufacturer which could make Cortex A8-like chips on 28nm, that would give it decent battery life.

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