HTC to Open Beats Audio API to Developers


It would be easy for HTC to keep Beast Audio, the company they invested $300 million into and gained majority ownership of in the process, all to themselves. Aside from some API tools for their lineup of devices featuring Beats integration, what more could we expect? How about a complete developer API? That is exactly what will happen, as HTC plans to “allow third-party developers to harness the potential of Beats Audio.” There is no specific information on when the API could go live and what sort of access it will grant app makers, but it’s great news for any music love looking to get the most out of their smartphone. Now if only they could open-source Dr. Dre’s flow.

[via Engadget]

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  1. What does this allow that the standard Android audio API lacks? I thought Beats Audio was just used as a marketing brand without any actual features on the phone…

    1. I thought this was the case as well. If its software or hardware side I am guessing you can expect overly bass heavy audio to result from it. I have always seen their hardware, the Beats headphones to be a marketing scam. An outrageously overpriced mid-low quality headphone that is more or less just a fashion accessory. I mean you can get audiophile quality headphones that look pretty decent for the same price that no Beats headphones even come close to touching in audio quality. Would have been much nicer to see HTC just get a reputable audio hardware developer to put some high quality components in the new phones. I am specifically not getting the next HTC flagship phone because of the Beats acquisition. I suppose its a good thing, makes the choice of getting the Galaxy Nexus an easy one.

  2. Yeah guy, ok. Don’t get a great phone just because you don’t agree with the speaker brand. The beats have gotta be better than the crap on my thunderbolt. What speaker setup does the galaxy nexus use? I missed that on the spec sheet.

    1. Its the right choice for me because I would rather not end up with something that colours my audio in a way I don’t like. (I spend a lot of time listening to music every day). And your right, I don’t know whats in the Galaxy Nexus yet and if the audio isn’t what I want I have other options but for now its my choice. But I still refuse to buy beats branded things because I would rather not pay and support a company that tries to get away with charging those that don’t know any better a premium or markets technology as being better with a brand name that means virtually nothing.

  3. Would be nice if Samsung or Sony goes with Yamaha as their audio hardware parts, that would be a sweet deal for music goers

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