HTC One series and HTC Sense 4.0 announced


We have seen some great devices coming from Barcelona today, but HTC has definitely blown up the stage. Taiwan’s manufacturer has just announced its HTC One series of smartphones, displaying the top-of-the-line mobile technology HTC has been promising since last year.

The HTC One S,X and V boast some impressive specs, including quad-core processors, Android 4.0 and HTC Sense 4.0. But what HTC is focusing on is media. These devices are boasted to be optimized for amazing music and camera performance.

The camera is quite impressive. HTC is using what they call “ImageSense” to improve the shooter’s performance. The camera is able to take a picture in just 0.7 seconds, with a 1.2 second auto-focus lag. The camera app interface is also simpler, as HTC has made it unnecessary to switch modes while shooting, and the app has a faster burst-shot experience.

The camera is also suppossed to work great under low-light conditions, but we have already seen HTC work on this. Past devices, like the HTC Amaze, have ISO options, allowing you to play with the “film’s” sensitivity.

We have also seen HTC work with Beats, so it is not surprising to see it moving towards the entertainment route. All of this is also optimized by HTC Sense 4.0, which has been stripped down and made simple to improve speed and performance.

Beats Audio is also more deeply integrated. Now, any music or game app can take advantage of Beats software to enhance audio, instead of being exclusive to HTC’s music player. And if all of this was not enough, HTC has also partnered with Dropbox to give 25 free GB of cloud storage for two years, to anyone who purchases an HTC One phone.

More details to come as soon as we get our hands all over these bad boys. Stay tuned for more specific details on the devices, as well as HTC services.

[Via: The Verge]

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  1. hope beats integration hits all of the ICS updated phones, like the rezound.

  2. The only thing i dislike is the LCD display. If only it was Super Amoled

    1. Some reports actually say it is Super AMOLED. IDK though…

      1. Super AMOLED is Samsungs tech. They will never get it.

        1. Why wouldn’t they?  Motorola has it.

  3. About the 2 new Smartphones
    HTC One X and HTC One S 
    found some interesting facts!

  4. Too bad it won’t be quad core in the US, Any word of new Verizon ICS HTC device on the horizon?

  5. That bit about the camera makes me actually consider buying a HTC phone again. A little.

  6. im sorry but htc really let me down
    ive been an eclusice htc customer since the g1
    g1,mytouch ,3gslide,4g,4gslide, sensation,amaze

    not untill the sensation was i disappointed with htc

    the ones which is coming to t mobile is exactly tHE same as my sensation wtf is this crap ?

    they need a new design team ASAP

    1. This sounds so stupid. If the design works, and looks good, then why would they change it? And no, they do not need a new design team just because you don’t like the fact that the design is the same…

  7. Soooo…Motorola and Samsung creates their own line of high-end Android phones, with the Droid and Galaxy S lines, and other companies copy after they see the success of those lines.

    1. Droid isn’t a Motorola line, it’s a Verizon line of phones

      1. Thanks for correcting my error, you are correct.

    2. No… HTC had the desire brand (2010), the sensation brand (2011) and now the One brand. I don’t know if you realize this but HTC have been creating high end android phones since the beginning, after all, they made the first.

  8. We have come to a point where pointing out HTC’s boring design is rather a moot and irritating move.

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