Sony announces Xperia P SmartDock, providing full entertainment and PC-like experience


Sony had quite an eventful day, today at MWC. After announcing its upcoming smartphone launches, new devices and plans for the future, we can say that we have great expectations for the company, this year. But there is also a bit of good news for those that are interested in smartphone computing.

Sony has also released the SmartDock, which plays along with the Sony Xperia P to create an entertainment center-like experience. According to Sony, users will be able to connect their devices to a monitor or TV, and control their media and apps via a remote control, or a keyboard/mouse plugged in to the phone’s USB ports.

We assume it will be much like Motorola’s WebTop experience, but with a bit more focus on entertainment. The highlight of mobile computing this MWC is definitely Ubuntu for Android, though. So we will have to wait for more details, and see how the competition falls into place.

[Source: PR Newswire Via: The Verge]

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  1. I want to cry! They couldn’t think of this for the Sony S…

  2. Just a copycat from Motorola Mobility Webtop. Just a Sony. Haha…

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