Sony is set to launch their largest ad campaign in a long time to boost smartphone sales


Sony has just announced its latest smartphones, the Xperia U and P, but that is not the only news we have from the Japanese manufacturer. According to CMO Steve Walker, Sony is further committing to the smartphone market by launching “by far the largest brand advertising campaign that we have run for many years.”

As Sony starts to take full charge of its mobile division, we are starting to see some great investments and improvements. Not only are the phones starting to get better and launching faster, but the company is showing a great deal of commitment towards the mobile industry.

We do not know much about this new ad campaign, but Walker attests to the fact that they have their eyes fixed on 2012. So be sure that we will start seeing more from Sony very soon.

[Via: Engadget]

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  1. Using my mental powers of persuasion, I am willing a new Sony to come to VZW.

  2. lets hope this means for US release of phones on contracts 

  3. I am willing sony to stop using outdated slow GPU’s in their “gaming” phones….  and to start releasing updates and perhaps give something worth getting the phones for…. I have had PSX games on my phones for quite some time now give me something new sony…

  4. Still doesn’t appeal to me. Sony phones suck hard

  5. Lets see a Sony Nexus Device 

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