Feb 26th, 2012

Sony (non-Ericsson) has just finished its MWC press event, announcing two devices, the Sony Xperia P and the Sony Xperia U. We must say that we are starting to become very pleased with the Changes that Sony is implementing after taking charge of the situation.

These may not be quad-core phones, but they look like solid dual-core devices. And they are said to hit the streets during quarter 2 of this year, which is not far from now.

Sony Xperia P

The Xperia P is probably the highlight of Sony’s MWC announcements. This good-looking device has an aluminum unibody, which should give it a very solid and sturdy feel. Packed inside, we have a dual-core processor, Android 2.3 Gingerbread (we are sure it will get Android 4.0), a 4-inch “White Magic” display, an 8 MP camera, NFC and HDMI connectivity.

Sony Xperia U

This one is not too much of a surprise. It is a dual-core device with Android 2.3 (should get Android 4.0, as well), a 3.5-inch Reality Display and, according to Sony, over 6 hours of talk-time battery life.

As you can see, this is a little guy aimed at those that are not digging the larger smartphones.

Wrap Up

These may not be the quad-core powerhouses you have been dreaming of for months. But they are solid devices with specs good enough for much of the general consumer pool. Not to mention that Sony is revamping the phones with awesome aesthetics and some better specs.

Stay tuned for more details about these phones. We will post the press release as soon as we get it, as well as our hands-on posts.

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