HTC Vivid to get Android 4.0 in the coming weeks


Today’s HTC announcements have overshadowed all other news, but there are some important facts hidden within those press releases. According to AT&T’s HTC One X announcement, the HTC Vivid will also be getting updated to Android 4.0 within the “coming weeks.”

This update will not only bring Ice Cream Sandwich goodness to proud Vivid owners, but it will also feature an “updated Sense experience” (probably similar to HTC Sense 3.6, featured in the HTC One V) and the updated version of Beats Audio.

HTC One devices come with a more integrated version of Beats Audio. Such technology is now able to be utilized by other apps. This improves the sound quality of the whole smartphone experience, as opposed to just HTC’s music player.

This is great news for all HTC Vivid owners, so stay tuned for more details about your update and wait patiently.

[Source: AT&T Via: The Verge]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. Fantastic! I can hardly wait for it.

  2. Might have to get myself another one as my backup to my galaxy nexus. The old aria deserves a good retirement I think.

  3. Update my Thunderbolt

  4. Update my desire hd

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