Verizon “loyal” customers are being offered the newest phones for free


Being a loyal customer hardly pays off, but every now and then awesome offers show up. And we have recently found out that Verizon is holding a very special sale for its “loyal” customers.

If you have been with Verizon for quite some time, and have an upgrade available any time soon, it might be worth to keep an eye on your inbox. Verizon has been sending e-mails to select subscribers, offering them free devices.

These are not just any devices, though. The offer includes phones like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the Motorola Droid RAZR and the Samsung Stratosphere. These devices go from $150-$300, so this is definitely a deal to sign up for.

As expected, you will have to sign a 2-year contract, but most people do anyways. Are any of you getting these e-mails? Signing up for any of these phones?

[Via: Droid-Life]

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  1. I’m so loyal that I haven’t bathed in weeks. 
    I also already bought a Galaxy Nexus in Dec.

    1.  lol me too

  2. I just did a Buy One Get One Free on the Droid Razr Maxx but I have 2 more upgrades on my account for my sons’ phones.  I hope they send it. I know they both want to upgrade their D2G to the D4. Hopefully it’s part of the deal. If not, then I’ll get them the Razr or GN.

    1. they’ll love the GN guarenteed, im 21 and if my pops still got me presents, that is the phone i would ask for lol hope that helps

  3. Got my nexus free 2 days ago. Never got an email though, so it was a nice surprise.

  4. Very nice. Sprint just screws their long time customers.

  5. “The only 4G LTE smartphone with a slide-out keyboard”

    What happened to the Droid 4?

  6. If you don’t get the email, is it worth going to a Verizon store and asking about it? I have an upgrade in a couple weeks, and if I could get out of paying for my phone that’d be really helpful. Being a full time student makes affording things like a nicer phone kind of difficult haha

  7. I’m eligible for an upgrade in 3 weeks (along with all the other people who bought the Droid X when it first came out)….so here’s hoping I get that email next month…been a loyal customer for over 8 years. 

  8. read the comments on droid-life’s article…bogus deal fellas.

  9. I got an email for $100 off with the same phones. I just used my upgrade for my brother, I’ll use his when he is due for an upgrade, last week so I don’t know if I can upgrade now or not.

  10. John: No, it didn’t show that. I selected the Nexus, which is still showing as 249.99
    John: The others that are supposed to be free with loyalty discounts are – Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the Motorola Droid RAZR and the Samsung Stratosphere
    Talia F: You did receive a discount…
    Talia F: The Nexxus is $299.99…
    Talia F: And you saying you are seeing $249.
    John: Here is where it says it’s free on your site ->
    Talia F: This is a scam.
    Talia F: Not our promotion.
    John: So that is not your page?
    Talia F: No.
    Talia F: I suggest you print this off…
    Talia F: And let a Verizon representative…
    Talia F: View this page.
    John: Ok, I will do that.. thank you

    1. John is correct. I have spent the last couple of hours on the phone with VZW (I did actually receive an email) and supposedly this is spam that is being sent out. My concern is the fact that someone had my email address and knew I was a Verizon customer which leads me to believe that VZW’s database may have been hacked. 

  11. This offer is only for customers in congested 3G areas who are experiencing network optimization. If you’re not one, don’t hold your breath.

    1. That describes my area. They have been promising me 4G since October and have yet to deliver. I have also been with Verizon over a decade. I have also not received this offer and I have 2 lines that are ready for renewal.

  12. I am loyal!

    My family was with Midwest Wireless, which was purchased by Alltel, which was then purchased by Verizon. We have had many chances to switch without buying out a contract, but haven’t!

  13. 30 bucks is hardly a loyalty discount……

  14. Who cares? 2 pos sammys and an adequate Motorola.

  15. Got a GNex for me and a Rezound for my wife earlier today. :)


  16. when VZW offers a family data plan, i’ll commit.


    1. How are they data mining? When you click on the link it takes you to Verizon’s website to log you in.

      Also, I’m holding my brand new GNex right now. :P

  18. Just got off with Verizon after as I called for the Nexus.  They said all we get is a $50 discount, for which we got a text, on one line and the Stratosphere is buy one get one free.  Then we talked about this ad and she kind of admitted that emails are or going or already went out to people in the South for the special $269.99 discount followed by the $30 discount.  So, don’t jump on Phandroid the ad might be valid but not for the entire country.  Actually, I wonder why they are doing it that way unless it is just a matter of time before everyone gets it the offer.  

  19. I got the email and tried the link for the Nexus. Still gave me the full retail price. So I webchated (?) with a rep and was told to call customer service and they would give me the free phone. (And yes, I have the transcript which she said it)

    So I called customer service. While I was not directly called a liar, it was heavily implied. She stated that she can see all the emails Verizon has sent me. I gave her all the links and information she asked for but was very rude and talked over me when I tried to ask her more questions.

    So I went back to the webchat. This time I was told that they are aware for the email and the only valid one were sent to customers in the south. No explanation on why I got one (email) and was told this has gone viral on the net so no. So I asked if I should get the first cs rep to buy me one since she told me I could get it from cs. Her answer was yes, I should try to contact them. She also suggested that I could call cs again and may get a different answer.

    So that is my experience.

  20. Update to my previous post. 
    I got a hold of Valerie Scheel in Dublin, OH. I explained the situation. I had both transcripts from my web chats and the email I received handy. I was asked to fax them but explained I don’t have access to a fax machine so I was given the reps email at VZW. I got everything forwarded. I got a call yesterday from Melissa L., Ms. Scheel’s supervisor. I was told that even though I had gotten an email and proof that both Kelly, East Coast Office, and Zia, Omaha office, that I should get the free phone I was told no. When Melissa accessed my email she said it did not link to the proper page. I went back into my email, VZW had changed the link, or where the link went I guess. Melissa then went on to tell me at great length how people were scamming the company and how they have to stop this kind of behavior. So I asked if she thought I was lying. And I quote”Well Mr. Brown, I can’t say that and expect to keep my job.” I told her I would call her back after I cooled down.
    After an hour cool down, I tried to get a hold of either Melissa or Valerie. Now now one has heard of either one. I tried to email Valerie but now I get a Delivery Status Notification saying my email client cannot find the above address. 
    So here’s to you Verizon Wireless. Thanks for:Calling me a liar despite my proofsChanging link targets so it appears I am lyingHiding within your phone fortressHaving reps tell you they will honor it only to be redirected to a No You Can’t person. Blocking communications between customers and corporate
    I will add this. It would be different if I didn’t actually get the email in my inbox. The same inbox that my Thank You For Your Payment emails come to from VZW. 
    The $75.00 to file a Conciliation Court case doesn’t seem like that much if I add up ETF, loss of unlimited data, full retail price of the phone, remaining months of contract, and court costs. See your lawyers in court…..

  21.  Just a heads up on this article. I have tried to get to the bottom of this since I first read it. I have spoken in person to one Verizon rep., on the phone to a Verizon rep. from a local Verizon store and on the phone with customer service at Verizon’s main #. Not one of these people knew anything about this offer. The last person helping me today did a lengthy search for every single promotion and he said this one does not exist. If anyone finds out that it does or receives an email for the free upgrade, please let us all know.

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