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Carriers are starting to call dibs on all the HTC One smartphones like it is the end of the world. None of them have been able to say much about pricing and availability, though. And if you are one of those that prefer SIM-unlocked devices, English company Clove Technology has some good details for you.

Clove has just announced price and availability for all three SIM-unlocked versions of the HTC One series. So here are the details if you prefer going this route:

The HTC One X will be prices at £492, while the HTC One S will go for £450, and both will be available coming April 5th. If you prefer going for the little guy, the HTC One V will set you back £264 and will be available a few weeks later, on April 26th. (All prices include VAT).

Converted to US dollars, the prices range from about $419 to $744. Of course, these SIM-free devices are usually pricier, especially when first released. The prices should be lower in due time, especially when these devices start hitting specific carriers.

Is anyone planning to import one of these?

[Source: Clove Technology Via: Android Central]

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HTC One V announced – the company’s affordable, entry-level handset of MWC

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  1. $744? LOL
    Can’t wait until the carriers and manufacturers get investigated and their price fixing bubble gets bursted. These phones should cost 199-300 off contract.

    1. Who will be investigating who?  I fail to see how carriers would be investigated for contract free phones in the first places.  Besides, I’m pretty sure a lot of the money for off contract is to pay for the R&D process.  

    2. 199-300 off contract? Ridiculous, no new smartphone goes for that price unsubsidized. 

      1. Samsung exhibit ii 4g
        When it was new, US$200 off contract.

        And it’s still a capable phone.

    3. No, Euro prices never direct = USA prices.
      In USA, cheaper.

  2. that’s not bad price for any of them

  3. the only bad things about the phones are as follows.  no removable battery, and no vzw 

    1. How will you turn off the phone after a bad flash… Not very hacker friendly is it?

      1. There must be a hard reset switch…..I hope.

      2. I thought that the Power+Vol Down was supposed to be the reset for non-removable battery devices…

    2. its also kinda lacking in the looks department… and only 16gb… would be happy with 32… dont need a micro sc card if it has 32

    3. The no Micro-SD is a bit of a disaster too ;^<

    4. Don’t blame HTC because VZW uses non-standard mobile technology that the vast majority of the civilized world uses.  So place the blame were it belongs, VZW.

      On the battery, I concur with you.

      1. are you talking about LTE? Because LTE can function with GSM sims – it’s just locked until verizon can get that to work reliably.

  4. The British VAT is a hefty 20%; so divide by 1.2 to get the pre-tax phone price.

  5. Also in the uk nobody pays that. They’ll be free on a contract. And our contracts are much cheaper than the US ones.

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