Feb 26th, 2012

Carriers are starting to call dibs on all the HTC One smartphones like it is the end of the world. None of them have been able to say much about pricing and availability, though. And if you are one of those that prefer SIM-unlocked devices, English company Clove Technology has some good details for you.

Clove has just announced price and availability for all three SIM-unlocked versions of the HTC One series. So here are the details if you prefer going this route:

The HTC One X will be prices at £492, while the HTC One S will go for £450, and both will be available coming April 5th. If you prefer going for the little guy, the HTC One V will set you back £264 and will be available a few weeks later, on April 26th. (All prices include VAT).

Converted to US dollars, the prices range from about $419 to $744. Of course, these SIM-free devices are usually pricier, especially when first released. The prices should be lower in due time, especially when these devices start hitting specific carriers.

Is anyone planning to import one of these?

[Source: Clove Technology Via: Android Central]

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