Feb 25th, 2012

I guess you know you’ve got way too many apps installed on your phone/tablet if you can go three weeks since starting a series like this. Unlike the previous two occasions, when I focussed on tablet apps and phone apps separately, this week is going to be a mix.

Box: The offer of 50GB free online storage is really tempting. Until you realise that you’ve got to pay or a desktop sync client. That’s a major deal-breaker for me. I don’t really use cloud storage that much, so Dropbox’s 3GB (I believe its 2GB to start with) limit is more than sufficient for me.

Microsoft OneNote: Till I ditched Windows for a Mac last year, OneNote was probably the most useful productivity software I used. I always dreamt of a quality tablet with a good stylus input with OneNote onboard. When I learnt that they had released an Android app, I was really hopeful to see what it was capable of.

Sadly, this took me barely a few minutes to uninstall. There just isn’t a killer feature anywhere, I find Evernote to be vastly superior in just about any sense, plus OneNote doesn’t have a native Mac app.

Real Football 2012 HD: A game that limits your stamina so you can only play a certain amount, unless you purchase more stamina? That stuff should be limited just to Facebook games. Let me pay a certain amount and get a completely unlimited pass to it. The game also took me 6 whole minutes once to start a match, because  it first needed to verify my files again, then started a tutorial and forgot my earlier tournament, despite knowing I’ve crossed a couple of levels.


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