Samsung Galaxy S III to sport a 4.8 inch screen?


BGR is reporting that the Samsung Galaxy S III, which sadly won’t be unveiled at MWC, might sport a 4.8” screen. They’ve also shown a mock-up of the device, with an edge-to-edge screen similar to the Galaxy B rumors from yesterday.

What I find interesting from the mock-up, though, is the rather thin bezel on the top and lower portion of the device. If the final device were to be similar, the phone might actually be smaller than the Galaxy Nexus. This is some rough work I did quickly on Photoshop to check, and the Galaxy S III seems to me to be nearly 10% shorter in height. Of course, my work is by no certain measure 100% accurate, and BGR’s mock up feels exaggerated, but who knows?

Other rumors include a much desired (at least for me) move away from a plastic body, although the choice of ceramic is certainly unorthodox. Additionally, BGR says that the launch would occur simultaneously in 50 markets or cities around the globe.

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Larger screen on a smaller footprint? I’m sold! Just leave enough on the sides so i can put a decent case on it please….juuuuuusssssst enough

    1. Agreed, they finally listened. Smaller handsets.

  2. I would be highly surprised to see this kind of forward aesthetic design leap from ANY Android OEM.  Especially as how the mock-up on the right dates the Nexus tremendously.

  3. That is sexy. 

  4. Lord of Smartphones! hell yea!!!! m/

  5. Looks sexy even so

  6. A ceramic case would never survive a drop too prone to shattering. No way this is true

    1. If NASA felt safe using ceramic armor on its spacecraft, I think it will do fine for a phone.  Not all ceramics are bone china; many are quite a bit stronger than almost any plastic out there.

      1. No Jason’s correct. Ceramics by nature are a brittle material. Add to this the fact that it would have to be very thin and you have a recipe for easily fractured phones.

        1. ceramic doesn’t mean brittle, though I understand why many people will automatically assume that. e.g.: some *knives* are made of strong ceramic composites.

        2. ceramics are used to make tank armor…it’ll be able to take a hit unlike some other phones with glass backplates.

      2. I agree, ceramic composites that are made of a mix of materials are very strong, and more impact resistant.

    2.  And now, with HTC One series at MWC showing their “ceramic” cases, you can see what it actually is… aluminum blasted with plasma which superheats the metal and forms a ceramic material which is super solid, super strong, doesn’t shatter, and feels good to the touch. It’s also lightweight and very thin. Case closed. While I don’t put much faith in BGR at all, this one part might be on the money to stop all the whiners who complain about Sammy’s cheap feeling plastic (which I never agreed with).

  7. I want it now!

  8. That’s what I am talking about. This shit just got real!

  9. sorry but it still is a rectangle with round corners and its black.

    1. What do you want? A phone shaped like a penis?

      1.  Considering how many people use their phones as evidence of their intelligence, manhood or superiority, at least that would be more honest, and actually a bit novel.

    2. Hahaha I totally just got that “general vague apple patent ” the way this phone looks tho it be impossible to have any lawsuit footing lol

      Take my credit card Samsung! I want this phone!!!!

  10. How do you hold a phone with no bezel? I already bump my screen on accident all the time with an Atrix

  11. Mother of Galaxy phones! Shut up and take my money!!!!

  12. i want a new phone now… waiting for the gnex or the skyrocket hd to come to att but if this was turn I’d wait the extra few months…

  13. sorry just creamed in my pants, here is my credit card 

  14. Genius! Bigger screen but smaller overall height. That’s the only phone I’d ever choose over the GNex.

  15. Omg fuck yea my next phone sorry gs2

  16. If this is to be true… I have an announcement! People, The Galaxy S III and I are going to get marri… No, hang on, umm, I mean, People, you are looking at my next phone! : D

  17. I guess bigger screens are peoples fetishes. I think 3.5 is good enough

    1. Baby peni.. i mean hands?

    2.  not for your eyes!

  18. Hopefully sprint gets it in the fall and doesnt fuck with the design too much. not that they did with the SII but wimax is dead google just sold its stake in clearwire for a 92% loss so basically for pennies of what they paid. But back to the phone if it is true and its not $399 on contract then ill be getting it for sure im done with my contract in september so i can get the best possible deal if i can wait til after launch day.

  19. Nice Photoshop if it looks similar to this I will buy it.

  20. I hate the idea that it won’t have any edge bezel. The mock up design of the SGS3 isn’t attractive.

  21. I was gonna grab a galaxy nexus but I think I’ll just root this and throw stock ics on it :-D

  22. This is fantastic news!  Having to buy tires this week destroyed my plans for the GNEX this or next month, now this news makes me happy, and I will gladly wait for the SGS3.  Now if they can just marry Exynos and LTE for the VZW version, I will buy this phone, to hell with all the other phones.

  23. the mock up looks great.  however – i would be pleasantly shocked if the technology is here yet to allow such minimal bezel.  i think we will see it eventually – i’m just not sure we’re there yet.

  24. I’m in love with that slim bezel, but I really hope there’s still enough of an edge for cases & skins to attach to. If this is for real, I might… might… just pass on my Galaxy Note upgrade and wait for the S3 instead (then trade that for the small-bezel Note2 later)

  25. I hate my GN LTE now.

  26. This looks like an ICS phone – at last. Lots of screen because there are no buttons and a natural progression from the GS2. Now if they can get awesome battery life….

  27. Bullet resistant plates for sniper rifle (7.62) protection are made with ceramics. Should be no issue if used right.

    1.  they use ceramic because ceramic shatters which would reduce the force of the bullet

  28. Now that’s what I call industrial design.

  29. It would be awesome if Samsung launches a 4.8 inch touchscreen device with HD Super Amoled Plus display but i hope it looks much more better and different than that photo mock-up of the Galaxy S3.

  30. Mockups are always pie in the skie… but if we see a phone like this I will be happy. Samsung is really starting to impress me.

  31. Thats MONEY!!!

  32. who created this concept phone should be thr at sammy

  33. Nothing is perfect.  It will have either an LCD, small non removable battery, or no memory card, dual core A9, something.
    Everything exists to make a perfect phone, but they always leave something out.
    Just imagine if you have the perfect phone, S4, quad core, or the like, memory card, AMOLED, 720, removable battery, etc.  How long would it be good for, 2-years, 3 years? Why would anyone upgrade in a year?  Not the best way to sell phones.  You have to leave something out to make you want what is next.

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