Update headed to Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket on AT&T


The Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrock for AT&T is apparently in the midst of an over-the-air update, except no one seems to be able to get it to install properly. There has been no official word from either Samsung or AT&T on what changes users can expect if they can ever get the 21MB update installed, but judging by its size we aren’t expecting anything huge. This wouldn’t be the first time in recent weeks that Samsung and AT&T haven’t been quite in the same page when it comes to updating a device. Anyone out there with the Galaxy S II handset able to get the new update working?

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Mine failed at 75% just like everyone else’s. I’m following this thread to see if anyone has solutions: http://forums.att.com/t5/Samsung/Software-update-for-Skyrocket-downloads-but-won-t-complete/td-p/3063379/highlight/false

  2. “Install interrupted” ….ATT interrupted! LOL What a joke! What’s the proof that ATT EVEN released an OTAU!?! Sheesh…

  3. damn you att, release the skyrocket hd instead of this half baked update.  im tired of waiting.

    1. I’ve been waiting as well. As soon as they, I’m dropping Sprint =)

      1. Why get the Skyrocket HD? Why not the upcoming Galaxy Nexus on Sprint or current Verizon model? Or Wait for SGS3!

  4. It samsung, ofcourse it not working right. Samsung RARELY ever works right.

    1. Lol.  Samsung’d again.   They promise an update and you don’t get it and even when they give it to you, you still don’t get it.

  5. I’m on 2.3.5. OK, finally got the update downloaded. But when it rebooted it went into CWM !?! LOL Then told me the update got interuppted…??? Where is the OTAU downloaded to so I could run it manually? Anyone know? Thanks.

    1.  It’s not going to work if youre not running stock recovery

  6. Yes mine failed at 75 percent as well each time 3 times says install interrupted. and will not let me check again for 24 hrs. I called at&t and the lady said she had no troubleshhoting steps to try since the update just came out today…I asked if anyone else was having the issue and she said no and that she hasn’t heard anything about anyone having trouble with updating! This sucks. She said she would call back tomorrow when i can check again to see if there’s anything new that comes up about it. …BUT they never call like they say they will so im not counting on it.

  7. I noticed some guy said he updated fine after doing a factory reset. Another I think said he used kies mini

  8.  http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1509978

  9. Update worked fine for me. Did it twice. Stock rooted and stock. I think it depends on the baseband version you have installed.

  10. mine downloaded and installed but i don’t see much difference. the phone icon looks different and the swipe screen shows a lock being unlocked
    check out http://www.gmachine.net/tech/samsung-galaxy-s-ii-skyrocket-to-receive-update/

  11. Just data from device management under manage applications —> all

  12. i installed the update and lost my home screen wallpaper scroll feature. SUCKS because that was a cool feature I want it back.

    Is there any way to go back to the old os?

    please help

  13. Update was fast and trouble free…So far I’ve noticed that the lock screen is different now, its a circular unlock similar to 3.0, no more image drag.  Also it appears that you can no longer have a parallax (sliding) background image…BUMMER!  The only other thing I’ve noticed so far is an update to the phone icon as well as the “memo” icon.  Screen scrolling is more fluid but probably due to the static background.  

  14. mine installed just fine. Was fast and rebooted. Took a long time to start up initially, but subsequent reboots are fine. Running fine all night. Love the new lock screen, the checkered phone icon, and the new answer screen on incoming calls.

  15. This update worked fine for me!

  16. Now you all know how Samsung Infuse 4g owners feel. They couldn’t even give us the Gingerbread update correctly. This is even more proof that I do not need to buy another Samsung phone throught At&t.

  17. People who have successfully installed update, have you uninstalling any of the bloatware? Doing a factory data reset restores bloatware and i’m thinking that this is why its failing.

    Either way AT&T has removed the update. So let’s wait again…

  18. Mine stalled at 75% on the white screen as well, gave it like 20 minutes then it retried all by itself.

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