Moneto sets the Galaxy S up for contactless payments, coming to more Android devices soon


Last month Moneto revealed plans to bring their NFC-enabled microSD card payment system to Android phones. Now the first compatible cards are available for purchase. There is a catch, however. While the Moneto system is technically capable of working with nearly any Android handset with a microSD card slot, the initial rollout is only compatible with a few devices in Samsung’s Galaxy S line, including the Vibrant, Fascinate, and Galaxy S 4G.

The price to pay to bring a world of contactless payments to your palm is $30. Moneto is promising support for 40 more Android devices very soon, so those without a Galaxy S but still wishing to join the mobile payment revolution shouldn’t have to wait too much longer.

[Moneto via Engadget]

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  1. I think NFC/SD cards will have to be 16gb before people start to widely accept them.  I’m glad there are options for those that can’t afford a G-Nex.  And I’m sure that the memory is low to more it affordable, but it’s just not an even trade as far as I’m concerned. With Verizon (maybe others) starting a new trend of selling Android phones without SD cards to keep initial purchase down, I’m positive this tech is missing a jump start on a hugely available market.

  2. So I’m just assuming that this doesn’t have any memory on it so by me wanting to use nfc I have to give up 32 gb of space…that totally doesn’t fly with me.

    1. 1 gb, 30 bucks, not worth it

      1. A regular 1gb SD card sales for around $15 dollars, so I’d say the other $15 is the NFC “tech.”  I’d pay an extra $15 dollars over the cost of a 16gb or 32gb card to get NFC capabilites.  Netcom makes one, but it is still only 8gb, not enough either.

        1. seriously? got miy 32gb class 10 for 30 bucks lol

          1. I need one of those

          2. watch out for daily steals and amazon deals. You can get a 32 gb class 4 on amazon for 33

  3. I’m really hoping they increase to at least 16GB cards and keep the price down.  The only reason I want to give up my Atrix is for NFC payments.  This would allow me to keep it much longer.  Maybe it will even support Google Wallet?  A man can hope at right?

  4. Maybe if they did a trade In program with your sd cards for one with same capacity and get a discount.

  5. I don’t know why they have a picture of an iPhone there. Where they planning on putting that MicroSD Chip? 

    1. I know right.  Apparently they make a case with an NFC chip for the iPhone since it doesn’t use SD.

  6. Instead of opening a whole new prepaid credit/debit card account I’d rather it link to one of my current debit cards instead, also I would need at least 16GB for app storage.

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