Samsung, AT&T halt Gingerbread update for Infuse 4G


There was a Gingerbread update available via Samsung Kies for the Infuse 4G, but it is no more after a few issues surfaced in the build of Android 2.3.6. It’s quite possible that Samsung knew the update wasn’t fully baked all along, as AT&T announced the software before the manufacturer of the Infuse 4G had time to even get the proper files on their servers. The two companies eventually got on the same page and users were able to sideload the update to their devices, but a new post at Samsung’s support forums says the OS upgrade has been put on hold. A fix is in the works as we speak and Samsung hopes to have things back on track shortly.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. son of a bitch. I was uploading this onto all the ones we have left on the shelves to prevent people from coming back….

  2. Samsung later released a statement saying “We totally were not expecting to have to go through with this as we thought all the Infuse 4G owners had just gone and bought a Skyrocket

  3. A guy at my job just got this phone, and is totally in love with it. Don’t have the heart to tell him about Samsung and updates…

    1. There is a lot to love and hate for this phone, but most of the hate comes in the support category.  Believe me, I love mine.  For us “bigger handed” people (seriously, I stretch the seams on large gloves) this phone is awesome!  It’s the first one I can ACTUALLY type on without hitting everything and it’s brother.  So I have lots of love for my phone, but I would REALLY love some consistency, follow through, and service after the sale.

  4. Sheesh, what a cluster.  They promised this update before September last year, then pulled the promise… now this terrible kies update that didn’t work at all, then wasn’t compatible with anyone who had done the last OTA update, then broke phones it was loaded onto successfully.

    If anyone is wondering, the Infused Gingerbread ROM has run solidly with all features and no buggyness at all for me since September on this phone.  Just get that and give up on Samsung and AT&T.

  5. So in samsung speak don’t ever think about seeing this update again in your life time.

  6. I had some issues.  I Odin’d to stock Froyo, applied the upgrade, reinstalled my apps, and now it works great.

    1. Was you able to get video chat working on Google Talk after the update? I wasn’t.

  7. I don’t understand, here in Canada all Infuse 4g’s have been shipping with gingerbread since I believe Aug 2011 (could be wrong in the timeline)
    I bought mine in Nov with gingerbread on it. So why is gingerbread only now rolling out on this device in the US?

  8. Also I guess we’ll never see 4.0 then

    1. Are you kidding? I don’t think they really wanted us to even get the Gingerbread.

  9. So is there gonna be a update for the people that got gingerbread update bc i got the update b4 they stopped it

    1. That is what I wanna know also.  I was able to restore my phone back to the factory settings and get pass Samsung Kies and get the Gingerbread update. I really wish the update would have added the ability to do video chat on Google Talk. We are still stuck with a front facing camera that is barely fuctional.

  10.  Why are you guys complaining? They pulled it because it wasn’t finished or they found some problems. Go to Xda Devs and side load it if you MUST have it and don’t complain because its delayed. I love this phone, just got it. Minor issues with GPS not quite picking up but that’s okay for the moment.

  11. think this will solve : http://www.androidkarma.com/2012/02/android-shared-preferences.html

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