ThinkGeek’s $24 iCade 8-Bitty Bluetooth Controller Attempts to Bring Nostalgia to Gamers



ThinkGeek, one of my favorite geek apparel and accessories site, has announced that they will soon be coming to market with a Bluetooth Controller for mobile devices, including Android phones and tablets. It’s being called the iCade 8-Bitty and, as its name suggests, it gives a nod to those of you who appreciate old-school gaming.

You’re presented with an NES-style rectangular controller that has four face buttons, two shoulder buttons and a directional pad, as well as your standard start and select buttons. The controller already works with many games in the Android market and ThinkGeek will have an open development platform for developers who want to add support for it. All of it is coming later this year for $24. [ThinkGeek via PCMag]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Oh ThinkGeek… how we love you.

    1. It has some cool products, but they’re all wayyyy overpriced.

      1. not this one. its priced just right.

      2. my portal coasters are worth every penny

  2. I like it.. But why does it have to be named icady???? Wat is it with the i??? Can someone please tell me

    1. Because the ‘i’ things sell very well.

      1. and it probably uses the iCade “standard” which is the best supported method for handling bluetooth controllers on the iphone.

    2. The original iCade was an arcade cabinet-styled attachment for the iPad. I suppose they’re just keeping it all in the same brand (you might say “artifact title”).

  3. is it available in asia (malaysia or singapore)? this is cool!!

  4. I’d so buy this.

  5. 6 buttons is a plus, let’s you play SNES/Genesis games too… but too bad they didn’t mimic the SNES mold, with the diamond pattern for the buttons.

  6. Does anyone know if this works with some of the popular emulators?

  7. It’s so fucking lame that I can’t buy this and use it to play games on my Logitech Revue.

  8. I wish the button layout was a diamond shape…  It would make SNES games a lot more playable…  Oh well, I can use it for NES and have turbo buttons!

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