Verizon Recaps New England Network Upgrades in 2011, Valued at $297 Million


Verizon Wireless has been on a roll this past year. They’ve probably covered more Americans with 4G in one year than any of their competitors combined. One market they’re proud of is New England where they mentioned that $297 million went into one of  their biggest regional expansions, enhancements and launches yet. On the year, they covered 195 markets – twelve of which are in New England – and aren’t slowing down going into 2012.

Their performance this year is especially important considering AT&T’s going to continue to expand their network and Sprint will soon begin an aggressive two-year rollout in the middle of this year. Both Sprint and Verizon expect to cover their entire 3G coverage area right around the same time so this will be a most interesting race to the finish. Hit the source link for Verizon’s full New England rollout timeline. [Verizon Wireless]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. And still no 4G in southeastern New England here… At least for 50 miles in any direction from New London, CT. Still have a 3G phone anyway…   

  2. It makes me feel good when I see these kind of errors in blogs, as I occasionally send out an email that has a spelling mistake or whatever
    makes me feel good that even web writers make this mistake :)

    1. Hehe, yea, Quentyn wouldn’t know grammar if it bit him on the ass. 

      *ducks* kidding, Quentyn :-P

      1. Actually I just used the word Roll correctly in the US DoJ post a few minutes ago. My mind scews up sometimes ;P

  3. wicked

  4. now that youve hit new england so hard hit the tri-state area harder i get patchy 4G service all over North Jersey and it drives me nuts!

  5. Does anybody really believe this statement, “both sprint and verizon plan to cover their entire 3g coverage area right around the same time”? How exactly are they going to accomplish this when sprint is 195 markets and at least a billion dollars in spending behind verizon, not to mention losing money every quarter?

    1. Because they’ll be using Verizon’s towers for their own customers.

  6. they need to spread coverage in cali..the bakersfield/lamont area needs more ground covered. lots of 4g dead zones

  7. $297 million and still no Vermont 4g coverage whatsoever. Hm…

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