Dead Zebra Series 3 Collection Leaked


It’s not often we get a sneak peak at what’s coming from the folks at Dead Zebra. AndroidGuys have gotten their hands on a retailers’ preview of designs to come. We’ve got some designs from the usual folks – including Google and Andrew Bell – as well as a few other models that have been silhouetted – it is a “preview,” after all. It’s interesting to see that owl-themed doll from Google, and in true Google fashion we have a solid-colored toy. This one’s red, though we can’t say for sure that there is any significance there just yet. Take a look at all of the known figures above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The owl is Gary Ham, not Google.

  2. We will have them in the second quarter 2012 at http://AndroidFiguren.de Shipping worldwide !!!

    regards from Germany


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