Feb 13th, 2012

Benchmarkers, assemble! The folks at Aurora Softworks have issued a long-awaited upgrade to Quadran Standard Edition for Android. For the longest time, it didn’t at all support dual-core CPUs. That all changes with this update. Also new is Android 4.0 support so literally everybody should be in one the benchmarking fun. We’ve also got GUI improvements, Polish translations, and your general round of bug fixes. Find the 1.4MB update in the Android market right here.

[Update]: Aurora notes that scores are tallied differently from their 1.x version of the application. Because of this, some may seem results that don’t make any sense at all. They will soon be update their results browser to reflect the new scoring system. Not that any of this means much, though – they’re just numbers to help boost either ego or confidence in those who take pride in their phones’ performance.