Quadrant for Android Updated for ICS, Multi-Core CPU Support


Benchmarkers, assemble! The folks at Aurora Softworks have issued a long-awaited upgrade to Quadran Standard Edition for Android. For the longest time, it didn’t at all support dual-core CPUs. That all changes with this update. Also new is Android 4.0 support so literally everybody should be in one the benchmarking fun. We’ve also got GUI improvements, Polish translations, and your general round of bug fixes. Find the 1.4MB update in the Android market right here.

[Update]: Aurora notes that scores are tallied differently from their 1.x version of the application. Because of this, some may seem results that don’t make any sense at all. They will soon be update their results browser to reflect the new scoring system. Not that any of this means much, though – they’re just numbers to help boost either ego or confidence in those who take pride in their phones’ performance.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. stock unrooted latest ota evo 3d – 2875
    my wifes poor stock unrooted latest ota evo 4g – 981

  2. unlocked and rooted gnex – 2463. looks better than stock gnex (~2000)

  3. yay!  3138 on my GNex… lol.  

    Updated: and apparently my 4G Xoom on EOS nightly #50 @ 1.6ghz gets 4019.

  4. Sweet, now the most useless benchmark software for ANY platform will take even longer to die!

  5. Something isn’t right in the app.  It is reporting the Bionic as single core.  Maybe it only sees dual core in ICS since it sees 2 cores in the Xoom.

    edit: Stock Wifi Xoom hits 2000.

  6. finally i seriously thought the developer abandoned it

    3376 tmo gs2 stock rooted lightly tweaked

  7. stock unrooted Sprint SGSII  3166  :)

  8. 3351 Stock T-Mobile Galaxy S II.

  9. Unrooted/Stock ICS transformer prime 4252

  10. Unlocked and rooted GNex still failed miserably with only 2032. Some update…

  11. LOL at anyone using this….

    1. The people using Quadrant are probably the same people who still swear that Advanced Task Killer makes their 2.3+ device faster…

  12. 3380 on Gnex running 4.04 & Franco kernel 16.2.

  13. 3806
    Galaxy S2 stock international version rooted

  14. 1521 on my Asus Transformer!

  15. 3166 rooted and supercharged EVO 3D

    And now this means what again?

  16. Sensation running ICS only shows up as single core.

  17. you guys do know that this benchmarking tool is useless right? It can easily be tricked by mods. I’ve seen people hit 10k+ on a phone

  18. 2550 on Galaxy Nexus LTE running Gummy ROM v7.6, CPU 1.2Ghz

  19. The smarter phone reviewers & sites aren’t using Quadrant anymore (except as a joke). Instead, they’re using stuff like Linpack for CPU, Neocore and Nenamark for GPU benches, and Vellamo (browser), Sunspider (javascript).

    And AnTuTu’s a great overall benchmark, combining cpu, gpu, db, and sdcard.

  20. ALL I DO IS LIN LIN LIN(pack)

  21. 3981 rooted Epic Touch Blazer EL29 v3.8

  22. My stock evo 3d got a 2500 and the galaxy nexus got a 2000…

  23. When an app hangs, advance task killer is the best way to shut it down. When a program has a memory leak, advance task killer takes care of it.

    Under perfect conditions, it shouldn’t be needed, but programs can be buggy.

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