Feb 12th, 2012

Sony might not be playing the Android game that much longer. Sony has a good place in the Android ecosystem, but there is no doubt that they could be doing better. A company of the likes of Sony is surely not happy to see a €247 million loss in 2011, despite the fact that sales increased by 65% year-on-year.

Sony’s upcoming President and CEO Kazuo Hirai is hinting at plans to expand Vita OS, with possibilities of porting it to smartphones and tablets. Undoubtedly, this company is a gaming monster, and Vita OS could become a great operating system for hard-core gamers. This is why Sony is considering the idea – building their own platform might could completely change the game, and its bank accounts.

The recent acquisition of Ericsson’s mobile department will definitely bring some changes. And as sad as it would be to see them stepping out of our world, competition is a great thing.

After testing out the PS Vita, at CES, I found that the device is incredibly smooth and responsive. And while the OS is nowhere close to being as functional as Android, it has potential. Sony would need to work very hard on releasing a plethora of applications and services, though.

“If you’re asking if we’ve made it in a way that’s expandable, so that it’s possible to apply to smartphones and tablets on top of achieving the high responsiveness we need for gaming devices — it is possible. That doesn’t mean that we’re applying it to smartphones and tablets at this point in time, but it’s been designed with expandability in mind.”

-Yoshio Matsumoto, Senior Vice President

As Matsumoto mentions, this might not be happening anytime soon. Sony is not discarding the possibility, though. Whether this would be a change for the good, or for the bad, we do not know. The PS Vita is not getting the success we were expecting. But improvements can always turn the tables around.

What do you guys say? Would this be a smart move from Sony?

[Source: AV Watch Via: The Verge]

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