Feb 12th, 2012

AT&T and Verizon are the first carriers to consider shared family data plans. And while we have already seen evidence of Verizon getting things ready for the big changes, we hadn’t seen anything from AT&T, until now. Engadget has just gotten a hold of a leaked document screenshot, which displays AT&T’s systems being prepared for shared data plans.

Not much is known yet, and the document states that such feature is yet to be determined. The presence of shared data plans in Telegance could simply mean that Ma Bell is simply testing things out. Regardless, this is exciting to see, and we should hope that these shared data plans will be available sooner than later.

Shared family data plans will allow customers to use their data in multiple devices. This would make it much easier for users to acquire not only more smartphones, but WiFi hotspot devices, data connected computers and tablets. The main concern when picking a new 3G/4G device is the addition of a whole data plan fee to the monthly bill.

Let’s see who gets these plans ready faster. Stay tuned for more details, and give us your intake. Would you be more willing to purchase other internet connected devices if you could share your data among them.

[Via: Engadget]

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