Samsung pulls out of Mobile World Congress press conference


What began as news that Samsung would not introduce their flagship Galaxy S III at Mobile World Congress has resulted in something many in the tech industry couldn’t have seen coming. Samsung, a company known for their often extravagant product unveilings, will not hold a press conference at this year’s global trade show. The development does not mean Samsung will not showcase new products in Barcelona this year, but it significantly downplays the nature of what they might launch. After the Galaxy S III was confirmed not to make an appearance, focus shifted to the potential unveiling of a new tablet based on Samsung’s 2GHz dual-core Exynos 5250 processor. With no major event to announce the rumored slate at MWC, it could be that the biggest product on hand from Samsung will be the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus, a handset uncovered through an online benchmark test and supposedly pictured in a leaked promo render. The Korean maker of mobile products is opting to host their own event for the launch of the Galaxy S III and may very well do the same for other major product announcements throughout the year.

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  1. damn…this really is the trend.

  2. Kind of smart IMO… whether they plan on releasing the S III Q2, Q3 or later, an announcement now will only hurt sales of their current line by making some people wait for that instead of upgrading now.

  3. I feel sorry for anyone waiting for the Galaxy S III to upgrade and didn’t learn from the Galaxy S II launch. I guarantee it will be late summer or fall until we see this phone in the States (the only place that matters :p).

    1. its ok i love my gs2 and im waiting for the gs3. the galaxy phones are the best. no other phone can beat the power of the s2 with its exynos (s1 was eh but since then theyve stepped up big time) and look how many months ago it came out.

      1. Agreed, my S2 works so well I’ll probably skip the S3 altogether and get the S4, or Nexus ‘whatever’ when it comes out.

        1. well, I’ve got the S1 so I’ve skipped S2…C’mon 3!!!

      2. I don’t think you should be waiting for anything at the moment if you have a GS2 :p.  You should keep that phone for 18 months minimum before even thinking of replacing it.  Otherwise, It would be a waste of money, IMO.  Same thing with anyone who has a Galaxy Nexus (as I do).

        1. ur right but damn i love having the latest galaxy phone. ill have to see how much of an improvement it is. plus my wife needs a new phone from that aging mytouch 4g.

  4. Get a life fanboy.

  5. Damn just when we think they’re gonna give it to us good, they pull out….I use this move all the time LOL 

    1. If they unveil ICS for the S2 and Note I will be more than pleased. For me now this is what really matters…

      1. xda

  6. They’re too money to sit around with other monkeys at a conference like that.   Big ups to companies not wasting money on these huge conferences with little benefit shown.

  7. apple copied it from other companies who used to go to Siggraph, NAB and E3.   Get your facts straight before running your mouth.

  8. Samsung’s too cool for school now that they have such a huge lead.

  9. They’re trying to make themselves into the new Apple where they can make headline news with their unicorn fart devices.

    1.  Its like American Samsung fantools don’t get it. The Korean owned company is P.I.S.S.E.D. at the American company Apple. And as a result, they have moved to take their products everywhere else first and then to the U.S. last. And when U.S. customers complained about delayed updates/products they basically issued an eff you in response.

      It is one thing to allow yourself to grovel at the feet of a bitter iCrap wannabe company…

      …it is something else to let that company piss all over you. *StuckOnStupid

  10. I love how Samsung has been mocking apple this whole time and it’s actually paying off.

  11. seriously do u really have to troll on here. i hate apple garbage products (never owned any and never will and damn proud of it) but i dont go on apple blogs and troll. get a life loser

  12. The Apple fan boy is really an android fan posing as an Apple fan boy to make Apple fan boys look like jerks. Great job!

  13. Obvious troll is obvious

  14. @TenEightyPee: they can’t help themselves! Lol!

  15. Disappointing… not the end of the world, but disappointing.

  16. SAMSUNG would’ve attended if it wasn’t for the arrow in the knee…

  17. I’m happy with my Razr Maxx. The battery is insanely good and the experience is smooth. Next step root for unlimited LTE tethering! The Step after that, pray Moto makes good on their promise to offer bootloader unlock tool. For now though, I am immensely happy with this device. I probably won’t every buy another Samsung phone, but I am grateful they sell their kick ass displays to other companies.

  18. CES 2012 was a snoozefest. Looks like MWC will be, too.


  19. I think this is because to not giving other competitors heads up what in Samsung sleeve. A lot happen between Apple (Iphone & Ipad) and Samsung (SGS and Samsung Galaxy tab) make them made this decision…

  20. It’s disappointing that we won’t be seeing a press
    conference or the Samsung Galaxy S3 at Mobile World Congress. I wonder if
    Samsung has something else under its sleeve to generate buzz during the event.



    Mosaic Technology

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