ASUS Transformer Prime receives yet another update, bug fixes in tow


A new update is reaching the ASUS Transformer Prime today bringing along bug fixes and better overall performance. Users receiving the update are reporting that it seems to fix random reboot issues that plagued some Transformer Prime tablets as well improves app stability. The new software moves the Prime’s WiFi version to and bumps Bluetooth up to version 9.26. The kernel has also been updated. We’re still gathering info on what specific changes to expect and which bugs have been addressed directly, but you can find out more about what has been discovered in the latest update by heading to the XDA link below.

[via XDA | Thanks, redandblack1287!]

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  1. What about those of us with the OG Transformer?  We are still waiting (not so patiently anymore) for our ICS update!! Asus was doing so well with the updates too!! Consider me disappointed now until they restore my faith with more frequent updates.

    1. I believe they said it would be some time this month.  At least, that’s the last I saw reported.  So, this month is far from over.  Have a little more patience.  If February goes by with no update, then I’d feel disappointed.

  2. Any idea when the original transformer will get its turn at ICS?  Back in the days of CES, they seemed to say it’d be soon, but I haven’t heard anything since last month.

    1. mid february per ASUS North America’s FB page ASUS North America
      January 31 
      Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is coming to the original transformer TF101 in mid-February, what features you are most looking forward to?

  3. I love when software updates come out for devices.  The comments get filled with people whining about why their phone/tablet hasn’t received a similar update.  Face it folks……by the latest and greatest or get left in the dust.  Companies support their newest devices first, it’s just how it is.

    1. Word!

    2. And I love hearing other people whine about seeing those comments.  Excuse me for wanting timely updates for a product that isn’t even a year old yet.  When a certain company (Asus) updates one of their products (the prime) multiple times within the timeframe of when they said another one of their products (the OG transformer) would be updated, it’s a little frustrating.

      1. He wasn’t whining, he was simply stating why your tablet has not been upgraded yet, surely you understand the theory behind it, have fun with honeycomb ha!! Also there have been numerous updates to address the issues with the prime, the only issue I know of with the OG is that its still running garbage honeycomb……

      2. The truth lies somewhere between your post and the original poster, what he said about companies updating their newest products first will always be true, because they are probably selling more of those newer products at that time, for older products often you will get updates, some manufacturers are better than others about updating older devices, Asus has already said it will update your tablet which is something to be very happy about, my tbolt will likely never get an update to ICS and it was released relatively close to the original transformer, but since it’s an older device you have to be patient.

  4. Way faster now, brower is operating flawlessly……….ASUS is not perfect but product support and customer service is second to none!!

  5. they specifically said that it would be sometime during february (supposed to be around mid feb) on their facebook account…so hold your horses, they are not late, the OG transformer is VERY stable so they do not need to update it as often as they used to

  6. Thanks, Jo.. Was about to post something similar. Asus announced weeks ago mid February. I would be very happy if I were an OG Transformer owner and getting ICS.

    I don’t think they promised ICS when it released.

    Anyway, off to update my Prime.

  7. Beware folks! THIS UPDATE KILLS YOUTUBE!!!!!

    If you can avoid updating, please do!

    1. I think its just the YouTube ap cause I have a acer tablet, and youtube doesn’t work also…!!

  8. How does this update kill YouTube? I haven’t noticed anything but better performance so far. YouTube, browser, games, all seem to have more zip to them.

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