Is there a Samsung Galaxy S II Plus on the horizon?


Samsung may have a device on their roadmap to help ease the wait for the anticipated launch of the Galaxy S III after news broke that the upcoming device would most definitely not be making a trip to Mobile World Congress at the end of the month. A benchmark report has surfaced through An3DBenchXL with a rather curious device name assigned to it, the Galaxy S 2+. The Android 2.3.4 device is shown to have a CPU clocked slightly higher than the original Galaxy S II’s 1.2GHz. At 1.5GHz, the bumped up processor calls to mind a recent benchmark report for an updated Galaxy Nexus. The device in that case appeared to be running on the TI OMAP4470, and the same processor could replace Samsung’s Exynos chip in a potential upgrade to the Galaxy S II.

The move would not be without precedent. Samsung released a refresh to the original Galaxy S in the form of the Galaxy S Plus and more recently announced the Galaxy S Advance. The slight bump up in specs found in the supposed Galaxy S II Plus wouldn’t be enough to stop people from holding out for the big boy Galaxy S III, but it would certainly help fill a gap in Samsung’s product lineup until the more advanced device is ready for launch.

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  1. You can pull the T-Mobile GSII out of that picture

  2. If SGSIII only has a dual-core TI POS, I’ll be pissed but it will remove any reservations I had to just buy the Sprint G-Nex when it comes out.

    1. I’ll take a dual core A15 over quad core A8’s anyday

    2. Wait, what? Doesn’t the GNex have a TI OMAP inside? Pretty sure.

  3. As an owner of a Sprint Epic Touch 4g, I can say the S2 series is an outstanding phone to own.  Aside from getting ICS, it doesn’t need a slight bump in specs, what it has is more than enough.  Hopefully this is just a misguided rumor, Samsung needs to make less phone models, not more.  

    1. That goes for all OEMs really.

    2. fewer, not less, but, yeah: choice is good, however TOO MUCH choice is actually a bad thing termed the Paradox of Choice or choice overload. In essence: The more choices there are, the less people tend to want to tax their peabrains on having to choose from a huge litter. Of course, at the other end of the spectrum you have the Fruity anti-choice.

      1. Fewer; but making more phones they will ultimately not support or update the OS doesn’t help.  Fewer that they supported and updated would be better.  For example, releasing ICS for the current SG2s and releasing the + as the same phone with ICS would be better, at least in my book  :)

  4. 1.5Ghz doesn’t necessarily mean OMAP 4470. Samsung also has refreshed 1.5Ghz Exynos 4212 they finished near the end of last year. So this new Exynos might go in SGSII+ too.

  5. Will this be in the us?

  6. no HD screen, no deal

  7. Samsung is making way too many devices. With ics out and waiting to be dropped onto something other than the nexus and transformer prime I think any device released with gb now should be shelved. There is no need for any other release than the sgs3 at this point in my opinion. Unless if these phones are meant for smaller, poorer markets I really don’t see a need.
    Hopefully htc sticks to their word and starts thinking more of quality over quantity. And it would be nice to see other oem’s follow suit.
    Of course this is all just my poorly written opinion and if you feel differently please feel free to tell me why and what you think about all of the devices being released.
    I’m not saying that the Apple way is right for Android, it surely works well for Apple and their customers. I as an Android user like having more choices, I’m sure my wife wished there weren’t so many though;-)

    1. Motorola also came out and said they’d being doing the same thing as HTC high is great. Samsung I’m starting to like because of their decent cameras and great screens. That’s on WP7 though. They’re really f*cking up with android despite their profitable 2011. They’re diluting the shit out of their Galaxy line at their own detriment.

      Granted I’m not a strategist of any sort but wouldn’t it make sense to instead focus your R&D, manufacturing costs and marketing dollars on a few high end phones instead of the constant flood of devices we’ve been inundated with since the release of the Galaxy S 2. They just need one flagship, a ‘WTF, that’s cool’ (like the Note), and a

      1. …mid/low end phone. They really need to be able to focus their software efforts on updating their phones for security fixes and newer features. As evidenced by the unbelievable wait for GB for the Infuse Samsung’s record is atrocious when it comes to updates.

  8. It’s not going to be better than my Samsung Moment so I’ll pass

  9. You don’t need 3 of the same phone to be release in a month. Look at iPhone sales 1st quarter. Only one freaking phone. I love android but this needs to chill out.

  10. I am going to stay patience and wait for the S3, it would be a waste to buy the “Galaxy S 2 Plus” since the specs will probably be better on the S3.

  11. How would this fill a gap? It would be stupid to buy this, with the GSIII just around the corner. If people did opt for it, it would lessen sales of the GSIII.

  12. lol Samsung Galaxy S IIs (liek the iphone 4… get it? hahahaha

    1. I was thinking the same exact thing.  And before the fanboi flame wars start, I use a SGSII.

  13. I’m thinking a model of the SGSII for Verizon…Just as a thought.  Sure, they have the Galaxy Nexus, but some of its specs were a tad underwhelming…

  14. hang on for the tegra 3 devices to drop :)

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