Press photo leaks for mystery Samsung handset to be announced at MWC, could be Galaxy S II Plus


The above press shot was leaked by industry insider Eldar Murtazin (the same Eldar Murtazin who claims to have a Galaxy S III in his possession) along with a few words suggesting it depicts an upcoming phone to be revealed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. So what exactly are we looking at? We can take the Galaxy S III off the table, as Samsung has already confirmed that the new flagship won’t be announced until after the February trade show. The render appears very similar to the Galaxy S II and looks to be running Ice Cream Sandwich. The set of Android softkeys has been modified to better suit Android 4.0.

So is this the Galaxy S II Plus? That handset first surfaced via an online benchmark test that suggested it would run a build of Gingerbread, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that is the OS version the device will ship with. Samsung may have installed a working build of Gingerbread for testing purposes while they put the finishing touches on a TouchWiz-ified Ice Cream Sandwich. There is a good chance that is what we see pictured here, but we won’t know for sure until Samsung pulls back the curtain, and we’ll be there to witness it live.

[via BGR]

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  1. the phone looks nice,but if samsung is already saying that the galaxy S3 is going to be announced sometime after February,then i think i might wait.

  2. Worst photoshop I’ve seen in quite a while.

  3. This is really dumb. What’s the point of having this when the original SGSII will get the update and the SGS III will be out a month after this.

  4. Verizon galaxy note plzzzzz

  5. I’m no pro with photoshop but that’s been shopped for sure, and not very well.

  6. It is a nice looking phone

  7. Major discoloration around the Android touch keys. Photoshopped…

  8. The us will not get the gslll a couple of months after it is release in Korea anyways. So it will be a long wait.

  9. look close at the app drawer button the circle isnt even really a circle when u zoom in this is fake

  10. If only this was real :/

  11. Was an interesting post and then I see ……..

    [via BGR] 

    and suddenly the BS meter spiked 

  12. whats the point of this most people are just gonna get a GS2 or a GS3??

    samsung is over saturating the market

  13. the thing no one gets if you can’t have a 3 button phone with the 3 ICS buttons – lots of stuff still needs the menu key, oyu can’t make a phone wiht capacitive or hardware buttons without it. 

    I call BS on this, due to obvious design flaws in the render all around. Poorly made. 

    1. If you used a Honeycomb tablet, you’d know. If you go to an app, there’s this little think floating in the corner that looks lyk 3 dots. You just touch there and the menu opens up. 

      1. no, not every app. in fact, quite a few apps have options that are only accessable by an onscreen menu button that the honeycomb bar creates. 

  14. I would be pretty happy if that’s what Touchwiz looked like with ICS

    1. seriously same here Tommy… if that’s what touchwiz ICS looks like i’ll take it because i was looking into buying a Galaxy Nexus (unlocked of course) to work with t-mobile since its pentaband… but if this is GSII + i might consider buying this if not… i’ll just get GSIII (i hope it will come sooner than we expect with a exynos quad core chip inside)

      1. Agreed on the GSIII, although I would also be happy if Sprint actually got the Note.

  15. Google has already stated in their design guidelines that the menu button is going away and that menu content will get pushed to the action bar. All 4.0 phones going forward will only have 3 buttons (capacitive or virtual).

  16. LoL!! Look at the folder icon. I recognize that. If you put apps in there, they are automatically alphabetized. That’s how mine are. Since when does Maps come before Gmail? And since when did Gmail come before Calendar? LoL!! Sorry, but fake. =.P

    It’s the small things that stand out.

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