Feb 5th, 2012

The smartwatch market is a bit tricky. Despite the fact that it has great potential, manufacturers have not quite hit the target with such devices. Motorola is one of the most notable players in the smartwatch market, with its MOTOACTV. And Motorola has just updated this bad boy, making it a bit more efficient.

After connecting the MOTOACTV, users will be prompted to an update. New features include longer battery life, a battery status bar, the ability to lock the screen, enhanced auto-pause and auto-run and the ability to repeat a planned workout (even if previously started).

It seems like Motorola will have to do much more to make this product more desirable, though. Even though it is one of the most popular smart watches out there, it lacks much functionality. Developers have even resorted to hacking it and installing a Honeycomb launcher on it.

Granted, Honeycomb does not work or look great on a 1.6-inch screen. But this just displays how badly users want a better experience with it. With competitors like the Sony Smart Watch and the WIMM One, among others, it is time Motorola gets to work. Especially if they plan to keep their price, which is not necessarily the most affordable, starting at $250 (Price has recently gone down to about $206 on Amazon).

Check out the press release for more details and let us know what you think. Are you a MOTOACTV user? Let us know how the update is treating you! Also, what do you guys think would make this device more enticing?

Full Press Release

[Via Droid-Life]

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