WIMM One Android Watch Reviewed, So Ugly It Actually Looks Great


Our friend Chris Ziegler over at The Verge has just published his review of a new Android-based watch called the WIMM One. Smart watches are an intriguing product line since the purpose of actual watches have been diminished by mobile phones. The potential to act on behalf of both style and purpose gives smart watches a bright future, but for the past decade they’ve largely stayed a thing of the future that hasn’t yet come. And might never come.

Will the WIMM One help change all that?

I absolutely love his quote claiming “So ugly, it actually looks great,” and awkwardly enough- that fits. Before you head over and read the full review at The Verge, tell us what you think about the future of Smart Watches as a whole.

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  1. I don’t see what’s so “ugly” about this?

  2. I’m still ever so slightly more interested in the digital meta watch than this. The meta watch might not have a color touchscreen, but it replicates “most” of the functions I would want from a watch, lasts a week on battery, and looks retro-awesome. Still, the WIMM one is very intriguing to me. I think if they were a little closer in price I’d have a harder time choosing the meta watch.

  3. How’s the battery life on this one?

    1. We’re getting about 30 hours with periodic WiFi but Bluetooth turned off, and about 15-20 hours with BT on, so that you can receive photo caller ID and SMSes from your smartphone to your WIMM device on your wrist. But we’re working on it…

  4. I honestly don’t think it’s that bad looking, nice and simple. I hate watches that have crap written all over them and “G-Spot” this or “SuperTimeTeller” that “with Indiglo”. The only thing I’m not a fan of is plastic/rubber/leather straps. It all comes down to price, though. I’m not gonna pay the same for this as I would pay for a top of the line Android phone subsidized from a carrier.  

  5. This is what I wanted watches to be 30 years ago. Smartphones’ve usurped the function of marking time, however I believe watches’re coming full-circle and could evolve into something very interesting.

  6. These will become hugely popular once they have a quad-core version that has Android version 42 and a 3D hologram projector built in.  :P

  7. Needs solar panel.

  8. I believe we can expect to see “smartwatches” which will basically allow for quick phone calls, and viewing of notifications from your phone and such. It only makes sense. I just wish they could cut down on the whole cancer thing, that scares me to have so many signals beaming through my body

  9. Until these comes smaller and projects the info on a surface downplaying the need for a huge display I think they are novelty.

  10. I hope they also add call function that allows you to make calls easily, but the idea is cool though.

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