MOTOACTV Rooted, Becomes Watch-sized Android Tablet


Ever wondered what Honeycomb might look like on a 1.6-inch display? Thanks to one hacked MOTOACTV we now have the answer. The wristwatch-sized device is one of the more interesting items we have seen emerge from the Android ecosystem, though out of the box it is rather limited in functionality. Factor in the 600MHz TI OMAP 3630 and 256MB of RAM and there isn’t much to work with. Chris Wade saw the small size and smaller feature set as a challenge and went about hacking the stock Honeycomb launcher onto the MOTOACTV’s Gingerbread base and even managed to shoehorn in Android Market access. This of course means one of the smallest games of Angry Birds we have ever seen. Useful as a micro-tablet? Maybe not so much. A darn cool hack? We think so.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Yeah, thats pretty sweet.

  2. I’d buy that if it had Honeycomb… 

  3. This. Is. AWESOME!!! xD
    Holy crap, if I knew this was possibleI would have put this on my Christmas wishlist!!! So upset.. but also amazed. 

    Seriously. Look how well that little fella runs! Totally tripping balls right now.. :O

  4. Wow it has better specs than the OG Droid lol, except for the screen of course.

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  6. That is a cool looking gadget. I now want that watch.

  7. What’s the battery life like with Honeycomb?

  8. Motoactv runs their own program from GPS tracking. Now that it is rooted, just wondering if it will run mytrack through Google map. I do this on my android phone when I’m biking but it kills the battery of my phone especially when doing long routes. If it will then I will buy this and root it.

  9. Get this MOTOACTV GPS Fitness Tracker and Music Player from Amazon, if you missed it:

  10. Can anyone make a tut for a straight novice who never rooted?

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