Latest Galaxy S III rumor says quad-core CPU, 12MP camera, HD display for April launch


Industry insider Eldar Murtazin claims to have gotten his hands on the Samsung Galaxy S III and hasn’t been shy about dishing on his new handset, taking to Twitter to offer confirmation of previous rumors and to throw a few new ones into the pot. The Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone is likely a month out from its official unveiling at Mobile World Congress, but in the mean time Murtazin tells us the device will feature an HD display and 12MP camera in addition to its quad-core chipset clocked somewhere in the range of 1.5GHz to 1.6GHz. It’s hard to imagine the next Android flagship from Samsung would feature less — the hardware specs seem almost standard for the next generation of Android superphone. Perhaps the most revealing bit of information Murtazin provided was a potential April release. That timeframe would most likely apply to the international version of the phone only. Unless Samsung breaks from tradition, US versions of the device won’t come until several months later.

[via MobileSyrup]

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  1. Gimme gimme gimme

  2. So about December this year in the US….mmmkay

  3. Eh, quad-core is old news now. When’s the T-Pain Galaxy S6 coming out with that megagigabyte hexa-core? :p


  4. I just hate that they (Samsung Galaxy * phones) take so long to come to the US.

    1. I expect 9+ months from when it’s released in Korea before we’ll see it here. =/

      1. That’s preposterous! And, if its the case.. I wont get it.
        (however, I think you’re right)

      2. You know…..I just don’t see why the largest economy in the world USA always has to wait a long time to get these newer phones! Why the hate? Why would England and
        France get something new before the best country in the world?

        1. I would have an educated guess that this has something to do with the carriers in America and the negotiations the manufacturers have to go through before their phones are finally released. I suggest that the carriers use the rest of the world as a testing ground before they take a chance with any new phone. One thing you will probably be able to count on though is that apple will probably attempt to sue Samsung to block sales of their flagship phone. If you want to gripe, then approach your greedy carriers and ask them why

        2. ” the largest economy in the world USA”…are you sure abt that? dont u mean the largest debt in the world?

          1. Hey man Europes economy is also in the toilet, except for Germany ..

          2. there are several other countries that aren’t “in the toilet”. take Sweden as an example

          3. largest debt and highest gross domestic product, big deal.. im not even american and i know this

          4. No, we’re still the largest economy in the world.  And as far debt goes, Europe will soon out do us there.

        3. Being a Dane, living in (and loving) America and having lived in Japan and Europe, I hate to say it, but Americans are too frugal for these Tech companies for them to send the latest greatest wiz bang gadgetry.  My wife’s family in Japan, no one keeps a cell for more than 6 months anymore.  And same with my family and friends in Europe.  If someone has a mobile for a full year, people ask them if they’re depressed. Americans are always accused of being materialistic.  Their accusers should take a long look in the mirror. (GO Giants!)

          1. Oh yeah!!! You rock! And go giants!!!!

  5. Hey, just in time for my contract to end :)

  6. i still want the G-Nex on Sprint.

  7. No mention of the expected 11 mine battery life?

    1. explain the theory behind your 11 min battery life comment please and thank you

  8. No mention of the expected 11 minute battery life?

    1. I bet the quad-core 32nm SoC is as/more efficient than the old dual-core 45nm SoC

      1. Thank You!  Somebody gets it!! :)

  9. here we go. let the juicy rumors begin

  10. I look forward to a Nexus version.

  11. Any phone that a 12 megapixel camera or higher & only puts a LED flash, is not a company that cares about there camera quality, without a Xenon flash even the new sony back lit sensor cannot capture good quality night pics wth just a led flash.

    Xenon flash PLEASE. 

    1. It’s not an all-night winter where you live, is it?

    2. Well if you actually care about camera quality then you shouldn’t have an integrated flash at all. Besides most night shots should not be taken with a flash because you’ll just flush your subject or your flash is so paltry small there is no way it can adequately light your subject.

  12. An April release sounds about right, and it would equal the 11 month gap between the S1 and S2 release date. Hopefully the lagtime for the US variants is more like the S1 (1 to 3 months) instead of the S2 (4 to 5 months!).

    The following are the release dates for the last two Samsung Galaxy S’s:
    Galaxy S1 international: June 2010
    Galaxy S1 US: July (AT&T & T-mobile); August (Sprint); Sep (Verizon)
    lag time: 1 to 3 months

    Galaxy S2 international: May 2011
    Galaxy S2 US: September (Sprint); October (AT&T & T-mobile); NEVER (Verizon)
    lag time: 4 to 5 months

    Galaxy S3 international: April 2012 (rumored)

    1. so that means maybe Aug/Sep 2012 in the US?

      1. If I had to bet ($5), I’d say AT&T & T-mobile will get it first, in July/August.

  13. Well, here’s hoping the wife likes the gently used G’nex she’ll be upgrading to when this thing hits the states.  ;-)

  14. Anything worse and its below my expectations for the SGS3

    2012 is the year of quad core phones (though admittedly, I was expecting them to be released during the second half of the year)

    No doubt, the iPhone 5 will be sporting a quad core too (unless Apple is foolish enough to go with a iPhone 4Gs (basically a 4g upgrade to the 4s))

  15. dear samsung i know im going to get heat for this but get on apple level and do world releases all at the same time or a month a part as of now im waiting for Sony to get on that bandwagon 

    1. It takes time to come up with some nice names, you don’t want a galaxy s3 epic 4G touch 2, do you?

      1. No, definitely not!  I’m goin for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note Epic 4G touch XL with LTE

    2. apple doesn’t release to the entire world at the same time. Remember 2 weeks ago when iphone4s was suppose to go on sale in beijing but got nixed.

  16. they need to just do the same thing apple does world release or at least a month seriously i dk y companies dont see that is the best way to go 

  17. That’s why I’m saving now so I will import!

    1. The DROID RAZR has a PenTile screen. I don’t expect Samsung to give their new SGS3 a PenTile screen as that would make it worse than a SGS2 and on par with the Galaxy Nexus.

      And the SOC, well it’s all about processing power these days. Hopefully Samsung will use their Exynos 4412 which has the new Mali-T604 GPU. Then it will have an edge on the nVidia Tegra 3 which is stuck at 40nm.

      1. funny you say that… especially since the nexus has a better screen than the SGS2

        1. No, it doesn’t. It has a higher resolution but it is PenTile and you instantly notice as soon as some text or sharp graphics appear on the screen.

          The Galaxy S2 only has 218 PPI and the Galaxy Nexus has 316 PPI and still you can see a difference in color and sharpness.

          1. Maybe your eyes are better than mine, I didnt notice such things. And all the reviews saying nexus had the best screen I guess were looking at other things than text I suppose. I dont own either I was just going by reviews n what Ive played with.

          2. Well, a lot of reviews favor the Galaxy Nexus over the iPhone 4 screen in terms of readability. I don’t.

            Personal preference plays a role aswell. ;)

          3. People who notice pentile on the gnex should really stop looking at it through a magnifying glass.

  18. Why no A15?

  19. Isn’t the gt-i9100 the gs2? Someone goofed

  20. I have the GSII, would rather have battery life for solid 2 days than a quad-core.  Do we really need quad?  2 cores is fast enough.  Please focus on battery life, not more speed than we need.

    1. ummm have you not been paying attention to the quad core tegra 3s?
      One of their major advantage IS battery life.

      1. Thats what I have been saying to all these people saying the battery of a quad core will suck, some people are just lost in the sauce……

    2. Yes we do.  Androids need quad core due to multitasking and skins that cause subtle lag.  Also quad core improves battery life.  Also the more power phones are capable of the more uses/apps to be released to take advantage. 

  21. There is no mention of a possible release date in April. That part is bogus !

  22. C’mon guys, let Samsung go, I say go for the next Intel phone :D

  23. If Samsung delays the phone to the US market as long as they did for the GSII, I’m getting the iPhone.

    1. there are other features than HW specs which are important when deciding whether you want a new phone and which one…

      3.5 inch screen too small? censored market? lacking ‘dumb’ application-drawer-like OS? missing appz like keyboards/browsers/e-mail clients/video-music players and support for any format/’hackers’ *nix tools…flash? fixed battery? usb output (for DAC in Android 4.0)?

      besides, iPhone siX is coming this fall – so you’ll be able to get 4S only – which specs are completely inferior (like half the RAM…) to dozens of currently avaiable android devices (it has a bit better GPU though), and CM9 with Android 4.0 will just put phones out of any comparison…

  24. nice, go samsung

    1. That’s probably the only device I would sell my Galaxy Note to buy. Lets hope the next Note has a full 1080P screen. :)

  25. Can’t wait to see what htc and all the others have to offer

  26. @jawman So you would get an iPhone over a Galaxy S 2? Please do, less bandwidth used on my network.

  27. haha well get this phone like a year after its released in the korea or uk

  28. I have two upgrades on Tmo and have yet to use them because of the current lackluster lineup.  I hope they get the GS3 first here in the states, and the GNex soon, I will be very :)

  29. All I got to say to your SORRY EURO TRASH SELF IS I live in sunny southern Cali!!
    I WIN U LOSE!!!!! Now go watch a soccer game and then start a riot! Because that’s all the excitement you ever get to see!!!

    1. It’s called “football” NOT soccer. 

    2. Chill out with the xenophobia people.  It’s swings and roundabouts when it comes to these things.  It would be nice if everything in the world had international releases but that’s not how the world works often logistics prevent this.  Non US countries get the Galaxy phones first (for now) but the US has a large scale 4G network already.  That’s just two examples you could list hundreds or thousands of things that are good or bad about a particular place but what’s the point?

  30. samsung always fuck the way.. damned, samsung rock!!

  31. only care about the note/journal coming to VZW.  Or at least a confirmation that it won’t, then I can stop torturning myself and just order my nexus already.

  32. Pffft Sammy wont put a 12mp in a phone..
    After the gnex disaster I’m gonna guess a nice old 3.2mp.

  33. Lots of comments here about the camera. 12mp … wow and all still behind a crappy lens. Cameras in phones are a great idea for quick snaps to post in blogs & social network sites and 5mp is more than sufficient for that task and will look just as good on most screens (all the way up to large TV’s). If you want a real decent photograph get one of the latest Canon or Nikon creations like most professional photographers  

  34. SGSIII for April would be awesome if true. Still pretty gutted we won’t get the SGSII HD here in the UK (for those above moaning above that the US gets things late!!)

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